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this current version on itch has passthrough features.  You should see a toggle option in loading screen. Make sure you've set quest in experimental mode. 

hey, this info is outdated, sorry! 

CHM uses the new passthrough Api now, not this hack.

Basically, you still need to set your quest to "experimental mode". There is an option/toggle for this in the sidequest settings.

sorry for late reply here, did you not get included in the mailout?

yes indeed! why wouldn't it work?

Hi, yes! I'll be emailing people this week with info about getting a key.

Hi, sorry, I've been meaning to rework some of this. 

In theory, it will save and exit Wall mode when you complete the circuit . Now, unfortunately there's a lot that can go wrong, and the system isn't realizing you've completed your walls, and you're stuck with no way out. I feel shame when I think of you standing in your apartment , with your new layout complete, unable to proceed. 

I'm trying to find time to get like 3 hours this week to make a new build, it's easy for me to just add another menu button as an override to force the completion state. I'm a circus performer as my main career and this week is really crazy with rehearsals for a new production. Normally I could have just added this feature as soon as I saw your comment, but it might have to wait another day or two. 

No problem! Cross your fingers.. the new AR features should be releasing soon and i'll be implementing a lot of quickly. next update should be a big one!

You bet! I've been waiting for this for a long time. There was a few months where the AR hack was working and did a lot of the basic implementing. Once I figure out how to actually use this function, I will update. Expect something within a few weeks. 

yay! Seems to work for me 20% of the time.

yeah. (Caught red handed, am working on two new minigames this week)

Im a solo dev. Technically, im a circus performer of 20 years with no background in programming/video games. Im in way, way over my head here. 

The project has grown quite a bit since i launchef v1 6months ago, resulting in the current mess of prototype ideas and concepts. Its far, far from a finished package and as i add more, the finish deadline moves further away.  Same problem with my other (big ambitious) game Space Pilot Alliance. 

I hear you. Im nearing the end of my old roadmap, and theres a change in focus to polishing, refining and ultimately cutting out a lot of content. This project has seen an unexpected amount of support and i'm talking with a few junior devs about contracting some work (ui, asset creation). 

I didnt launch this game with a home builder tool. I didnt even think about it at first, i was focused on games. A user on reddit asked if i could add one in, so i threw together the current catridge in about 2 week, and havent updated it much since (except for adding all the co-op features, you can invite a guest and they can create/edit objects in your space)

So yes, given that the home building tool is probably the core feature of the program now, it certainly deserves more love. I'll prioritize it, and hopefully have a small team to work with going forward. 

What do you want to see fixed/added? In a lot of ways, this entire program is being created in response to users who just tell me what to do. I love meeting up inside virtual apartments and discussing/getting feedback.. So let me know if you want to schedule a time, otherwise maybe send an email with more feedback if you have time. 

All that said, thanks for support :) 

hey, thanks! A lot to say, but im on mobile st the moment...

I posted a roadmap a few months back, and am getting close to caught up with that. Im doing a new tower defense prototype and a god game prototype, otherwise working on multiplayer and cleaning up issues with older games. Am very open to suggestions for new directions. 

Youll find some basic tables/couch/chair models in the home builder. I plan to double the amount of stuff, so let me know specifically what youre missing. I wanna keep it multiplayer-friendly, so custom user uploaded objects isnt workable right now.  The goal is a smartphone flatscreen app for "visitors" to also join you inside your space.

Im tinkering with a web browser that works inside the program, you can put wherever you want. This might interesting.  

hmm.... I'm not sure what to say, all this is really new to me as well and its only been a few days since discovery.  I suspect they may patch out this "feature" but id be surprised if its gone already... 

If anybody else cant do it, please post here! 

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Check it out, much easier setup process now.

Hi Steven!

Most users use Sidequest as the tool to install .apk files to their quest. I would recommend it, the setup steps are clear once you install the pc application.

If you have any other issues let me know, I'll help. Sorry it took me a couple days to respond.

Hi everyone. 

I plan to summarize this info in another post, and include it in the SETUP AND DOCUMENTATION guide soon.  But for now, I just want to get the information out there, quickly, so more users can have a better experience.

Tl;Dr: The Quest is building its own 'map' of your home, and uses this for alignment. This mapping profile 'learns' and takes in more data about the environment as you move through your space.  You can train it so it understands connected rooms, doorways, and larger spaces.

