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Thanks for playing! We are aware of this exploit, but we didn't have time anymore to finish it before the deadline of the jam, so we kept it in there...

Nice game! Really fun to play!!

No, you are correct. I can't vote either

Hey Nyrukm here are my thoughts:

  • Very original idea. Nicely done. 
  • Mechanic-wise, the coolest game of this thread so far. Very good. 
  • There is a game breaking bug with the shovels. The first time, I could set a checkpoint. All the other times. I got stuck on the shovel and couldn't move. Wether I had pressed Q on it or not. 
  • I like the artstyle, although it was difficult to navigate sometimes.
  • On your '?' menu, you don't tell the player how he can get the gifts. I only figured it out by accident. 

Nice game. Very original idea and mechanic. I gave a nice rating. Great submission!

Hey Asim, here are my thoughts: 

  • I really liked this game. Very refreshing amongst the hundreds of puzzle/platformer games. 
  • The style is executed very well. Art and sound go together nicely. 
  • I would add a minimap of some sort so the player could navigate through the dungeon instead of running around like a headless chicken. 
  • The music and SFX was defaulted to 0. I would just make the default the half of the slider. I thought at first it had no music and only heard it after reading comments and booting it back up again. 
  • I would go for an ammunition counter instead of a fill-up bar. 

Nice little game. Although the rewind did not seem usefull for me, it still is a nice retro 2.5D shooter. Good job.

Here are my thoughts about the game: 

  • Level one was unbeatable. You would take damage on each cactus so you'd die no matter what. 
  • The art is a bit all over the place. I would suggest you pick a theme and make every asset fitted in the theme. (if you pick blocks, everything is a block. If you pick dinasours, make a dino environment, character and primitive exotic plant.)

I can see it being a good concept, but it was too unplayable to properly test it out. You should play the game yourself regularly while developing. If a new game is insanely difficult, most of the players just instantly give up and maybe that makes the miss out on nice things you implemented in the later part of the game. 

Here are my thoughts: 

  • Liked the art, sound and mood setting. 
  • Fell to my death 4 times before knowing you could slide.
  • Wall jumping is a bit hard IMO.
  • I don't really get why going back in time removes the orbs. Not the same for the three however. That was logic. 
  • Web build didn't work for me. 

I got stuck on the level with the tree. Maybe implement a hinting system that starts when dying more than 3 times.  Great job on the art. Sells the game very well. Reminded my of the artstyle of 'Kingdom New Lands'. Keep up the work.


  • I was very confused how to play this. 
  • I could not separate Ui from map interactables. 
  • I don't really know what the aim of the game is. 
  • The SFX was really loud. 

Even after seeing the gameplay you made, it was unclear what to do. I suggest you implement a tutorial in the the game that explains it to the player. 

Hi Sydown, here are my thoughts:

  • I liked the pixelart. It was pretty. 
  • The purple orb of the mage is nice, but could be annoying sometimes. Sometimes you're stuck on a small platform and don't have the space to dodge the orb. That sucks because you have to go back and you can do nothing about it. I would try to design the levels in a way that there is always a way for the player to dodge it. Look at super mario's angry sun levels. 
  • The jumping sometimes did not work. I would just straight off run of the platform. 
  • Sometimes you had to jump somewhere without knowing where to go. Try to indicate at least where the player has to go. 

Nice little patformer game. Nice job.

Hey ksen0n, here are my thoughts: 

  • Sound was very nice, very chill.
  • I think I found a method to play that made your game insanely easy. I just rewinded at the start of the game which made the first orb not progress, but the following orbs came in. That made it that all orbs were in one place for each level. Maybe fix this bug ;) 
  • I like the idea. Can be very difficult to keep track of multiple targets at the same time. 
  • The 'next level' button on level 6 did not work for me. 

Simple concept, but good execution. Nice job. 

Here are my thoughts:

  • Concept is very nice. Has a lot of potential. 
  • The game has bugs as u mentioned. 
  • I did not know what I took damage from. 
  • Nice checkpoint idea.
  • I think I could only shoot in front of me? Was very difficult to kill the enemies. 

I think this was a bit too ambitious to try to make in one week. I can see this being a fun game nonetheless. It just needs more time.  Good that you had fun and learned! I hope you like the feedback.

