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Hey Brian! Chuck here from the meetup. I was just trying Darkour again and found it to be a little tedious that you have to "Press A to Retake" and then "Press A to Commence Testing" again every time you die. For someone who dies a lot, like me, this is pretty disruptive to the fluidity of the game. Rather than say "Press A To Commence Testing", I think you should show the title/level identifier of each new level once (when you first enter it) and then fade that out after a second or two. And then, whenever the player dies, just fade the screen to black (or your bg gray color), restart the level, then fade back in (also over the course of 1-2 seconds). Just my two cents, but I think this would make the experience a bit smoother and more enjoyable overall... At least for players who can't ace the game in 10 minutes ;) 

Also, I found the cause of that exploit you discovered. It was just an old piece of code I forgot to remove so it was an easy fix (at least it appears that way for now). Super important though so thank you again for your assistance! 

Lol that was fun. Who would have though cubes could be so scary

I wasn't able to play. Just show a blue screen and played the music. If I hit A or D the camera would pan around but I couldn't see any characters :(

Was pretty fun and challenging. Only problem was I would get lost in space and never be able to find the sun or any asteroids. Maybe a mini map or some kind of gravitational pull (to the sun) would be helpful. Nice job though!

I had the same problem with the super fast ships, but the aesthetic was nice!