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Yes!!! Fairies!!! Creepy! Dress Up! Yess!!!

hey, I make videos about cute games and saw that your game was part of the steam shmup fest. Would it be possible to interview you for my youtube channel? 

wow! thanks for playing!

Splatoon 4 Leaked!

Seriously though, super fun game! love the art.

great take on tower defense! I like the mix of weapons that you build on the spot and some that you wield.

there's something really interesting going on in having to plan several steps ahead to lay tiles.  fun puzzle, but a little tricky because I couldn't see all the pieces in the window.

there's something really interesting going on in having to plan several steps ahead to lay tiles.  fun puzzle, but a little tricky because I couldn't see all the pieces in the window.

Really great storytelling in such a short time.

What cute little snails!

Just published (with like, an hour and a half to go)! I am really happy I got to submit something, but I am too tired to describe all the work I did; I'm going to write a postmortem tomorrow. Congrats to everyone who also submitted, very looking forward to playing y'all's game!

Workin' Under The Hood

Wow, what a day! I spent the morning starting to build a furniture object, and then I hopped in the car with a friend of mine to go to a local pinball convention (I totally forgot I bought tickets like a month ago). I had a lot of fun but I was worried that I'd have less time to work on my game. During lunch I was able to grab a notebook and quickly block out each level, so progress still happened while I was out having fun. As a quick adjustment, I decided to drop the puzzle levels from 5 to 3; hopefully this will still come off as a complete game experience!

after the pinball convention and a quick power nap, I finished the basic mechanics of my game. Mice now can identify if their friends, enemies, and all their furniture are in the same room with them and have a mood depending on how those factors turn out. This was definitely the most finicky part to figure out. I still have quite a bit of programming ahead of me before I get to the art (which is my strong suit) but it's more about building out the levels at this stage. The screenshot above doesn't look like much compared to yesterday but there is so much more work that I did under the hood!

the last thing I did this evening was set up the game rooms for tomorrow. I have a rudimentary start screen, and a game manager who will check the status of all the dormice and trigger an end event when they are all in a room and happy. First thing I'm going to do tomorrow is finish the manager, then build, build build!

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I've got to hit the hay, but here's what I accomplished this evening (not bad for like 3 hours work!)


Because so much of the game relies on grid placement, I built a small prototype to make sure I can get that to work. I am happy with it so far!

Apparently there's a cool way you can do grid placement using ds_grids, but since I didn't have time to learn how they work I did some simple janky math to get the dormouse to align with a grid any time it was picked up or dropped.(I am referring to the mice as dormice so that they are easy to differentiate between the actual desktop mouse, both here and in my code because I know I will get them mixed up otherwise!)

The dormouse can also check what it is being dropped on, so two objects can't be dropped on top of eachother.

The last thing I'm going to do tonight is bang out my to-do list for the next 48 hours, which is now in the top post. Tomorrow I'm going to a pinball convention with a friend, so I'll have even LESS time to work on this thing! hope I can finish it in time!

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Exciting stuff! This is my upcoming entry to the Sondering Emily x Juliestrator Jam, my first Game Jam here on in some time. While my goal is primarily to make and finish a game, I'm also trying to use this opportunity to force myself to post more devlogs, something I'm notorious for neglecting. This will eventually be crossposted to the game page when it is published!


The theme of the game is "home", and I decided to run with the first concept that came to me since it's such a short jam; basically it will be a logic puzzle game where you drop little dormice families into empty houses. You have to place each dormouse into a room with their stuff, and most dormice will be sharing a room, so you have to place them with family members they can tolerate.  I based this idea on my personal experience with the idea of "home"; for most of my life I've had to cohabitate with strangers, and negotiating that can be tricky. Originally it was going to be about placing mice in a dorm, but I was worried that wouldn't fit the theme. So now it's just a big family of mice in one house!