My thoughts: 

  • The skateboarder moved to fast, flew out of the screen. 
  • I could not stop rewinding time after I pressed the button. 
  • Weird artstyle, but funny. 

Unfortunately, I can't give more feedback because the game was a bit too unplayable for me. 

I hope you can still do something with my feedback. 

My thoughts on the game:

  • I loved the pixelart, the feel of the game (swinging lanters, quick jump/fall etc. ) and the sound. Good job. 
  • The mechanic is not that special. Already played 20+ games fromt his jam with that mechanic somewhat implemented. 
  • Puzzles were clever. Made me think hard for some time.
  • The casette seemed a bit off in between the rest of the castle/dungeon assets. 
  • Not a big fan of using the mouse in a platformer game, but I can not think of another solution to pick certain crates to rewind so not that big of a deal. 

Nice platformer. I've played a lot of them the last couple of days and this one definitely belongs in the top 15% of them. 

Keep up the nice artwork and playstyle. Thanks for rating mine!

Here are my thoughts/remarks: 

  • Liked rolling of the character. Maybe unintented, but good. 
  • Enemies shoot trough the floor. 
  • There was no sound.
  • Mechanic is not very unique. Not bad, but not good for this forum thread. 

Still good to make in that short amount of time. Nicely done.

Here are my thoughts:

  • The game was really simple. I beat it under 3 minutes.  Simplicity is good in the beginning, but you should try to make games that are easy to learn (like this), but hard to master. Maybe add a couple of levels that have some seriously difficult jumps. 
  • Sometimes the character seemed to fly around with a lot more speed than it should. 
  • It does not fit the theme very well. 
  • The blue ball and rectangle are nice. Maybe add some teleporters, grapplers, magnets, ...

Nice little game. Especially for a 13 year old. Good job. 

Here is my opinion:

  • Good idea to make a playtrough. I could look it up when I got stuck. 
  • I liked the different kinds of boxes that did different things and you have to wind them up a certain amount of time to also get the effect only for a certain amount of time. 
  • I did not know why the platforms related to the shields of the enemies. I should just hit the enemy twicee. Once for the shield and once for the enemy itself. 
  • I liked the pixelart of the characters. I would make the environment more suited to the characters though. Maybe a castle or something. 
  • Sound was really cute and lovely. 

Overall, I liked the game. Sometimes had to look up how to pass a certain level, but the gameplay aided me. Good job on the game.

Hey J-mo, here's what I think:

  • The art, sound, and juicyness of the game is very well executed. Very nice job!
  • I think there should be an easier level te start. You get thrown in and are left in the dark. 
  • Controls are straight forward and simple. Perfect. 
  • I also liked the stange audio effect in the title screen. Reminds me of @LumpyTouch's videos on yt. 

I don't have a lot of critique on this one. Really nice game. Good polishing. Very well made. 

Great job!

Here is my honest opinion: 

  • The file size is massive. I would recommend you do some optimizing before exporting. 
  • Don't change the size of the text as it comes by. It made me restart reading multiple times because the letters jumped all over the screen.
  • Nice voice recording.
  • There was no music inside the night club. 
  • Nice screen transitions. 
  • Animations on the robots are also nice. 

It felt more like a visual novel than a detective game for me. You just experience what happened, but you can't really investigate yourself. I could image that would be very hard to create in 7 days. 

I hope you like the feedback!

Hey BlackDragonBE, not a big fan of horror games but I gave it a spin:

  • The SFX was really good. 
  • The mouse sensitivity was too strong. 
  • Game was a bit too dark for me. (maybe because I don't like horrorgames)
  • I did not quite get why rewinding time gives you other possibilities. Like the medicine cupboard for example. 
  • I loved the ending part where you can't see anything around you besides mean comments and someone comes at you but you can't escape. 

Nice little horrorgame. Good job. 


  • I could not move in your game. I restarted it several times, but I think there is a game-breaking bug.
  • Sound and art is nice.
  • I like the dance animation. 
  • Sprites are also dope.

I can't give you much more than that since I could not move in your game. Is it just me?

I already played and rated yours.

My thoughts: 

  • Nice memory game, not a popular subject, but you made it fun. 
  • I would make the time skippable if you're finished moving the objects. 
  • I would like to see what furnitur I placed right and what not in the end. 
  • Fun party music that goes along with the game. 
  • Window size of the game seems a bit off for me. 
  • Does not fit into the theme in my opinion. 