So, I realized this only yesterday. I had an unusually bright day here in Vancouver, and my Quest didn't pick up on the normal guardian/prompted me to create a new one. Ok.  Created it, set floor, and disabled the Guardian.

This is considered a 'fresh' start. The quest only knows about this room i've started in, and is now 'mapping' a series of points that it is seeing through the camera. It uses all these visual point markers to determine my location in space. The important point: The map doesn't have any information about the stuff in my hallway, or anything through the doorway to my bedroom. As I move through these areas, the quest is constantly adding new markers to its point of reference and updating its own 'map'/understanding the spatial relationship between all the visual markers in my house.

Now, if I step through a doorway into a room that I've never used the quest in before, the quest will be flooded with a tonne of new points/markers to add to its mapping profile, and it tries to do this very quickly. At the same time, the part of the quest software that determines where to put you in 3d space might freak out,  there is a threshold where, if it is suddenly presented with like 75%new visual information and cant see anything from the area that it had previously 'mapped out',  it may suddenly reset your tracking and shift you to a random position in the world (basically, it tries to start this whole 'mapping' process over again, thinking you are in a new home now, and places you in the center of it)

Here's the thing though, this this was the big realization from yesterday. If I step back into my living room (where I started, and where the quest already built a 'map') and then I stand still for a second, the quest will usually recognize the room, snap back to the 'proper' orientation and re-load the 'map' information that it has stored about this particular setup. This includes the flood of new markers that were added inside the bedroom/through the doorframe, just before tracking failed. So, now I can walk through the doorframe, and the quest already knows what markers to look for once I am through the doorway.  No tracking problems.

The tracking only fails once. As long as you can reset back to your 'good' tracking profile, it will usually learn from its mistakes and allow your access to the new area the second time you try.

That's my theory. at least.

So, obviously this is a kick in the face for new users, as they are boldly venturing out trying to map new rooms that they have never tried to play in before, and are going to get the 'tracking failed/I'm lost' error the first time. It's already complicated enough without passthrough camera. I'm trying to figure out what the best option is, am thinking that it would be very helpful to just 'take off your quest while it's running in the home environment, and just walk from room to room first, let the oculus software build a good tracking profile before you even launch the app.

I also need to understand more about what causes the Quest to 'forget' the space VS remember the mapping profile and keep adding on to the same thing. Seems it happened randomly to me because of brightness, and just resetting the guardian boundary/turning guardian on/off isn't enough to actually reset the tracking profile/map that it creates.

Shrug. I think, ultimately, this info will REALLY help new users, and maybe other users who felt that a certain room 'just doesn't work' because they tried to map it once. and it failed. Try again. System is learning.

March9, updated Visitor app to v3

hey, not really, not yet. 

Im working on a web browser integration, so youll be able to pull your own images into your "home", but it isnt ready yet. 

facebook is gonna launch their AR glasses this year, and i think we will see an explosion of this kinda stuff.  Exciting times! 

hey thanks. 

Right now, custom home mapper works by telling a user to turn off the guardian, and then they setup their own larger, more advanced playspace. Ive seen users with 1500sqft apartments mapped out 

You need dev mode enabled if you want to turn the guardian off.  Most applab users are not able to turn it off.

I'm tempted to release something called "Custom ROOM Mapper, basically a version of the program designed for single rooms (so you can draw a big guardian, and make a playspace within that zone) and it would allow me to release on PCVR as well. 


Im hesitant to build all the interactions/control methods , certainly the games wouldnt really be playable, but i agree that it would be awesome.  Moving in your home, using your hands naturally.. I want this. Ive been having "guests" over to my virtual apartment, and i often make a cup of tea and chat. Controller just gets in the way, i dont use it all all (since locomotion is natural)

I guess its possible to switch in and out from using controllers/hands, right? If i can figure that out, then it should be easy. But there is no guardian, so no way of telling oculus "ok ive put the controllers outside of my playspace, please switch to hand tracking".. Unless i can make a toggle buttun in settings. 

I'll see what i can do next week. Cross your fingers.

Hold down the oculus button to recenter. It should put the start button within reach 

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wait, what? Really? 

Sorry i missed this, forum isnt too active. Can you re-install? Gonna load up the recent build and see what might cause it, but im scratching my head. Quest2 or 1? Edit: latest update seems fine, all menu is accessible.

hey again. 