22 Hours To Go...

  • ✅come up with concept
  • ✅build basic prototype
  • ✅get working mouse object
  • ✅get working furniture object
  • ✅have mice express opinions (missing stuff, unhappy with roommate, happy with room)
  • ✅concept out 3 levels
  • 🐭get prototype of level 1 working
  • 🐭build out 3 levels
  • 🐭have finished level transition into next
  • 🐭start screen
  • 🐭end screen
  • 🐭music/sounds
  • 🐭pixel art of everything
  • 🐭quick bug test
  • 🐭quick polish pass

Hey, don't know if this helps (or for anyone else who might read it), but once you output the script, create a script in gamemaker and paste the text there. (the whole script is basically a big function). then, in the create event of the object you want to apply the script to, call the function you've created. Hope this helps!

fun game, but sometimes it wouldn't take my inputs; not sure if its my computer or the game.

This is why I'll always shop and put my stuff on first. Love how supportive this platform is of creators💖

is there any way to copy nodes from one system to another?

Sorry this reply is so late, but thanks for playing the game!

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Salty wrote the cheeky message, but I wrote the game, and I'm happy to offer some insight. Since Todd isn't a member of the club, I wanted to include him as much as possible in other ways. I'm sorry it annoyed you. 

As for that particular option, you can ask Todd about romancing him, romancing other people, or say nothing. The "coward" comment was for someone who chose to do nothing, not for people who didn't want to romance Todd. Hope that helps clear up any confusion!

Thanks for playing! Yep, the open ended ending is the "romantic" one. there are only two real endings to the game, based on your last choice, and one alternate earlier on.

Thanks for playing, cicadaconference, especially for braving the game for multiple playthroughs. I don't know if I'll ever make a visual novel again, but the feedback we get has already taught me a lot.

He's pretty sure something else is causing the error; can you email cutegamesclub@gmail and describe exactly what steps you're taking?

hello, can you shoot me an email at I have a patch to send you for this error

Alphine Bird, thanks so much for waiting for this to release (it is finally up now!) and playing the demo. Please let use know if you run into any bugs and we will do what we can to help.

I'm going to send this to my programmer. Hang tight!

Hi Rotten. the game is up now, so there must be some other reason this is happening. can you describe in detail what steps you are going through?

Hey Rainbro, I have a patch for this now. send me an email at and I will give it to you. Thanks for waiting.

hey thanks for telling us about this. We are patching the game now and will fix this soon. What choice did you select?

Hey Rotten. I took the game down temporarily today to patch it. It will be back soon!


thank you so much! let me know if you encounter any bugs or need assistance at any point

yes you can send an email to or comment here. Thank you for playing!

Hey thanks so much for playing! This was the first visual novel I made and I unfortunately had a poor grasp of many of the genre's conventions. The features you asked for are not included. However you can adjust the text speed in the options to read through your second playthrough a little faster; hope that helps.

as for the bug you mentioned, We have encountered it before and can send you a fix. Let me know what chapter you were in and roughly what was being said at and we'll take care of it. Thank you again!

Had a ton of fun making a zine and learning all the weird quirks--only had one problem. My boyfriend is a beautiful holographic cactus sticker, and he was really mad that there wasn't any sticker representation in the game and I agree.

to call the game: "The Hand Of Fate"

The game looks dope though! Huge sokpop fan <3

what an excellent game jam entry! It was really hard for me but I still played for a good long while. I would love to see this become a full game; there's so much possibility in the mechanics.

please let me know when you finish it, I would love to play it <3

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The game is so cute! I made some fanart.

I hope you finish it, look forward to playing more.

cute game, simple and brilliant premise! Best five minutes I spent today 💖💖💖

I can’t believe this game was made for a jam. It’s rad!

I have made a visual novel and I included a couple of typefaces players can choose from for legibility (I include some Dyslexic-friendly ones).

It would be kind of interesting to create a set of fonts from the same legible typeface that denotes some kind of emotion? This for me was the biggest challenge as a VN writer, because we're trying to squeeze as much life from words as we can. So for example, I'd add screenshake when a character was shouting, or add a sound effect when a character was sighing.

It would be cool to have the letters themselves add more character to the text, though. Like if an NPC is sad, the characters sag a little bit, or if a they're angry, the font's serifs all get pointy and jagged. It was something I thought about while making the game, but ultimately didn't have the resources to execute. I hope that's a helpful pitch!