Good job on your second game ever created. Funny mechanic.

Here are my thoughts: 

  • Nice concept of using 3 different charaters with each havind a special 'ability'. 
  • While you're the egg. You get stuck pretty easily, but I saw your page so you're aware of that. 
  • Nice pixelart and play on 'The chicken and the egg'. 
  • Would like to switch back to bigger forms. Could only return to the egg and then there were question marks. If it was possible I did not figure out how to do it. 
  • It seemed that the sprint did not add much of a difference to the speed while playing. 
  • Fun level design. 

Great work for a first jam. Keep up the work. 

Hey, here are my thoughts: 

  • Loved the simple music. Soothing and fitted with the rest of the assets. 
  • Nice job on the simple tutorial levels in between. Explained the game very well.
  • The exit button on the menu did not work for me. I used Alt + F4.
  • Nice concept that you could choose how many steps your clone sets back and also were you place him. 
  • Nice puzzles although some were able to pass without using yellow crates that were placed in the level. 

Nice little game. Reminded me of a simpler version of 'Baba is You'. Good jam submission!

Hey gladgib, here is my opinion about your game:

  • Very nice mechanic where you can spawn clones that can turn against you so you need to pay attention. The mechanic still is a bit barebones, but I really think it has potential. 
  • I liked that there were multiple enemies. 
  • Nice little tutorial so you directly know everything you need to know. 
  • Game was a bit too easy I think. I could keep going for hours if I had the time. 
  • Pace of the game was good, but a bit more chaos could be added (more mines, maybe a clone that spawns, targets you and only dies when you shoot it)

Nice mechanics. I liked it. Good work

I found it really simple to understand. One thing I should improve is line up the direction of the level with one of the axes of the player. That way you don't go diagonal when just pressing one arrow key.

Think from the perspective of the player when you design your game. Would you like a game where you tried several times to beat it to get the reward and then it just said no? ;) 

An arcade game like yours is all about completion and rewards. :) I'm glad you like the feedback.

Here are my thoughts on CoRewind: 

  • Liked the mechanic that you could rewind to where you chose it to be. Although it wouldn't make any sense to do this in the endless runner level (in the desert)
  • I would not put the bullets as a child of the player. Now it follows the rotation of the player after being shot. That is not logical. 
  • I liked the Emission & post pro, but think it was a bit too much. You should keep a form of relief or texture so it is not just a big plane of an emissive color. 
  • The second level was very hard. The skill gap between the tutorial level and the forward runner is a bit too high I think. The enemies lock onto you and you can only shoot forward and not stop running. 

Good start. Sit together with your team, discuss how you could improve and it will become a good game. 

I hope the feedback is usefull.

Hey ivaneo:

  • I really liked the paper-drawn artstyle. good job. 
  • The idle animation of the character is too fast. Looks like he has a seizure. 
  • The rewind AI is a bit strange at times. At level 3, the faded version of me completed the level. 
  • The sound fitted with the game. Nice
  • The game felt more like a 'replay/retry' instead of rewind. 

Short puzzle platformer game. Can use some polishing, but a great start. Good work.

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Nice old scool 2D-shooter. Here is what I thought:

  • Music and SFX was too loud, especially when all the SFX came together
  • You should add an arrow when an enemy is outside of the screen so you know where to go. 
  • Maybe add an indicator how many enemies are left in this level. 
  • Loved the pixelart grandpa, don't think it fits with the dungeon background though. 
  • Don't know how this fits in the rewind theme.

How you could expand: 

  1. Add different enemies
    1. Beefy one that takes more hits, moves slowly
    2. Fast one that dies quickly
  2. Add more guns So you can swap between them. 
  3. Add environment items (things that can explode and hit everything in range)

Good job, hope you like the feedback

I played until level 14. Here are my thoughts:

  • I loved the mechanic. Simple platformer, but the mechanic actually made it really fun. 
  • The loading screens take too much time. It is okay in between levels, but if you are stuck and restart, it gets very long.
  • Maybe make a faster introduction of the other buttons. I played untill level 14 and only used left,right and jump. 
  • Nice that you could limited the amount of movement. Looks like you really thought it out.
  • Nice art style. Cute little video timeline and so on. I liked it. 

