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I have played this game at least three times now, and I never tire of the characters and their story. I love Aloners and have also fallen in love with this game, as well. Your writing style is so engaging and full of emotions that stay with me long after I've finished playing your games. It's so nice to have a visual novel that is written for women that want more substance and mature themes in a romance or otome VN. I enjoyed the complicated relationship between the MC and Ran, as well as all the interesting lore in this world you have created. I can't wait to play more routes and to learn more about the rest of the characters and the world they live in!

You're welcome! I have finished all three romance routes in Story Mode and I found myself tearing up quite often during many of the scenes. I am a huge fan of the romance genre and I have to say that I adore your style of writing.  You are able to convey such powerful emotions through your writing- Bravo!

Great! Let me know what you need to me to do, and I will do my best. My email addresses are krisjfern@comcast.net and krisjfern@gmail.com either one is fine to use. I also have accounts with Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, if you'd rather upload/dl stuff rather than email. ( I use both Word and Scrivener for my writing and their files can be uploaded to most of those accounts) I'd also be happy to send you my cell # if you would like to brainstorm via text.  You can also DM me on Twitter @KrisJFern.  :)

I certainly wouldn't mind helping you out with any writing or editing/proof reading that needs to be done. Or if you just need someone to bounce ideas off of when your muse has gone on vacation. ;)  

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I cannot believe that this game is 100% free! And what a fun game it is! So far, I have spent 12 hours of playtime and only came across one bug, so wonderful job on the coding guys. :)  Love all the characters I have seen, so far,  the writing is so well done, and the music is very enjoyable to listen to while playing. The artwork is very nice, as well. I def will reccomend this game to others! Thanks so much for developing this game and sharing it with the rest of us!

Okay, I have finished all three romance routes in the Story Mode and THEY BLEW ME AWAY! I actualy stayed up until 4am one night JUST so I could finish Dallas' route, and then the next night I was up until 3am to finish Beau's route. I truly love how each of the relationships are complicated, bittersweet and full of messy emotions- just like in real life. I am looking forward to see how the other romances work in the Open Mode and how the 3 main romances carry over. 

(BTW: There is one bug that still shows up concerning Robin's bass Baby -it  involves how and when she gets it back- and it makes things confusing for the player. This had already been addresssed in other previous posts on this forum, so I won't go into it further.)