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Just finished playing your demo for the first time (chose Emmet's route) and found the game -thus far- so delightful and fun to play. I love the art and the VA, as well as the humor (loved the conversations between Tori and Sebby!).

FYI- I did come across an error while playing Emmet's route that concerns Tori and his sister, that I thought I should mention. There is a scene where Sebby and Emmet speak where the students get there mail, and after Emmet leaves the area, Tori comes with the Halloween magnets and he tells Sebby all about his sister Marie, yet Sebby had already met and spoken to Marie on two previous occasions in the game. In fact, Tori had already told Sebby all about his sister, yet in this scene Sebby and Tori bothact as if it was the first time the subject of the sister had come up. 

Anyhoo...looking forward to the full version of the game when it is available!

Hi there! Forgive me for not responding sooner. I am happy you enjoyed the game and thank you for mentioning that error, I definitely will be having a look at that~