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Fun game until you start missing your attacks 3, 4, 5 times in a row constantly and get killed right away.

Well I've never been too dumb for an otome game before lol. I don't know squat about chemistry, never actually took it (way too intimidating). The demo is super cute: I love the soundtrack, the bright colors, and the refreshingly angry answers the MC can give. Great job!

This was the cutest little adventure! I loved everything about it, and hope to see future projects from you guys some day! I especially loved Flora's freckles.

probably. **** like this is why I no longer support ANY crowdfunding.

The art looks like it came directly from a story book! Great job!

Someone needs to try and get a refund. If they can't get through to the creators, then hopefully we can go to someone on

Escape the room AND bara?! You are a balm on this woman's soul!