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are you in developer mode? 

Might be easier to email me. 

Hey, hi! 

Can you email me at I'm happy to help. 

You need to use sidequest to install the program to your quest, then it will show up in unknown sources. 

hey, yikes sorry you ran into trouble right away! 

First, make sure you toggle guardian on/off so the floor is set correctly. 

When you launch the app and see the "welcome back" , click down on the left thumbstick button and hold it. You'll feel a haptic bump , just wait about 7 seconds and it'll reset everything. Or you can just switch to a different profile using the buttons on your left wrist.

There is a "set floor height" button in options, it is useful to guarantee that your floor is correct every time you load back in (if you end up way too high above the floor) 

Lemme know if you run into more issues. 

hey gedinson.

So, to clarify: when you run sidequest on your PC, connect your quest, all shows connected, yes? There's a button on the top menu (used to be a little square with arrow on it" that allows for "install from .apk on my computer " 

Is that how you installed?

hey Hollie. 

Two ways to get into multiplayer menu, either on your left wrist watch menu, or on the console in the full game. 

But if there aren't any hosts online, you won't see the buttons for "join random" or "join with code" . You might need to coordinate with other users on the discord group to set a time, multiplayer isn't very active these days. 

Hi! You will be charged in USD , but your bank will handle the exchange rate and take the money out in AUD. Make sense? 

I'm Canadian, so I often buy things in USD . It's no big deal, will still cost you around 7.76AUD

Hey, you'll need to use sidequest to actually install the game on your quest. Copying the .apk isn't enough. 

On the PC version of sidequest, connect your quest and then hit the "install from apk" option in the top menu. Game will install, you'll get a notification then you can unplug. Mapper will be found in the "unknown sources" category of the games menu. 

Let me know if that makes sense. 

Hey, yes! I can do it for you but it isn't automated. Basically, we set a time to meet in multiplayer, I load into your space using my dev tools in unity and then just email you an .fbx. takes about 5 minutes, am happy to do it anytime.

so, are you using the "install from .apk" option in sidequest (I'm assuming you're on PC)? Copying the .apk won't do anything, sidequest (or an ADB command) is required to activate the install process. 

The program will be available in Unknown sources. 

In your game menu, select the dropdown on the top right and you'll see the unknown sources category. 

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Copypasting the email I sent you below:

I sent it from, in response to the inquiry you sent me... Did it not show as a reply? 

Quoted text below: 

Hi sherry. Oh my, you've jumped into the deep end with my app! 

I'll try to help as best I can, but full disclaimer - I will happily refund if this is too much. Normally, people have already setup sidequest/enabled developer mode/a bunch of technical stuff before they ever find me and my work. And those are the kinda people who are good at making sense of my confusing/ambitious/slightly broken collection of experiences that you just bought. 

Have you setup sidequest before or installed unknown sources? There are instructions here:

Dev mode also allows you to disable the guardian, an important function if you want to map multiple room layouts and use my app properly. Once you've got Dev mode, the sidequest mobile app will help you with the installation of my .apk file. You'll need to connect it with a cable , install my program, and then it'll live on the quest (you don't need to plug it into a phone ever again) if you get to the dev mode enabled step, I can help you with the actual install with more info in another email

But like I said if this is all too much, or if you get stuck, let me know and I can refund the purchase.

If you can manage to jump through these hoops and get the app installed, then we can setup a time to meet "at your house" via multiplayer and I'll show you how everything else in the program works. 

Let me know how it goes.

good luck! 

Ryan (curiousVR)

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Oh! You don't mean the loading screen (not much I can do) but the "welcome to custom home Mapper, etc etc" when you do the setup? Assuming you are mapping a new space... Yes I probably can implement a text skip. There is a skip for the "demonstration" mode (hit right thumb stick when it shows an example house around you) But why are you running through this phase often? Is your anchor not re-aligning things properly from last time? 

Once you've got a saved setup, just put the controllers down in your anchors during the loading screen/progress bar. When game loads, it'll detect stillness right away, and do a quick load into your room (it usually should be loaded in before the "welcome back" message is finished displaying.) You don't need to do the "press right thumb stick, place down and wait for 5 seconds", you can sorta speed through it if it detects controllers in the right position at startup. 

Make sense?

Ooooh. I think so? At least, I can add more increments between steps, give you more control.

Should be easy, I'll try on Monday and hopefully not break everything 

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Hey, I understand what you are saying and I'm sorry you didn't get the experience you wanted :( 

Much of the app is based around simple transformations and minigames, while the really detailed recreation of your home that I show in the promo take a lot more work to build in the builder cartridge. Yes it's complicated , buggy and has a difficult learning curve, far from the magic and automatic'ness that you are hoping for... I see now that the promo doesn't set the right expectation. 

