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yeah, we said any industrial revolution is fine :)

yes to both - but if you do non-digital you might find it harder to get people to playtest it. We have a discord which there's a link to on the opening page if you want to look for a team or find playtesters :)

fixed, i just copy-pasted the first form so i could grab the content quicker. thanks for the heads up.

no, if you make assets during the jam you don't have to post them.

thanks for the feedback. Yeah, @VinlandToVolga

Thanks; I'll pin this

go for it! 

No, unless the assets are made public online for anyone to use. The aim with asset rules is to stop asset exclusivity, so if you make your own assets and don't post them online it's pretty much the same as paid assets in how accessible they are

i don't decide what's on the vote. everyone just suggests things over the course of a month and then we vote on them

you'd make a game about that place during the 19th century - whatever events were going on. it's similar to, say, 19th Century New York.

no problem

Punjab is a place in India. 19th century Punjab would be about that place during the 19th century.

The art is mostly pretty solid - love the character and most is good, however the spikes don't look the best. The colour changing adds an interesting twist on a common concept, adding more puzzle elements. However, the music is pretty annoying. Overall, definitely something I enjoyed.

will do! thanks for the review

the only type of assets you can use are free ones, however you can choose to not use assets or use some assets and make some stuff yourself.

atmospheric yet i'd say a bit too hard and quite arbitrary - very unique tho

great! i'd reccomend providing some indicator of that, maybe mild feedback for a hit on the main ship with no actual damage done?

Loved the game! Very good on basically all fronts: the puzzles are more clever than in similar games, everything feels good and is very fluid, sound is great on every level and the art is really amazing. I experienced one very minor art related bug, but otherwise i find it quite hard to fault this game outside of its less than original idea (can't talk on that front, though)

I really like the idea and the art. It feels and looks really good and everything is very fluid. However, the collision didn't seem to properly work: bullets passed through me on more than one occasion. In addition, I was able to get through multiple waves of enemies by just sitting still. Maybe make the bullets less easy to hit or stop them tracking the player (if they do that at all)?

that's merely a colour indicator based on cultural norms, not actual game design imo

yeah, i fully understand why you did it. however, i feel like it kinda just removes skill - maybe also make the platforming tougher so that you'd have to restart over and over anyways? thanks for responding


Very nice art. However, i feel like the game is very static and, although interesting for a few minutes, the gameplay feels quite grindy imo

thanks, i'll definitely consider expanding the game after the jam as a lot of people seemed to really like it!

thanks! it's amazing how many games can be so different with the same basic idea at the core.

thanks for the review, the platforming was designed to feel hard as the game is oriented from a puzzle perspective as well as as a tough platformer. varied jumps, while, yes, improving on the fluidity of movement and making it feel nicer, reduced some of the challenge of the game. thanks for the feedback, probably should have considered some additional features regarding the jump.


thanks for the review! glad to see you enjoyed the game. I watched your twitch footage, very nice to see you enjoying the game!

A challenging yet enjoyable little game, art looks pretty good, sound stops after a while, other than that very solid

A very generic game, doesn't really fit the theme IMO.

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This game had a neat idea. However, it failed in my opinion due to the very floaty movement and the randomness of gameplay. It feels like there is no challenge and is rather just very tedious having to try levels over and over again. The art is okay. However, it feels like the character sprite is disconnected from the pixel art world. It would look really good if you picked one style and ran with it. Overall 3/5

Check out my profile, i've made a few for this jam. If you want to see something more professional, check out Europa Universalis 4, Crusader Kings 2, Victoria 2, Imperator Rome, Field of Battle II: Medieval or Hearts of Iron 4

the theme will be announced at the beginning of the jam, and you can vote on what you want it to be.

It's a historical text which tells us about greek myths. Greek myths are part of the greek religion. History isn't just things which happened, it's also the world of people in the past and how they saw it


whatever you want

there was only one final theme: Cold War

no problem

you can promote now.

getting ones over than 100 is wanted. the ideal way to get them is to focus on easy stories. ive been able to get one by turn 3. i might work on balancing and new features once the jam is done, thanks for the feedback