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Glad to provide some feedback.
We could use more (come on gamers!!).
Good luck and waiting for what is to come :)

New experiences with the game.

Having played the latest update i think the med bay is a nice addition in the game and as it progresses i think it's use will grow aswell.

Overall thoughts.
Still i think the progress is still a bit to easy.
It could also be that since i know what i am doing i can do the stuff needed as efficient as i know how to do it.

3 points.
1. Deconstruction,
Could be me but we can desconstruct objects and floors.
But it looks to me as if we can not deconstruct electrical conduits and water pipes.
Is this correct or am i missing something?
2. I would really like to assign survivors to beds.
I have made a bed and little room for every survivor but they prefer to hot bed into the same bed all the time.
I mean i would think everyone would like to have their own clean bed and not sleep in the sweat of the one before you.
It is not a submarine :)
3. Construction still seems to be total random.
You would think the survivors would construct in the order that you layout the blueprint. but in reallity they build some here then there then elswere.
This way it takes ages for stuff to be finished and in the case of electrical and water lines it messes with the operational bit cause if they don't finish let's say 1 conduit in the chain the whole operation is down...
And i have seen this happen which is really anyoing when for instance you try to get a kitchen or Forge running. (Had both).

Personally i would like to get the option to cut up the building into 2(3) parts.

Drawing the layout. (Just blueprint without anyone actually going to build) this to plan area's without them messing with the current build taking place.
Drawing/confirming the layout/blueprint. Survivors will actually start the build like they do now.
Finishing the build. Just like now but building is done in the order it was planned (as long as the resources are availlable).

Can the robots walk over the crop fields or not?
They seem to go around them, just wondering if that is as intended so i can change my planning accordingly.

I keep having survivors who stand idle when there is enough work to be done.
For instance a bottanist who when he has nothing to do has building assigned to him aswell but he will not build whatever i do.
Resources are not an issue the Survivor just stands there, same sometimes with the robots.
Job priority assignment would still be a very much desired option.

Hope this helps again.
Will be back when new content is in the game.
Till then.

When will this be in the game?

Hi there back after waiting for a few updates to roll out.

Quick question is it possible or would it be possible to move your resources?

I have several storage crates full of resources which i want to deconstruct but i don't want to loose the contents.

Do the resources get moved befor the deconstruct or do i loose them?

Bit reluctant to try it out cause at the moment can't loose the stuff.

Following up on that i would like to assign certain resources to be stored in certain storage crates to avoid long walks for nothing :)


Will we at some time be able to name our characters?

From our gaming community i have seen questions about minimum specs for this game.
Are they to be found?
Are they known?
If they are not public can they be put on the site?

Might get more people buying the game.

Mercury Fallen community » Bugs · Created a new topic Forum bug

Release Notes forum give a 404 not found error.

Aliens? :D

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First some specs which might help.

I play on a MSI GL62 6QD-447NL Gaming Laptop.
i5 6300HQ Quadcore Processor with 2.3Ghz which will boost to 3.2Ghz.
24GB Memory. Geforce 950M Graphics Card with 2GB dedicated.
Windows 10 with latest updates ofcourse. :)

So i watched my favorite youtuber pick up this game and having a first look gameplay... and he did it again and made me buy a game again.
Yep this game. :) First a question, where do i send my crashreport as asked for in the popup?

So have been playing for a bit and here is what i came across so far.

First i like the idea and what it is so far.


Lag, lot's of it as soon as you expand a bit it starts and it gets worse the more you grow.
Played on a 100*100 map and had almost a quarter when it became almost unplayable.
This is also when my game suddenly crashed hence the question where to send the crash report.
Savegame option stoped to work all of a sudden (that's why the 6 hours straight.. wanted to test).
Actually i just noticed the games did get saved but the confirmation is not shown game was hanging in menu screen had to resume game to get out.
Ok... saved game day 26 will not load... (taskmanager game is at 0% activity), waited 3 minutes.

Some thoughts.

* Jobroles, i would like to be able to prioritize the jobs.
I have for instance a cook who also takes care of the garden, it is an ideal combination.
But sometimes she gets stuck in the one job and neglects the other job (waits for crops while she can go on cooking).
So if i can prioritize the cooking i hope that will help.
There are several jobs who could be combined if you could priortize the jobs.
Or.. for the hauling, let player prioritize what resources to haul first.
Realy frustrating to see worker haul everything but the copper you need badly.. :)

Pathfinding when mining seems to be off...
When i set up a long row to be minded which can be apoached from 2 sides the miner goes to one side mines 2 blocks.. walks all the way to the other side (which is a long way) mines 2 blocks and goes back... this repeats untill the job is done.
Improtant note this goes for long single row mining job.
If you let him mine 2 block wide there is no problem.

It could be me but personaly i don't get how that is supposed to work.
I have tons of resources ready to be hauled but the workers just stand there doing nothing.
Then when i mine something close by they run towards the goods to mine them.

So far.. to easy.
Took me about 2 hours 2 research and build everything there is so far and have decent production going.
Clone device... onces build the clones can be created way to fast.
Don't even care about finding lost capsules cause cloning is so easy.
About the cloning...
Make cloning harder (at least twice as long maybe even longer).
My population is all female.
But... i clone male workers, this could be intended but this also makes it so easy and make me not care about the capsules.
Maybe make it that you can only clone what you have in the "team".

I don't know how building is programmed but it seems to be done total random.
Sometimes the workers build in order that i put up the blueprint.
Sometimes the workers build what is closest to them.
They seem to have most fun building floors. (Ow i have plenty of resources).
There is a nice deconstruct option.
But this only works for objects not for the floors.
If you want to remove floors you have to leftclick and select deconstruct for every single tile. If possible get this under the demolish option aswell? please :)
When in building menu and hovering over a construction option (example bedroom floor) it shows the icon and amount of resources it takes to build it, but specially for new players the icons are a big unknown.
If possible add the resource text with it so it is a bit more easy to see what you need?

When i can send the crashreport i will add screenshots with some graphical glitches if the developper wants them.
I also noticed that workers can occupy the same space (diner table sit and stand at same spot which makes both of them no longer selectable.

Gonna start a new game, will continue feedback here.

Keep it up.

Hey there.
Got the same issues.
Game freezes constantly.
I did notice that when a worker is stuck in place i can click on him/her "unload" the job roles and reasign them.
For me they got unstuck then.. important, reasigning after they get unstuck.
Have used this several times now.

Gonna start a thread with my findings so far thought i react to known "issue".