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Stuff them chefs with those delicious voidwiches till they pop in a shower of more wiches!  Thanks for playing!

Could not agree more!  Many thanks to Dan Forder ( for his music/sound work!

A space rocket repair sim!  Neat concept.

That's a lot of sammiches!  Thanks for playing!

We had some great sound and implementation.  Glad you liked it!

I really enjoyed seeing what happened when I actually DID do NOTHING.  That was a very nice touch!  Cool concept, chill music, lovely art, and nice execution.

This was hilariously tough and just plain unplayable after my wife and I could not stop laughing!  We were slapping each others hands and slamming on the keyboard until we could not focus for laughing so hard.  Thanks for making a game that brought us to tears!

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Indeed, the void sammiches cause them to explode into a cloud of sammiches.  Chagrins get full credit for that one and it's my favorite effect!

@Rhornbeck - The platforms were actually made about 2 hours before the end of the time.  There is another concept, yet implemented, for the platforming but I just ran out of time.  This is also true of the jumping and walking animations.  In fact there is going to be an enemy eventually too which comes with damage animations.  Really, the music and sounds are the most polished piece of this (big thanks again to Gareth) with the art (thanks Dan) coming in second in completion.  More to come, just wanted to get a fully functional, if short and simple, game submitted.  

@eltea - Thank you for giving this a try, I am glad the controls worked for you.  I was afraid it was too floaty and almost changed that.  BEEF THOSE THUMBS!

Thanks to both of you on the feedback, I hope the additions later also meet with approval.

Loving the art style and the music was a great choice.  Neat little back story and overall fun play.