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Amazing game I loved it, I can't even believe minesweeper can be conceptualized in a way like this. Though I was really confused at first I felt amazed when I finally figured out the rules.

Loved the game, it's a really cool mechanic. That last challenge was awesome to.

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I love the game, it has amazing graphics and the music really fits the mood. I love the exploration concept and my favorite part has to be the pixel art, but every time I find a key my screen freezes and I lose the cursor. LOL key is working. All in all it's a great game.

The game is interesting, I also really like the drawing of the stomach. I just wish that you could speed up the process of going to dialogue instead of waiting for however time you got left when you have completed your words.

Loved the game from the colour palette and aesthetics to the mechanics. Awesome idea. (:

Absolutely amazing game, my skin was crawling. (

Loved it gave me the chills.

Loved it. (:

The story is captivating, please make more.

That's Awesome!!!!!

i REALLY LOVED THIS GAME!!! It was such a vibe, I just wish it had more levels. :)