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I loved it! Poor owl friend needs a raise.

I've been working on the game for about 2 months now, and the story is mostly planned out, just need to add some details. I agree, games don't always have to give you a fun feeling (The Hello Charlotte series stands as one of my biggest inspirations, which just tries to make the player feel bad on every possible occasion), though I try to sprinkle in some moodlifting moments here and there.

Hi there! Thank you so much for playing my game. I'll see what I can do about Tom's hitbox!

DDLC is one of my favourite games :)

Stay Determined!

A wonderful game with a great sense of humor! The characters are all very charming, I can't wait to play the full release

Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yes, the Desaturated end is one of the minor ones.

I'm grateful for the offer, but I'll have to decline. The game is in a finished state and I don't intend to add anything in the foreseeable future. Thank you for understaning.

Kind regards,


Yes, it was


Sorry for responding so late. Do you have someplace we can get in contact (email)? I'll gladly authorize you to do it. I assume I need to send the game files?

Kind regards,


If I had to sum up my reaction to this game, it would probably be keyboard smashing, which I will spare you from. This was great!! The characters are all interesting and unique, and the humor was delightful.

This is a great game! I'm usually not into romance games unironically, but this one blew me away. The worldbuilding is where this game shines, and the story makes great use of the things established to form unique bonds between the characters. I think the best point this game makes is that looks don't matter. The world felt weird and unsettling at first, but the more I got to know the residents of the city, the more I fell in love with it. Even though much of the story feels like wish fulfillment, I can't say it bothered me. It never took away from the characters' personalities, and the protagonist didn't have a "plot black hole effect" that so many visual novel protagonists tend to have. Everyone was very wholesome and it's a really good game for when you just want to wrap up in a blanket with a cup of tea and get the feels.

(also, I'm glad I turned on mature content! The scenes felt really sweet, and weren't as graphic as I expected them to be)

I don't like to judge a game by it's visuals, because the story is what primarily matters to me, but I have to say, the art was absolutely stunning. The character designs were all interesting and different, and the background art was amazing.

Yiestol's route is definetely my favourite, second is Nyargh's (and the message about prejudice is great with this one! also, fuzzy bee bois), and last is Brattan (his route was fun, but I always had a feeling of "okay, I guess??" going through it. I think his personality just isn't my type)

I recommend it 100%, great work!

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Email is good for me. My address is [removed] . I just want to talk to you about your previous work and if I need to help you with anything.

Edit: I'm sorry, you haven't responded in 3 days, so I deleted my email information - I don't like it being public. If you don't need my help with your translation, you can do it, you have my permission. Just credit me, and link back to my itch and twitter page.

Hello! I'm back from vacation. Can I get in contact with you anywhere? My Twitter is @Curseonosphere

Hello! I'm currently on holiday and I don't have my computer nor a stable internet connection, but when I get home I'll contact you and we can discuss this.

I'll try to make this as spoiler-free as possible, but for those who want to avoid those, just skip this comment.

- Make Phoebe climb the right fence, and then succeed in Newt's minigame.

Thank you so much! I never thought my game would get so much attention. I really appreciate it!

Thank you for your kind words! I'll definetely keep trying my best!