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Mercury Fallen

Sci-Fi Colony Management - Dig, Build and Explore · By Nitrous Butterfly


A topic by Nitrous Butterfly created Jun 30, 2017 Views: 360 Replies: 12
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Here are some of the features currently planned for Mercury Fallen. This is a general overview of many of the features and ideas I want to bring to the game. There is no current ETA on when a specific feature will be done as I'm trying to ensure a reasonable amount of thought goes in to new features. I'm also always open to ideas and suggestions so feel free to contact me here.

  • Surface map for creating and managing expeditions to points of interest on the planet surface
  • Colonist sickness and disease
  • Power generation requiring fuels
  • More game play related to colonist stress both in increasing and managing stress. 
  • More technology to recover
  • More control over cloning process and colonist traits
  • Human/Robot tech modules to boost various attributes
  • More resource types and crops
  • More food and meal options
  • More structures and decorative options
  • Hidden alien technologies

Aliens? :D


Yep.  Given it's on an alien world there are plans to interact with aliens on some level. The alien world aspect of the game is something I'm working to bring more to the forefront. 

the 02 genrater work

being able to save


Thanks for the feedback! Saving is a feature in the Alpha 0.03 version of the game. Game saves are not available in the pre-alpha demo.

Thank you

Will there be a Steam release at any point?


There are plans for a Steam release. I do not have a current timeline of exactly when that will happen, but I do plan to bring the game to Steam as well as GOG.com once it's further along. I also will be setting up migration keys so that users who have purchased the game on Itch.IO can get a key for the steam version when it becomes available.


What about a Linux release ?

I would certainly like to see that happen. Right now I'm working towards a Mac version. After that I'll be working towards a Linux version, but will need to bring on some Linux testers. I have no estimate on when a Linux version will be available at this time, but it's definitely something I would like to support.


I'd suggest making clones harder while giving the player some level of power over their abilities. The cloning chamber might be just a step in making a working member of the colony - you might need to "design" the brain in terms of abilities and memories, gamble on some "boost-to-ability X defects" risk scale, and similar.

Interaction with the surface would be cool too. Alien species with different traits would be utlra cool.

Thanks for the feedback and you're right on track. I definitely plan on more with cloning in regards to resource requirements as well as more options/control/limits over clone output. Surface expeditions is something I've planned from the beginning, but will take some time to get there. Alien interaction is definitely on the to-do list. Thanks again for the feedback and I'm always open to new ideas and suggestions. :)