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UI zoom is now adjustable in v1.0.3. I hope that helps

Hey! Thanks for the detailed feedback

I think the quote thing can totally work. Like search for the exact pattern if it has quotes, do the current fuzzy matching if it doesn’t.

I get why you would find the red and cyan matches less intuitive but that’s just how fuzzy matching works: it looks at characters, not words. But it might be possible to tweak it so matches like your cyan example get ranked lower (or excluded)

I did some testing (also have a 4k screen) but have not been able to reproduce the issue so far. Maybe you can give me some more details about your system? Knowing these details would be helpful for further testing

  • are you using the latest version of the extension (1.0.2)?
  • Which reaper version are you using?
  • What is your operating system?
  • If windows, which hidpi mode do you use? (in Preferences -> General -> Advanced System/UI tweaks -> HiDPI mode)
  • do you have multiple screens connected?
  • What display scale factor are you using?


Hi! there is no way to manually adjust scaling for the extension. It will set its size based on screen size and system settings like display scale factor. Does it appear too small on your screen?

hey this post suggests that the mpc does not support vst3 only the old vst format.

there are some workarounds described in the comments, maybe you can try those?

I will fix that in the next update Thanks for the feedback!

This is really helpful, Thanks! I’ll see if I can do something about it

Thanks for the feedback!

The extension only checks those .ini files and does not scan the file system to check if the plugin file actually exists so I guess that explains why some deleted plugins might stick around until the plugin list is re-scanned.

Can you tell me which clap plugins you tried to load? and in which reaper version? mac or windows? I tried a couple in recent reaper versions (6.75-77) including chowtapemodel, fluctus by nakst, some fullbucket stuff and these seem to work fine so I’m not sure whats going wrong there.

Hey! clap is now supported in the new 1.0.2 version!


You could create the folders in Finder but the easiest way is to open the plugin window and click the “Reveal” button near the top right corner. This will create the Presets folder and open it in Finder. The you can copy the “Factory” folder from the preset zip.

Hi! the extension was released before reaper had clap support so it does not know about clap plugins yet. I have plans for adding this in the next update


I can confirm that I did not receive a payment around the time you posted this.

I would recommend trying again and if you are still having problems maybe contact itch/paypal/stripe support. They handle all payments so I’m not sure what I can do in this case.

Let me know if the problem persists

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Hey! You can lock the pitch to a scale using the buttons on the right side of the Pitch knob. Engaging the button at the bottom for example will snap the value of the pitch knob to the nearest octave.

You can then assign modulator to the pitch knob to generate melodies (or chords, depending on the Length and Rate of the grain generation)

Stream 1 does something like that in the “LFO Arp” preset. It should sound even better with just a single note frozen in the buffer

Hope this helps

Sounds fun but it is beyond the scope of what this plugin is designed to do, at least for now. With 1.0 just released I can’t really add any major new features like this.

I could release a standalone version but I’m not sure how useful would that be without some built-in sound sources

So maybe in 2.0 if that ever happens, or a different plugin entirely

Hey! currently there is no way to enter a specific modulation amount value on the plugin UI but your DAW probably has some way to enter values for any parameter. You can right-click the modulation amount knob on the plugin UI to see the name of the parameter (this will change depending on how you set up modulations).

By the way I agree that this would be a useful feature, I might add it in a future update

You can still get the same manual randomization. It does take a few more clicks to set it up but it also gives you more control

  • pick a randomizer in the modulation section and set the Probability to 0.0
  • assign it to all the parameters you want to randomize
  • click the R button over the randomizer knobs to trigger randomization

If you want to do this often then you can save this as a preset to use as a template

Hope this helps

The plugin does not have built-in support for midi CC control. The midi related options you might see when you right click a knob or button are provided by the DAW. So I think it is up to the DAW to save these once you map each parameter to a midi CC


I encourage all of you to share the presets you create for the plugin! I would love to put them on the download page where it is easy to find (Crediting you as the author of course)

Demo sounds and videos are also welcome! I would love to hear what you create with the plugin

Hi! the core idea is the same but this version has lots of new features:

  • new modulators: Audio Input/Output
  • ADSR controls for shaping grain envelopes
  • Synchronize time based parameters to host tempo/beat
  • Built-in preset manager (and a couple of factory presets)
  • Position knob to control gain start position
  • Collapsible UI sections to save screen space
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Tempo sync is currently only available in the latest beta. You will not be able to use it in the v0.3 version of the plugin.
(check the lower left corner of the plugin UI to confirm which version you are running)

If you want to try it you can read more about the beta here:

Hey Johan
I think I get the idea but two parameters changing each other (with an added offset) might not be easy to get exactly right. I’m not sure if something like this would play nicely with automation and presets and other details.

