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@Rhornbeck - The platforms were actually made about 2 hours before the end of the time.  There is another concept, yet implemented, for the platforming but I just ran out of time.  This is also true of the jumping and walking animations.  In fact there is going to be an enemy eventually too which comes with damage animations.  Really, the music and sounds are the most polished piece of this (big thanks again to Gareth) with the art (thanks Dan) coming in second in completion.  More to come, just wanted to get a fully functional, if short and simple, game submitted.  

@eltea - Thank you for giving this a try, I am glad the controls worked for you.  I was afraid it was too floaty and almost changed that.  BEEF THOSE THUMBS!

Thanks to both of you on the feedback, I hope the additions later also meet with approval.