Generally things work best if you switch the guardian off completely.  Agreed it's a massive pain to draw multiple guardians, that's why I'm not releasing on applab to non dev mode people because the drawing is annoying when you can't just toggle it off. 

Send me a quick email at and I can refund

hey sherry, sent you an email :) let me know how it goes.. can be tricky if you're new to dev mode/sideloading. 

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yep was sorely needed. You can set your name.. Social multiplayer in CHM is kinda awesome right now, once you've got a decent home build and can just hang out/wander around . Working on an update for shared media viewing, so network guests can watch the same shows together. 

just local video files at the moment. System is technically capable of streaming from a url, but I just haven't made a text input/keyboard system yet. 

Currently it's a basic file browser that looks in the "movies" folder for files.  

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Hey, good questions. 

I dunno if you've seen, but all these wall/cube placement features are likely to come to the official meta SDK. They've been showing off a few clips, and spatial anchors already exist in the unity dev package. Might be worth just waiting a bit to see what comes in the next few SDK versions.. 

There's another "map your house" package out there that has the kind of SDK you're looking for. There's a zombies in your home, virtual animal safari thing, floor is lava game. All of them use this other mapping SDK. Sorry I can't provide a better link, am on mobile at the moment. 

Your best bet is to check out the recent tutorial from skarred ghost on the spatial anchors, try to get it working in unity, then make your own wall/geometry setup based on that, maybe integrate the official features when they get introduced. My mapper code is rather hacky and fragile, and has strange hooks into all the multiplayer/voice chat stuff. It's hard to offer it as a modifiable package to other devs. 

Regarding other platforms/devices I'm desperate to get my hands on some new tech. Yes please. 

(2 edits)

yep sorry am working on fix for golf, the floor adjustment ended up causing a bug with the new ramps. I'll push it out tonight or tommorow.

Regarding the error, sometimes the randomized spawning system gets into a situation where the game would be broken if it continues (usually an goal has spawned out of bounds, it tried to fix and failed) there's a lot of reasons why this can happen and I'm getting better and solving the problems. But often is just a 1/10 chance or something, just eject cart and load it again (sorry) if it happens 8/10 times, then I really wanna know more because there's something unique in your setup that causes an issue. 

There's still a deeper issue with height... Something haywire with your initial setup I suspect. Some games will not recognize the forced height you set, this can cause issues...

excellent bug report! Cheers! 

Lemme know when you get a nice setup, I'll come visit! Or I can host, you can see my space and we can chat about this program a bit.

Email me at, and keep the bug reports coming ;) 

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oh damn what happened? 

(Runs off to test current build) 

hey, yes of course. 

Multiplayer by default is over the internet, and uses artificial locomotion (when you join a host and load into their apartment, you use thumbstick to move around. ) 

Local multiplayer is the more complex part, you join the host, and then anchor (right thumbstick click) into the hosts anchor positions. 

yep. I can give you a file if we meet in multiplayer (I load in with Unity, save your space and email you an .fbx file). Can do the blue room or a custom build if you've made one with the creator app. 

Just email me to setup a time. Sorry it isn't automatic, I've been struggling with that (but recently figured out how to read from storage to play video files, so I'm close to being able to write.)

hey i just added a video screen to the home builder.

Omg yes. 

I've actually been trying. There's some crazy wierd bugs that have been stopping me, but you're right this would be a killer feature.

I'll keep trying. 

(1 edit)

hey, to clarify, the floor is in the right place (or set in the right place, after adjusting in the options menu) but the cubes are all up in the air? 

Are the walls high/detached from the ground as well? 

Rather than try to find the root of what is causing the issue, I'm gonna write a script that just checks to see if the cubes are level with the ground after you load in, and then adjust them. .  I'm very, very sorry that this issue is stopping you from being able to use the program properly... Been aware of this issue a while but for me it was usually only an inch or so of height difference, which seemed acceptable. 

Expect an update early next week, Tuesday or Wednesday. 

Hey! This one is an odd bug, and kinda tricky. 

Do this: turn on guardian, set floor height, turn off guardian. Launch the program , align your anchor and load into your space. If the cubes aren't on the ground, turn off program and just load it again (I don't know why, but it seems to load in at the height of the previous time you played, not the current height setting.) Shrug.  It usually works the second time . 

Then there is a potential that, the very first time you did the setup, the floor was badly out of alignment and so your initial setup locations are actually all too high.  This can suck, you can adjust floor height in settings but it probably won't help you get things lined up correctly. 

Try the set floor/load/turnoff/load again. 

If no, respond back and I'll see if I can think of another solution. Maybe I can put something in the next update . 

? No... It should be there. 

I'll be pushing out an update today . 

did you send me an email recently? You need to setup sidequest and then use the install from folder on my PC option (if sidequest doesn't do the install automatically) 

Yes you can do that. 