On the other hand macro parameters (as seen in the emergence modulation system) would allow changing multiple parameters with one knob in a very flexible way (any number of parameters changed by different amounts if needed). Is this close to what you are asking for? let me know what you think

The plugin is available in the VST3 format but LMMS only seems to support the older VST (2.x) format which means it will not work in LMMS unfortunately

Pitch shifting is relative to the pitch of the source material so I’m not sure how the scale thing would work in this plugin. For specific pitch intervals you can click the label under the knob and enter any value you want

I know that some of the help descriptions are not very helpful at the moment and I plan on adding more detail before the next release. If you have questions about any of the parameters feel free to ask and I’ll try to clarify those

Hi Everyone, thanks for sharing your ideas!

I feel like there is some overlap in the points mentioned, I’ll try to address everything here

Tempo sync: This is fairly straightforward and I plan to add this for predelay and buffer size

Presets: Would be a good addition (for emergence too) especially because the I can ship some factory presets with the plugin to get people started. But I while I still might change features and parameters because that would probably mess up any existing presets.

kill switch: I also thought about this a couple of times while using the plugin so I might want to add this too

Size and delay time: Delay time here does not really work the same way as in regular delay plugins and the knob is labelled as Size for a reason. Predictable delay times are not really possible with the current pitch shifting method so this might not be the right tool for those needs.

Pan Maybe but I want to keep this one on the simple side and not end up with dozens of knobs


  1. For the pitch I would like to have the choice (maybe a switch button next to each pitch knob) between the additive pitch and a constant pitch. What you have now is the additive pitch (with each delay the pitch gets shifted more), and the option I’d like to have would be that if I choose a fifth above for example, that it doesn’t keep adding another fifth on top with each delay but stays on the pitch of the first fifth. I hope you understand what I mean. Of course that could be done with a normal delay plugin and a pitch shifter in front, but having it added as an option in your plugin would make it easy for example to select a constant pitch in the first delay and an additive pitch in the second delay.

I get the idea but this sounds like a lot of work for something that can already be done with existing tools or maybe even in this plugin to some degree. I think you can get something similar by setting up one delay line a pitch shifter (Feedback=0, Crossfeed=0, Width<0.5) and the other as delay with feedback and Crossfeed from the pitch shifter delay.

Something important missing? let me know!

spirals community · Created a new topic Bug Reports

If you find a bug please report it here.

When reporting a problem please include the following information. These details help a lot to diagnose and fix bugs quickly!

  • Expected behaviour
  • Observed behaviour
  • Steps to reproduce the problem
  • System information:
    • Your OS version
    • Name and version of your DAW
    • For macOS users:
      • Are you having problems with AU or VST3 (or both)?
      • Intel or Apple Silicon CPU?
  • Screenshot or video (if relevant)

Let me know if you have any questions


Hi, Thanks for the feedback!

I think I get the idea.

Possible but requires a bit of work so I’m not sure if this will happen in the near future

Hi, thanks for the feedback! This is on my to-do list for the upcoming v1.0

I see your point. Having the plugin load and save presets in a portable format would definitely help in cases like this.

I thought about adding this feature but at this point I’m still making changes that would break existing presets so I decided against it for now. Maybe once I have a stable 1.0 released with all the things I want in the plugin

(1 edit)

How about using your DAW to save presets? (most of them can do this AFAIK)

Do you think a built-in preset system would have any advantages compared to this?


Fixed the link, thanks for pointing that out

Effects would be pretty cool especially when used with the modulation system! But that also means more knobs and I don’t think that would work, at least not without re-thinking the UI. So this won’t happen in the upcoming v1.0, maybe if I decide to make a version 2 or some new plugin

hey, thanks for the feedback! This idea crossed my mind too but for now I think I’ll try to keep things simple and not add even more stuff to an already busy UI


Sure, the soundcloud demos are a bit old but I think these still do a good job at showcasing what kind of sounds are possible.

I’ll definitely post some fresh ones with the new features at some point, maybe when 1.0 is ready for release

And of course feel free to share any cool sounds you made with the plugin :)


Here are some things to try:

  • Try re-scanning the plugin list. You can do this in Options -> Manage Plugins -> click the Find More plugins button.
  • Some DAWs show effects and instruments in separate lists. Emergence will be in the Effects category
  • Check if your DAW is configured to look for plugins where you have the plugin installed

Hope this helps

Maybe your graphics card does not support the OpenGL 3.3 version required by the plugin.

You can check by running gpu-z:

You can also try updating your graphics driver


Can you give me some more info?

  • Which version of the plugin are you using?
  • is the whole plugin window black? or just the top “display” part and you can see the knobs and buttons?
  • Are you on mac or windows?
  • what is your OS version?
  • which version of cubase are you using?

Personally I use reaper. It is quick and easy to install and you can try it without any limitations. There are tons of tutorials for it too!

Bitwig and Ableton Live are also popular and have trial versions that you can check out.

There can be significant differences in terms of workflow and features but you can start experimenting with the plugin in any DAW