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Thanks Deej!

Hey Thanks for playing! I followed a tutorial to get the dithering lol it was pretty simple. Yeah and the combat was very bland simply because its not interesting and the lack of enemy types. I ran out of time to put more work into it also.  Im glad it also worked on linux tho!

Hey thanks for playing! Yeah I was going for the kings field feel, unfortunately there were some bugs that caused players to get stuck in some collision boxes. I didnt have time to add reset button during the grace period because of finals lol.

Hey thanks for playing! I wish I spent more time on the tutorial, unfortunately it was scrapped together towards the end.

Hey Thanks for playing! I honestly wish I added more to the combat, I was even hoping to add a final boss, but sadly I ran out of time.

nvm found it on one of the comments on this steam discussion.

Where would you get the player model if you want to use a 3D software for texturing?

Just wondering how do you do your textures? They look so good.

Very well made game. I love the garden mechanic and it makes it very interesting and unique. Its also insane how polished this is. Overall very well made and very fun!

A very interesting concept! I made it to the end after getting a bit used to it. I do appreciate the tutorial at the beginning. Its interesting how you have to reset the timer but that also spawns enemies to make it harder every time you reset.

Really fun! I love the art style and the music. Its all very goofy and unique, It fits the theme well and is overall just very enjoyable. The only issue I have with it is lack of tutorial and the player health bar is a bit too big. I'm honestly surprised how you made everything in such a short amount of time, especially for how polished it is. Overall great job!

Thank you DerpiestDude!

Thank you! I haven't read it but I have watched the movie I looked up the robot in the movie and thought it was funny. Ill be sure to also check out your game.

Thank you! Yeah unfortunately the buttons were very finnicky and not perfect at all.

Thank you! I really wanted to add more wall jumps or a wall jump reset but I realized I should stick with robot focused movement.

Thanks you for playing and for such an in-depth reply. For the last 2 diamonds you do have to backtrack but I realized its impossible because of a gate that blocks you. The hitbox is something I realized would be an issue, I tried fixing it but it still wasn't perfect in the end. The buttons was also another major issue, it was very finnicky to get right because there would be 2 body's that can interact with it and obviously it wasn't perfect in the end. Thank you again for such an in-depth review.

Solid entry, especially for your first game jam! Also you're right we did kinda do a similar idea.

Its honestly a unique  concept, and I enjoyed the puzzle aspect. For 48 hours this is impressive.

Thanks! Since I focused so much on mechanics I ended up using premade assets for all the UI and enemies, I had a lot of attempts to try to blend the aesthetics, but I'm not much of an artist so I settled for the premade assets.

Thanks! Yeah, It was difficult to think of a way to implement the theme in the game, I thought that talking and fighting would be enough for the theme, I guess because of "Good vs Evil", but I definitely could've came up with something better to match the theme.

Thank you! Yeah the misalignment bug raised hell for me.

Thank you! And Kudos to you for trying even after the bug, I would've expected anyone who got the bug to give up because its so discouraging to get it halfway through.

Yeah sorry about that I never had time to playtest on different resolutions.

Thanks! Honestly its a miracle that you didn't encounter any bugs, also talking doesn't do anything lol, there was just so many mechanics to implement over a short amount of time and if I'm being honest the scope of this was a bit too big for a 7 day jam.

Thank You! I definitely could of polished it more if I narrowed the scope, additionally this is my first actual game jam that I participated in and I never knew that building and launching the game could cause so many bugs.

I want to update my game (not my submission). I'm just wondering if updating the game will alter the submission.

Key bug should be fixed