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Looks gorgeous. The art style gives me ZX Spectrum vibes. Gonna give this a try when I have some time!

I wanted to say that you could potentially support Linux and Mac too if you wanted using EasyRPG. It's a free open source project, basically a drop-in replacement for the RPG_RT.exe file.

This is just something I thought of recently. When I use the website, and I want to download a name-your-price game, it tries to convert me to a paying customer by showing the donation pop-over.

When I use the app, however, it just downloads the game right away without asking me.

(Holy crap these images are big.)

I'm curious if this is was designed intentionally, or if perhaps the app should show the same donation popover that the site does? It's not something that matters to me personally since I don't have any games up on Itch, but it would seem reasonable that they both follow the same flow in this case.

Oh and auto-linking of URLs. :)

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That might be nice. Helps you notice the people who have made games that you've bought or played.

Here's a picture rather than a description:

Looks awesome :) I'm kind of glad you made a bespoke forum because pretty much all forum software in existence is a cluttered piece of late 90s web design.