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i will give it a try 

There are typo's in the game, sorry for inconvenience

Amazing game!

Amazing game!

really good game what ever presented but lacks something  in it what i couldn't explain , but unique game

Check out the New Update Guyzz it's Live!

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The Last Samurai


you are a  Samurai who fought a War ,Lost Body Parts but Got replaced with Augments , You have good Reputation in Fights , General Commando Made a Clone of you and Miss Treating your Honor!, Can you Kill the Clone! And Can you Be the One!?  

Art Style : Cyberpunk 

Theme: One and Only!

1) Mirror AI - Copies every Move of the Original, AI is Immortal At Start! Find the Weakness then Kill the Clone

2)Semi Open World Vertical Level Design

3)intense Combat with Killing music

4)Breathtaking Visual's

5)Controlling Friendly (Better to player with a PS4 Controller)

please check out the latest build file of the game , Addressed  Many bugs and an Android build of the game! 


I will submit in the new update of the game  with tutorial only on 1 first level , bug fixes , in-game UI etc thanks for your valuable feedback !

can i submit updated build with assets , mechanics,bug fixes for the jam ? Cause I wanted to join this jam soo badly an other :/ 

I mean wow! all the assets and scripts in my game was made by me, I was preparing for this jam before a week , now i am working on bugs will be update with new build files , i mean what a jam.!...:/ Targeting people and removing their submission even though the work is made by them  

Tried to submit 2 or 3 times but it was removed can I know why?:/

thx for playing the game, hope you had fun playing it, these are the controls for the game 

press 1 when you have the gun(net runner or solo) to change the filter of the game

these are the controls of modes you played , i hope you retry the game again :)

Sword fighting controls

Press L(switch characters like Gta :) ) After you choose samurai in the menu

Sword combat can be best played with PS4 Joystick(Samurai) 


Controls for Hacker(Net runnerr) and Hitman (Solo)

W,A,S,D movement, Right click to zoom , In Zoom I,O,P, 1x ,4x,8x zoom

press X (on and off)to grapple mode 

press 1 to Add  retro a filter 

Left Click to shoot , V to Auto Target you bullets to enemies , press and hold( to tweak) C to use Slow mo potion, B to (change DPS only for guns)

for hacking(white glowing cubes which can be found in the city ) for netrunner

right click point your cursor toward the (glowing cubes) press left click to trigger a hack then press Q to open Cyberspace of particular building database


Cyberspace controls

w,a,s,d before you enter the database , mouse look to get in to one of the data point 

Space Bar to hack High rated Files(watch out for Antivirus attacks (don't be in range of Antivirus AI )before you hack files)


Ending of the demo happens when Successfully hacking any one of the cyberspace in the game

thx for playing my game, there are fps dips that will be reduced in coming updates of the game 

which mode you cant move the player?

Thanks for playing my game ,can you be more specific about it