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Thank you for playing and thanks for the video!

Muito obrigado por jogar!

Thank you very much for playing! I'm working on a new title, you can follow the progress on my twitter.

Thanks for the video!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the game, thanks for the video, I liked it!

Thanks and thanks for the video!

Thank you! I'm working on another project called "Deadly Night", you can see some news on my twitter!

Love the video, sespecially the ending hahaha, thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Glad to hear it, thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!

Thank you! I am working hard on my next project, I hope to announce it soon!


Thank you very much for playing and nice video, I liked it!

Wow, thank you!

Muchas gracias por jugar!

Thanks for playing! I will try to translate my next games into more languages

I really appreciate your words! Thank you very much for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed the game!

Thanks for playing! I liked the video hahaha

¿Usabas audífonos? Normalmente se puede escuchar el bebé y otros sonidos que hay sin problemas a menos que tengas el volumen muy bajo xD

Gracias por haber jugado!



Thanks for playing, I hope you enjoyed it!

Thanks for playing!

Hahaha I'm glad to hear it, thanks for playing and nice video!


Thank you very much!

Stay that way!

The pixel effect will be an option in my next games, not all people like it!

Hope you enjoyed the game!

Thanks! I hope you enjoyed it.

You have lot of energy, I almost went deaf watching the video xD but it was fun!

Thank you very much! Glad to hear it


Questions will be answered in the full game, thank you very much for playing!

Thank you for playing!

I have done tests simulating the resolution of your screen, I can fix the UI but there is a problem with the camera. The game is not designed for that resolution and the screen only shows 50% of the scene (in high), the method I'm using to simulate the "low res" effect doens't support a solution, I am very sorry :C

I'm working on a solution to use in my next games and the full version of Night Guard, it should avoid problems like this.

Thanks for playing! The full game will explain many things

I hope you like the full game more than this one!

You are right, this game is an intro. The full game will have an improved version with more details, a bigger parking garage and more gameplay!

Thanks for playing the game and for your comments, I really appreciate it!

PS: I have really enjoied the video!

Thank you very much for playing, I hope those mosquitoes left you alone!

Thank you very much! I hope you enjoyed the game

Not really, but the ending uses something similar

Thanks! more games are coming. I had so much fun with the video and now I want a mustache like yours!