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I liked getting into a rhythm of when i would fire. Since it felt like jumps would always be the same height no matter how long or short i held down the jump button, I didn't feel like I had much CONTROL over where i would shoot. Which is good, considering the jam theme! Nice work

Thanks for playing, I'm going to go back through and update some stuff with font kerning and timing in a few weeks. I'll have to work on a shader for when objects are between the player and the camera. 

thanks so much!

I ran playtests on a game for a year and realized it's really important to see how people play your game for the first time; glad it was useful for you!

Trying to play this now and I see that you accidentally deleted the file and re-uploaded as a .rar. It would be more accesible for folks who don't have winrar and don't want to download it if you also offered it as a .zip; I'm looking forward to checking this out when I can download it without downloading separate software too

Yeah, I was sort of reminded of minesweeper, how the whole game is about discovering where hidden elements are, but you are given a tiny bit of information to be able to guess at where dangerous things might be hiding. The core is pretty good!

Really nice atmosphere, the movement feels super good. The floating buildings and street lamps sort of reminds me of the milkman level from psychonauts

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A pretty fun time, I like the aesthetic and the transitions a lot. I did feel a little confused about how to know which areas to check to progress, so some levels felt like I didn't have any chance of winning them, but I was able to collect enough lives to keep trying.

Nice little golfing experience! Once I got a feel for how much force to put behind a shot, I was able to get plenty of holes-in-one. They felt pretty good, but I'd love to have a little more feedback for getting one.

The game has a lot of potential for other obstacles and components, pretty fun to play.

Cool little adventure game! The puzzles were all intuitive and fun to figure out, although I had a few issues with not being able to pick up items on the first try and being confused about how to "use" items on the world.

The systems you have going seem to be set up for a lot of growth, excited to see what comes with Part 2!

Really cool little game, the art style is all super cohesive and I liked the way sections were designed, like how you would have to use the double-jump to get out of the room you pick it up from, and then use it in a more complicated way to get back up to the main area.

Dashing downwards was a little difficult to do, and the text characters being 4x4 pixels led to some confusion over whether some characters were a V or a Y or a W, but other than that, all around really good and easy to understand!

Ah I can see that for the text scroll. I'll probably come back and polish that up, but that's why I also let people skip to the end of a dialogue line if they hit space before it's over. forcing people to sit through a text scroll is something i try not to do

pretty cool! The game starts off constrained enough that I'm able to learn what to do, and then opens up gradually. I do feel like I'm losing a little bit of time when I have to wait for the menu to animate before I can swap tabs, but other than that, a pretty fluid experience.

haha Unity makes it pretty easy to understand, thank you I appreciate the comment!


Haha nice video, I really appreciate being able to see someone play through some of it!

hey, thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it! If you don't mind, may I ask what about the controls didn't work for you, so that I can improve in the future? Thank you! ^_^