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The prototype is missing a few features, but what you mentioned will be included in the full game to make the gameplay more intuitive. Thank you so much for playing!

I don't have one, but a person close to me does, I made the model thinking a bit about his car

Thank you very much, your words are very encouraging! The Deep HUM will be released later this year

You're right. The full release will be more polished. I really appreciate your feedback, it will help me to improve some things!

Glad you enjoyed it!

I use RenderTexture in this game, Deadly Night uses a custom shader for the effect

Thank you! and thanks for sharing the video!

The game is not very intuitive, in the future I would like to make an improved and more extended version.

Thanks for playing!

Deadly Night no es para todos los públicos, tiene lenguaje muy mal sonante, aunque la versión completa contará con varias opciones de censura para tapar también algunos textos

Muchas gracias por jugar y compartir el vídeo, me alegra que lo hayas disfrutado!

Muchas gracias!

Ya está subida la actualización ;)

Intentaré actualizarlo en los próximos días, gracias por la sugerencia!


I plan to make a better version in the future, and a sequel!

Thank you! :D

Go to the innkeeper's room and look at the hatch, you have to use the hook there

You must use the hook to lower the ceiling hatch in the innkeeper's room. The game is not very intuitive due to the short time I had to do it.

Thanks for playing!

Thank you!!

De hecho la posada está inspirada en la de Dracula!. El juego no es muy intuitivo y se podría mejorar y expandir mucho la idea, pero sólo tuve un par de semanas para hacerlo y ese tiempo no me dio para más, pero me alegra que te haya gustado! :D

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

You can find a hatch in the innkeeper's room (look up at the ceiling), use the hook there

Me alegro, gracias!

Thank you!

You need the oil lamp to start the game events, pick it up on the table by the window where you took the lighter

Thank you!

Thanks! :D