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Grazie di cuore ♥ sono felice che ti sia piaciuto

I'm so glad you loved my game dear! Thank you ♥

Ciao Karim, ho appena finito il primo atto e trovo che la trama sia molto intrigante e interessante. Spero che deciderai di farlo anche in italiano, in modo tale da attirare anche molti altri fan del genere. A parte qualche piccolo problemino con i quadri e i suoni leggermente in ritardo, ti posso dire che stai facendo un buon lavoro e ti auguro un grande in bocca al lupo per la continuazione del tuo titolo!

I'm glad!

Thanks a lot! ♥

Thank you! It means a lot to me, I can't wait to play your games as well

Thanks anyway for trying it 

Hi! Thanks for the video and for the suggestions, I appreciate them ^^

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Thank youuu~

Thanks a lot! <3

Thank you guys! I really appreciate it :)

Thanks for the video!

If you examine all the mirrors, you'll see that there are some symbols that are connected with numbers . You have to use them to open the door :3. Let me know if you need further help~

Thank you so much! 

Thanks a lot!

Thank you! 

Don't worry! If you get stuck again, here's the full walkthrough :3

I'm glad you guys liked it!

You have to use the first key with the locker ^^

Thanks for the video! It's meant to be like that at the beginning :P

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I'm playing the game and so far I really like it! There's this phrase that you forgot to translate in English

Thanks for the offer, but there's no need for that ^^


Plot: In the small hamlet of Elkedor lives the Baker family, isolated and almost ''inexistent'' for the townsfolk. Arold, family man and lawyer with no fame, enters in a difficult time of his life between alcholism and a falling apart marriage. His days began getting filled by drinking more and more, while his wife and their two children, Sarah and Thomas, started to get detached and cold. One night the two went missing. Desperate at the thought of losing them he decided to investigate until, thanks to clues found in the house, succeeds finding a hidden passage. Lies, compulsions and hatred are the summary of what underlies in the ambitious Baker family.

The full game features: Blood | Alcohol Use | Disturbing Elements
Multiple Endings (True Ending - Neutral Ending - Bad Ending
1-2 Hours of Gameplay



This episode was awesome like the first one! 

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I suggest you to try my psychological horror game EMPTY HEAD. You'll not regret it! 

Thank you! The music I used was made by my composer and some of them were also free resource. You don't have to worry about the copyright :)

I can understand, however I tried to focus more on the story ^^

Of course! :3

Thank you!

Thanks sweetie!

Thank you!! You are so kind

I really enjoyed this game!

Amazing game!

Thanks a lot for your gameplay! ♥

I've found 4 effects so far, I think Sleepless is very relaxing and enjoyable! I also really liked the music

I'm gonna download it and let you know what I think! It already looks great from the screenshots :3

This was a really nice game, good job :3