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Version_3 for the game is ready with most of the bugs fixed, You can check out the build after GameJam if your interested guyss

The game impressed me I like the game 

Amazing Game!, i liked it

Played the game but I am kinda confused about what the hell is going on in the gameplay, and UI is not good because it was overlapping on other UI or so, maybe needs some improvement in gameplay for better understanding overall really good sound, decent game!

Version_3 for the game is ready with most of the bugs fixed, You can check out the build after GameJam if your interested

Have you played bugfix version , most of the minor bugs are addressed by the way thanks for the feedback  I will also checkout your game 

I will definitely update the game after your valuable feedback

I will surely check your game , thanks for the feedback

thank you for the valuable feedback I will further develop this game after jam as for the rules I can't update the game right now , yeah I know there is a bug that player doesn't turn some times but yeah I will try my best to fix the bug after the game jam once again thanks for the feedback

yes I will play your game

sure I will play your game

Puzzle Design is very well done , l liked the cute character and Art style , Overall Addicting puzzle game 

Cute and Addicting game

Nice game

Really cool game, like the art style , controls were smooth overall fun game

Decent game with really good art style 

I have completed your game by constructing the bridge, overall the art style is amazing , nice controls , theme well used for the game ,had fun playing it

Oh ok

Thanks for valuable feedback

Immersive Game , liked it

mechanic well used for the theme given

Amazing game liked the idea

game glitch out sometimes but fun Game 

Even though its difficult , liked the game , Smooth controls but some control placement is not good

Overall Liked the game play , Parkour with all abilities are Amazing in the game 

unique Plat former , i liked it 

Amazing game i have collected all the Stars,Ending was decent

Fun game, Liked the game

i like the art style of the game, overall really good game

Thank you

Cool game 👍

Thank you for feedback

liked the game idea , keep it up bro

Theme taken for the jam is out of reach and redo 

thank you for including it bro , I hope you enjoyed playing it

install version 1.1 for better experience on android

Moving red cubes are enemy in the game , static red cubes are collectables to progress in the game 

ran out of time 

Looks amazing

and red cubes are the enemy if you touch them then it's game over basically score becomes zero