One player creates a space and host a multiplayer game. Other player joins, then push right thumbstick down (to load the anchor position). Place controllers in the same anchor space that the host used, and it will lock your playspace to the same alignment and disable the artificial locomotion :) 

Yup it exists. It's plant based, your home is an aquarium. Rodents spawn and take a path to your main garden , you plant seeds and grow different attack flowers.

Its just not quite fun yet, so I haven't released. Needs a few more features.

Ah I see! I can fix that.  Thanks for report! 

(2 edits)

Go to the setting menu (gear icon) and click edit walls. 

First step is removing the walls, pointer will show closest wall, click trigger to remove, you must go left to right. 

You are prompted to hit a or b when finished, and it will switch to wall creation. Then you need to set your new walls and make sure they eventually connect back to the final position (indicated with red marker) game will then do a save, and return to the normal settings menu. 

Now you can add cubes from the same menu, go into the space and mark out the rest of the stuff. 

Your thought about doors is wild. Thanks .  Been thinking a lot about door frames as potential special areas/used for anchors/identified in a different way. 

Hey, the anchor IS the center of the ring. I'm not even sure the rotation matters but i built those wierd grey alignment bars just in case. Gonna look into this next week. The alignment bars are there when you first setup, but they are tiny because you're scaled like a giant. It's a bug, I'll fix. 

I'm not entirely sure if the issue isn't something else entirely. Can you try and anchor that isn't directly up against a wall? 

Part of me feel like step one of setup should be "find and test a good anchor" because it's really the root of everything else. The logic is straightforward but there's just wierdness with the way the controllers behave sometimes. 

(1 edit)

hey thanks for the comments here. Doing a big update on the mech game, allows you to ride inside the vehicles at full size, its cool. should be out later today.

Actually mapping setup is very much a work in progress, i've got a few different approaches planned for.. never really considered 90' snapping or anything.

Regarding transferring mapping data to another headset.. this is an odd one, i've never considered it. Like,the program can host, and allow the other headset to load into your space via multiplayer.. load all the walls and stuff.. you can even anchor with the 2nd headset and play 'shared space...' two quests in the same layout. but actually giving that data to the other headset so it can independently load in-out of those environments? its just a use-case i never thought about, will consider adding an option.


ryan (curiousVR)

just ghosts, sorry. 

It's very much a work in progress with no roadmap at the moment, I'm a solo dev jumping between this, the custom home mapper project, space pilot Alliance and RamCastle. 

I do love this little track building game though, you might get a kick out of being able to make and share a track with your buddy. 


first of all, take a look at this:

that's a meta dev working on the oculus SDK. these features are all coming to the quest eventually, probably sooner than later. they introduced 'spatial anchors' in the latest unity sdk, this can replace my anchor system entirely. Am willing to bet there will be a 'setup your home' official release, replacing my own setup entirely.

That being said, i'm still interested in refining my own system. Just a few points to clarify (I'm not totally understanding your issue) :

Are you using the new 'thumbstick to move the edit point' function? that got added in the most recent build, previously users had to physically move to each corner and click at the actual location (you couldn't move edit point). You dont need to move anymore with the thumbstick/distance adjuster, but I also realize this messes up the sense of depth and leads to less accurate placement. i think this is partially what you are talking about?

And, just to check, you have firmware v34 or 35, and can see passthrough, right? Wall placement was certainly a lot harder in the olden days, when we couldnt actually see anything around us and had to peek through the nose gap/feel around blindly for positions.

Assuming these issues are related to the thumbstick adjuster, I think i have a few ideas for how to make this better. Agreed, a feature that allowed you to simply adjust the wall positions a bit while you are laying them down would be helpful.


hey, thanks, sorry for the troubles. There's a bit of a learning curve, and sometime a person space can just give major problems. 

I can help you get an .fbx model. basically, we schedule a time to meet in multiplayer , and I load into your space within unity (my game engine) I can drag and drop your home layout into a prefab and basically email you an .fbx file. 

Email me at

hey thanks, yeah I'm a solo dev and this program can get a bit overwhelming. 

Reset anchor is broken?! Yikes, I haven't looked at that code in quite a while. 

You think an AR toggle, right on the console? Some of the games load/perform differently in AR/non AR... Maybe a switch near the start button (alongside the tutorial info/music toggle/etc. 

I'll take a look! Expect some progress on this next week. 

this current version on itch has passthrough features.  You should see a toggle option in loading screen. Make sure you've set quest in experimental mode. 

hey, this info is outdated, sorry! 

CHM uses the new passthrough Api now, not this hack.

Basically, you still need to set your quest to "experimental mode". There is an option/toggle for this in the sidequest settings.