If you are talking about the home builder part of the app, theres a bug that is causing the floors to spawn at random rotations, leaving different gaps each time you load in. Ive been patching it with extra floor tiles, but am gonna look into the root of the issue today and stop the random-ness. 

hi, two options. 

Hold down left thumbstick during the "we need to load your anchor" screen, or push the "hard reset" button in the options menu. 

I'll be online, am looking to get a small group of 3-8 people so i can capture a few short video clips, gonna make a little video showing off the multiplayer features.

I'll be online in about 3 hours, just join my room at 1pm PST (I'm likely to be the only host at the time, otherwise i'll post a room code) and we can have a chat, will take about 10minutes.


<im also online now, and will be for most of the day. stop by anytime, I'll get a notification and will put the headset on to say hi>

Jan17 - updated, link changed in the post.

Fixed problem where the keypad input buttons just didn't work. User should now be able to join a game using the 4 digit ID # that the host is given.

sorry been doing multiplayer. 

thanks for the tip about 60hz!

With this new networking stuff, ive made it so we can share our setup and others can load into your spaces. I dont see why i cant use the same kind of system to make a bunch of save slots. Will look into it. 

Hey, if anyone wants to meet up, I'm keen to see how the new multiplayer system holds up in real life.

send an email: and i'll hop in and join you, whenever you like!

Its gonna be a few days of tiny hands, choppy voice chat and other unpleasant-ness... but the potential for awesomeness is bigger than the current flaws. Cant want to play some 3 player SNAKE in my house.

Update on this. Fingers crossed, I think i've got a working voice chat now, hence the delay. shooting for tomorrow release, if tonight's tests go well

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hey wow. 

I like this post, it's a kick in the ass.  Agreed all around. Theres are too many neglected areas, its due for an overhaul, ive been busy with backend/multiplayer and the last month of updates havent addressed many of these issues. 

I can sort out some of the issues you are having within the next week. Other issues are gonna take longer.  I would like very much to arrange a time to meet with you, in app, so you can really unleash more critique, its really more valuable to me than further $$ support. 

Appreciated. You've gone deep, and are really seeing the potential of this app.  I am making notes, furiously. 

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I wouldn't say it's impossible. The mapping process has to be done once, set an anchor and then you shouldn't have to stumble around blindly anymore.  Honestly though, you can just rest the headset on top of your head, just use the haptic feedback to mark corners. Maybe i'll tweak haptic values to give a better sense of what action you're doing, but as long as the headset is following you and tracking the controller positions, its possible to do setup without looking in VR.

Its weird that Oculus has gone as far as to disable passthrough visuals entirely while the guardian is off. That double-tap shortcut would be a big assist. They have mentioned the possibility of opening it up in the future to devs like me, and that will allow me to make the setup into what it 'should' be.

You know how the guardian system can already do the 'show red dots when it detects an object might be in your playspace'? Well, that's the stuff right there. You could just build the basic geometry of a space by walking around in it. Its all there, just locked away from me. Kinda frustrating. Buuuuut, like i said, its worth it to stumble through the setup, as is. You can adjust wall positions, add in new areas later on, start with a small space, one room or two, and then find an anchor that works.. build out from there in later sessions.

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Hi Drac, Two different things happening here. Since you've already paid, the 'buy now' button should technically read as 'update now' (if you aren't on 2.4 already) Try clicking on it, and click on the 'i've already paid for this' option.... you should always be able to access the newest build, even if the price goes up in the future/if it moves to other platforms like steam.

I dunno if it'll help with the other problem though.

I'm sorry to leave you hanging on that support issue. Sounds like a tracking issue, I think the problem should still happen outside of my mapper / if you just are in oculus home with the guardian off. There are issues with firmware v23 that have made tracking worse, but the quest should still be really flexible in a huge variety of environments, so i'm not exactly sure what the problem might be.  'minimalist' design (no details on walls, no objects in rooms, system looks for visual contrast points to establish tracking, and jumps around if it can't find enough info) mirrors, low lighting, intense bright lighting, these can all create new problems.

I would love to see a picture of the space you are trying to track. there are a few other tests we can do to establish where/why tracking issues might be happening. Can you email at 

Thanks for the 'bump

yes, the purchase is tied to your account. Even if price goes up, you will always be able to download the updates. 

