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danm, yea didn't have time to optimise :( I would recommend using the small kingdom if your pc is lower spec 

Hey, thanks for giving the game a go. If your raided as long as one person on night watch you wont get a strike It seems you were unfortunate in terms of rng and admittedly the game can reach doom state.

Heavy shelling is a difficult hurdle on your first playthrough and occurs around the start of the game, try to get tunnels dug using 2 men, it may  be more risky but you free up an extra man. I always went for 3 only if I was gonna get a strike by the next day.

Through playing the game I tried to get players to find themselves having to prioritize the bureaucracy from their generals. Come at the game from the frame of mind that your there to appease your superiors, and not to increase  that win percentage and you'll find yourself reaching day 15-20.

The strategy is about people management, a trickery task then people think. 

In terms of balance I admit it probably needs more fine tuning I worked on this game for only 3days and there was only so much time to work on balance. 

Once again, thanks for giving the game a go :)


weirdly fun once I got the hang of it.  maybe add a few more enemies or gameplay

fun little game with a good difficulty curve 

Overall I think it needs more polish, maybe more enemy verity and moving backgrounds and characters

I agree with Joba just slow them down and add a mouse indicator to show when you can move then maybe left click for fly swatter and right for moving. I would also take a look hit you collision boxes and a little more polish. but overall GJ :)

ty for playing :)

Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed my take on switchboards, I'll certainly give yours a try when I have the time!

Thanks for playing! I'll work on making it less unforgiving in future updates 

Thanks for playing. Since it was made during a game jam I ran out of time before I could get the undo function to work properly. I will most likely add it in future 

thanks for playing.  I defo would of added  the undo it if I had the time. 

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I see now on my files too, it was just meant to be a low hum, damn I didn't even think about that. When I was younger I suffered ear damage so I cant hear frequencies above 12.5kh. It reminds of a Tom Scott video.

Iv added a warning to the game page, you can take pride in your good hearing!

Hey thanks for playing , your advise is spot on ha! you hit my exact theme words  when developing level 4 and onwards

it's definitely on the to do list. Time and bugs ment I could get a proper reset feature in time 😔

hey thanks for playing. That's how game jams go sadly, 30 mins till deadline needed to slap a tutorial together in time 😅

thanks for playing if I had a little bit more time I would have made a proper tutorial

Hey thanks for playing. Sorry about the noise I never encountered it in my play tests. Maybe I can't hear the high tones. I'll check the project files in the morning see if I missed it

Hey everyone who played. A lot of people are getting stuck on lvl5.

If you want the solution here is: 
Answer Here
Only click when you've really given it a good go :)

Glad you liked it :)

Ty for playing :)

What browser are you using, and do you have hardware acceleration on, if its turned off that could be the issue. anyway thanks for playing :)

Thanks for playing, Level 5 is challenging you have to break some assumptions  and make difficult connections. 
Defiantly would have added the undo if I had the time. I tried to create it but it just broke everything so needed to cut it before the deadline :(

I locked in the design,  made the systems and art on Saturday. Then did level design art and bug fixing on Sunday.  I spent around 3 hours on the puzzle design, its quick to make puzzles if you start with a theme like "4 switches" or "I want the player to learn to use the iterations button".  The design came from imagining objects that linked together like chains -> cables -> switchboards -> sequence game! 

Cool concept, its felt a bit janky but I got used to it. probably worth making it so the saws bounce or wrap on the edge of the screen as I got locked looking away from the center 

I think I got to Level 4, with the wifi didn't make it past that.

I hope this game gets as much attention as it deserves, beautify crafted puzzles good job!

Art is a bit weird, is that a roaming pair of binoculars? anyway besides that the puzzles are quite cool and have some interesting  depth to them gj :) 

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I think that's the best part of system games. I can set the standard and people can look to find a more efficient route. After uploading the game I found a way to do Level 5 with 1000 More points.  Anyway thanks for giving my game a go :)

I like your solutions (sorry I deleted them its just so other players aren't tempted xD) hopefully itch implements a spoilers  mask like on discord

Fun little game, and some interesting levels, all I ask is you change the collision mask of the spike to a triangle and not a square 

Cool take on flappy bird! I think allowing the player to use the monsters they grab with right click or space bar would be a cool addition

Not really sure what I played, but hey I feel more Ying Yang now I guess 

Looks good, its a tad short though bang out a few more levels and some more mechanics! also do the lasers kill you? they didn't for me 

Fun Little game, simple yet educational ha 

Fun Little game, simple yet educational ha 

Thanks for playing. Yea its a tough one

Last one is really tricky :) ty for playing 

Ty :)

maybe if they cause too much trouble send them to dig a tunnel alone 😏

I like this concept, just a bit more work on art assets and you'll have a pretty nice game. well done