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TEXT community · Created a new topic Rating Starts Soon!

As of writing, rating will start in approx. 21 hours from now. Get your submissions in before the deadline!

Confusing story, but very well done!

Beautiful. It is very advanced for just simple batch scripting, so well done!

Yes. ASCII art is allowed

Haha, my mistake... I was going to make it strictly rpg only, but i decided to expand the rules a bit

Yes, just don't to too much of it, otherwise it will seem too graphical


Yes. that's fine. as long as the bulk of the game is built in the jam

If you want to share your source code, go ahead! If you don't want to, then just share the executable. It's completely up to you!

well if its text then its fine

You are a allowed audio, just no graphics. I will update the rules

As to your first question, no, the entire game (including menus, credits, instructions, etc) has to be text only.

Yes, if you have the skills and time to, please do go ahead and create artistic thumbnails and banners for it!

You can use existing code as a base, but not a half-completed game

Thanks I'm looking forward to it as well! its the first jam that ive hosted

Yeah, as long as you can type with it like text, its fine

It depends on what you intend the create!!!

What it lacks is a soundtrack. Otherwise I think it would make quite a fun little game

Thank-you for your support. I am currently working on fixing the blue and silver cars.

Would it be easy to change what assets it uses to generate the city?

Please tell me if you find any bugs or things that feel like they shouldn't be there.

It crashes as soon as i click the mouse

Thank you

Thank-you for the critical comment. I will keep what you say in mind for my next game. This was my first made in unity.

This is good! The user interface looks very polished.

Thanks for the suggestions. This was actually my first game made in unity.

Good but the controls are weird. I would suggest using the space bar for the shoot button.

The artwork and mechanics are beautiful.