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Wow it's so much better now! It was already cool before, you keep making it better and better. I will definitely give it another test in the future! Cheers and keep up your wonderful work/art!

Nice! Looking forward for more updates :D

Thanks for your answer, sadly it was. I was unsure how frequent the autosaves were and actually wanted to manually save the game after that battle (which is why i wanted to escape so i could quickly save). My heart was too broken to keep playing :(, i will give it another try in the future though. 

After i used the escape option in battle (wanted to go faster, wasn't a particularly hard fight) i encontered a bug that made the game crash. I didn't had time to printscreen the error shown but was something like "visible object not found".


I was in the first cave after saving Raphael from the bandits.


It was very sad because i lost a bunch of progress due to the last time i manually saved. I thought the game had autosaves.

Congrats! And thank you for this precious game you are making.

Answered the feedback survey. Really nice game :D, right now are duels a thing or they are not implemented yet?

Great game, enjoyed the time spent playing it. Not sure how many different outcomes/endings i missed, hopefully none (i did try a lot of different things).


Although i never erased her mom's emails, i couldn't do it :c


Glad to help. Looking forward for the update.

Thanks for the reply! Enjoyed your game a lot, to the point of running out of things to do.

So a little bug happened... i wanted to see the score for that run, for that i tried to kill my character but since there were no enemies the only thing i could think of was starvation/dehydration. I started quick resting for every 1 stamina i spent, rapidly increasing the "must long rest" bar, and at some point, not sure what changed i couldn't long rest anymore and everytime i did the 1 stamina spent + quick rest my stamina actually increased past the "must long rest" limit and eventually literally broke out of the charts. If i try to long rest the bar returns to normal but the timer doesn't progress, although the day/night cycle seemed to still progress as if i had a long rest.infinite stamina

There's also another thing that happened to me where i created a new character Lich/Poacher but died and then created a Dark Elf/Poacher with the same name(not sure if the name matters) and turns out i couldn't craft arrows but instead i could craft the mask even though i was a Dark Elf and not a Lich anymore. So eventually i ran out of arrows (realized to late that i couldn't craft them). Not sure if that is intended and i am supposed to scavange the arrows trying to get the crafting recipe or if it is just a big.

Once more, really fun game and i can't wait to see how fun it will be once it is complete!

It happened to me a couple of times, that i'm cutting wood or gathering some kind of resource or sleeping and suddenly a enemy appears and kill me without giving me enough time to react, it is not like a one hit KO but several hits made while still working on the task. It would be nice if at the very least after being hit once the game stopped whatever you are doing.

Nice! I will revisit simmiland then. Last time i played i did everythingthat was available to do, don't recall which version it was but has been a long time.