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There is now a linux standalone version available.
To Start it, extract the zip file and the run

$ chmod 777 ./"Those Spacecrafts"

In the extracted folder. Now you can start the game by double-clicking it in your file browser or using another command:

$ ./"Those Spacecrafts" -h

Okay, I'll do it soon. I'll also leave another reply when it's done so you will know

You have to install .Net Core and then open the Game using it. Also try the command 'dotnet "Those Spacecrafts.exe"' in the download folder. If you still need more help, I can compile a Linux, Framework independent version

I know that there is a difference between Apes and Monkeys but I decided to name this game like this because of recent memes surrounding this video of a spinning primate in combination with backwards evolution to monkeys. None of this makes scientifically any sense but is just a funny joke

Okay, yeah you can do that.
My Twitter Handle: @DaGammla /

Thank you very much for your helpful feedback and for buying the game!!

And this one too:

I'm willing to help

Thank you very much for the Feedback. I will try to apply this to my next game, where I'm planning to add achievements and unlockables that come with them.

I'm glad you like it ;D

Hi! I just released my first game to and I'd love you to check it out ;D

It is a Arcade Space Shooter where you can build your own ship and fight waves of enemies. It will cost 1$ in the future but for now there will be a sale, so the game is free. 

Here is a image of the early game, with the first type of enemies you'll encounter:

And here is a Screenshot of the Ship editor, with few Parts unlocked.

I hope you'll enjoy the Game and I'm open for feedback ;D

Here's the link :

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Just released my first game ;D

Hope you'll like it