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Hi there, I just wanted to give you an update regarding linux support. Ive now added a dedicated build for linux, so please check out the download page and select the (linux) version. I have zero experience porting to linux, so please let me know if there are any issues. 


Hi there, thanks for the question, and thanks for being the first mac user to show interest in my game! Ive now added a dedicated build for mac, so please check out the download page and select the (mac) version. I have zero experience porting to mac, so please let me know if there are any issues. 

Thanks again!

Bathroom mirror key cannot be picked up - a decision i now lament. It will be changed asap.

No way to look under the bed - another loose end i didnt think would ever be an issue. It will be changed asap.

Regarding the calls, the game is currently set to loop once youve completed all of the currently active puzzles. I think i need to add a final phone call to provide a more definitive ending to the demo.

Regarding dropping items, the safe is designed for the purpose you mentioned. I didnt expect it to be required or desired for the demo, but i think i was wrong on that. Its on my todo list.

Stress currently affects a number of difficulty metrics, as well as how often a "spook" is triggered in the game. It also affects the player's response time window when looking directly at spooks. Ive coded the mechanic to be easily readable, so going forward it will affect things like dialog trees, interaction options, etc etc.

Thank you so much for the interest!

I agree with everything you said. Some of the issues you had were intentional design decisions, some were bugs that i simply didnt get round to fixing. Its important that i address all of these issues though, and i will try to solve them going forward. Thank you for your time and your feedback!

Haha thats very kind of you to say, thank you very much! Talent had nothing to do with it, i promise you! Just give it time and dedication, and nothing can stop you! Regarding the art style of the game, if youre looking for technical guidance, i recommend checking out the HauntedPS1 discord or twitter page. They share tons of great resources to get started, both in this art style, and in coding in general. 

Thanks again!

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback!

Many thanks for the donation! I didnt plan for those at all, but i guess at least now i have an opportunity to learn how that aspect of the business works. 

Regarding the controls, yeah i can kinda agree to be honest. A lot of inspiration regarding control schemes was drawn from the limitations of the PS1 as well as those clunky point & click adventures. For me, those games triggered a kind of frustration, which i wanted to somewhat intentionally express through the control schemes in the game. I think overall i missed the mark a little and ended up hindering the experience. I definitely agree that some tweaking is needed. If you have any input on that issue, id much appreciate it!

Thanks again!

Thank you for your time! Did you have any overall comments or pieces of advice?

*shrug* Okay. To be honest i have no experience with Linux, and expected Unity's builder to solve these kinds of compatibility issues. I'll look into Linux specific build options and get back to you when im a little more knowledgeable.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you so much for the feedback! I think I have some work to do in order to polish the demo (like maybe putting an ending in...), but I really appreciate you taking the time to play and comment! I've made notes based on your feedback and will be sure to implement some changes to the game going forward.

Thanks again!