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Indeed! This is by far the best setup for an easy but awesome gamenight. Love it!

I still love Grue, hopefully you can find the time again someday for updating. :)

SO awesome! <3

Thats a really nice Bitsy game! I wish we could have an offline version :)

Scroll up a bit ;)

"Please report bugs to"

absolutely understandable

So people, when you want something, like an offline version, feel free to ask the dev, somethimes, a wish is granted. :)

Thank you very much! :)

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Really nice work, I hope you will find the time and energy to build on it. But imho, it should bring u a dollar instead of free for all (when they want), just to give you a point to still work on it.

^ This

Haha, genious! Lost an i... :D

I really want a offline version :D

This game is awesome! I love the pixel style and most, that there is a rom. Thanks for this gem! :)