Software is only a few months old.. Plenty of updates to come. Thanks :) 

Hi GeekyTime.

So, there's a bunch of issues happening all at once. I have noticed a significant change in tracking quality since firmware v23 hit.

A really good base test is just to load a default oculus home environment, disable the guardian, and just walk around carefully to see if/where tracking falls apart. Up until two weeks ago, the only problematic areas of my own apartment were dark rooms, and near large mirrors... but i've been noticing new issues recently, nothing game-breaking for me, but the tracking will jump to a slightly of a different position, usually snapping back to the correct alignment once i take a step out of the problematic area.

Its frustrating because this device was SOLID up until the recent firmware.  Not only tracking, i have frame skips and other issues across almost all apps right now. So, fingers crossed, we can just wait until Oculus fixes a few issues on their end. Your device should be able to track reliably in a wide range of different rooms setups, lighting setups, and right now it isn't functioning as well as it should. Open gymnasiums, large outdoor fields, rooms with huge windows.. none of this should be causing problems. The open floor plan layout might be the real issue. For my understanding of how the quest tracks, its looks for points of contrast, edges and other visual markers when figuring out its alignment.  I had to help another user who had a problem similar to yours, her issue was a single wall in her living room (plain white, large wall with no details/pictures/decoration) would cause tracking to freak out when she was standing right on front of it.  Ultimately, she ended up just mapping a layout that didn't include this area near the wall, but still included most of the living area and a few connected rooms.

So, I'm assuming your problem is similar to hers, but because your place is even more 'open', there's a bunch of different areas where the cameras dont have enough visual info to get good tracking data. If you do the tests without loading into my app, i wanna know if you can always identify the same areas the give you trouble?

You've said you tried the app setup in smaller areas.. is this still within the open floor plan environment? Do you have a normal playspace that you use for playing games, and does the app setup work if you just create a single room mapped in that area? Trying to figure out if it is (a) something different about your space, (b) something different about your hardware, or (c) something about the recent firmware. Sounds like a combo of A and C.

I wonder, if you want to test a really hacky 'fix', could you just make a bit of a mess? Like, clutter up your open floor plan space with a few 'things' in the corners, on table surfaces, just anything to add more visual contrast points in different parts, does this affect the tracking quality? If you do this in a single room, just put stuff in the corners and along the edges of the wall, can you convert it into a 'trackable' space?

We can discuss further, and it would probably help to see a quick photo of the space... so email me at and we'll go from there. 

Sorry you're having so much trouble, REALLY REALLY hope i can get you past this hurdle and you can experience the neat stuff that i've got going on in there.

Hi man! So I'm trying a few different floor fixes, basically the oculus software tends to forget where the floor is, and you cant reset it until you turn guardian back on. So one fix is to turn guardian on, set floor, turn off, then start the app.

For your second question, this miniature view is intentional. The system should be prompting you to re-align with the anchor points. So you might have to push down on the right thumbstick, and then place the controllers down on the floor / whatever position you chose in the setup.

Hope that makes sense! Have fun with all the stuff in there!

No, been working on multiplayer,  havent had an update in over a week. Hang tight! Not sure why sidequest is showing a notification... 

agreed. Oculus doesn't allow devs to access it, otherwise I'd implement it. 

Closest thing is making a normal oculus guardian , just a foot inside the wall barrier, and then do the setup with the guardian on. When you get close to a wall, it activates passthrough but you can still see the game as well. It's not ideal, game falls apart if you step too far into passthrough, but might help with a tricky setup. 

I'm working on a best practices guide, will post this weekend.  Even if you can get a rough setup/anchor in place at first, it becomes easier to edit walls/add new sections later on. 

Oculus has hinted that they may allow devs to access passthrough feeds in the future. I dunno if I'm "important" enough to hassle them, but I'll try.  A mixed mode would just be ideal. 

it won't work. All the house layout info is stored as a string value, and is decompiled on load. This is all setup so multiplayer users will easily be able to send the layout to guests. 

Just.. wait. Ive been looking into how unity handles creation of .obj files, and it seems like something I can implement . I'll put a bit higher priority on the to do list, totally understood why you'd want to be able to export. 

Hey, can you explain a bit more, what are you trying to do? 

I don't support importing/exporting your own objs, though i am working on an export function in a future update. 

You want to include an object you made yourself along with the builder collection objects (like, the prefab tables and couches) ?