One of the better games mechanic-wise on this forum-thread. I liked playing it. Nice job!

Hey Apost7, here is what I think (I did not get really far so I don't have very much to talk about):

  • The decision of rewinding time while you jump is brave, but made it very difficult for me.  When you play a platformer, you sort of plan out where a moving platform is going so you know when to jump. When you rewind it, it makes it very difficult. I tried it several times, but I think it rewinds faster than the normal speed, which made it very hard to plan out your jumps. 
  • Funny little character. Simple, but nice. 
  • Same with the sound. Simple, but does the trick.

A very small game. I could only reach 2 coins because of the difficulty so I would try to make it a bit more simple. Maybe add some checkpoints that if you fail, you don't have to do all the other difficult jumps as well. Have fun on vacation!

I already played and rated yours so I can't anymore ;)

Hey, here are my thoughts: 

  • I would increase the energy meter a bit so you could dash, jump and shoot at least once all together. 
  • I loved the music, atmosphere and theme so good job.
  • The music faded when in the pause menu. Small detail but improves the game. 
  • I was a bit confused at first about what to do, but got the hang of it in the end. 
  • The projectile's path was a bit weird, you shoot in an arc instead of in front of you. 
  • I feel like the player is a bit too small to step on the defuse button. You always had to jump right in front of it to reach it. Takes away the pace of the game a bit. 

I would increase the pace of this game. Give more energy, quicker obstruction spawns and so on. Make it a chaotic endless parkour game. 
Good job on the game so far. 

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Hey Emmycron, 

I could not test the game because my computer antivirus saw it as a threat. When it is a small gamejam game like this, I would recommend to export it as a build rather than a installer executionable file. It may scare people who try to play it.

Sorry to leave you in the dark on this one.

Hey Swix,

  • I loved the music. Fits with the theme and environment. Only a bit too loud. 
  • You should add a score system so there is a reason to play the levels endlessly.
  • The floating red-eye robots were very hard to kill. The others were doable, but I spent most of the time missing my shots at the red-eyed ones.
  • I did not figure out how to rewind time. Only how to slow it down.

Fun little 'Super Hot'-like shooter game. Had fun while playing. 

Hey Askman, here are my thoughts: 

  • Do not completely pause the entire game when a dialogue has finished. Show the player the button he has to press to continue or at least let the music continue playing. I restarted twice because I thought my game crashed ;) 
  • You write on your post that there is a surprise for those who persevere. I completed the game but it said 'Is that it?' And I died.. If this is the real ending, don't make false promises on your itch page because I was dissapointed when I saw the text bubble. 
  • I liked the trail you leave behind. Good to remember how you were rewinding. 
  • When you rewinded the level, you should fast forward to the next so the player does not have to walk the same distance again. 
  • Add some checkpoints between each level so you can start from there and not all the way from the beginning. 
  • Nice music choice. I liked the style of it. 

Reminded me a bit of 'Frogger' but then with a twist, fitted in the theme. Nice job.

Hey AgentXMan, here are my thoughts:

  • I really liked the voice intro you recorded. Was funny, clear and imformative. Good job
  • The 'I'm Glad You Came (piano cover)' was a bit too loud
  • I'd prefer if the boxes spawned in right in front of you. Now they spawned far away for me and alway fell straight into the void. 
  • If you call it a sandbox game, I should implement a bit more content so the player had more stuff to do (do something with the environment, multiple boxes, different explosions, ...)
  • The game was a bit blurry for me (could be the web version of the game)

Very small game. Add some more stuff if you would like to continue this sandbox game. Good start!

Very challenging indeed! Here are my thoughts: 

  • Don't know why you would want to bring the enemies to life as they onli want to kill you. 
  • When you run out of 'normal' time, it takes way to long for the clock to rewind while in rewind time. 
  • I liked the pixelart. 
  • I saw in your trailer that there was some 8-bit sound, but I didn't have it while playing (maybe an error on my behalf)
  • It was not super clear for me what and when I could interact with stuff. Maybe get an outline on the object if it is possible to interact with. (I saw the subtle color difference, but it can be more eye-catching)

Nice little dungeon explorer game. Needs a smill bit of work to turn it into a very nice game! Good start! Keep it up!

You're right! Maybe a bit simple what you learn, but is also becasue of the time span of 1 week ;) Thanks for checking it out!