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Interesting! Did not know about Scratch before. Definitively will take a look into it!

An interesting experiment! I did enjoy the atmosphere a lot! (and the spookiness xD).

Thank you!

Tbh the game was designed to be "interesting" with the gamepad and both sticks controlling the beetles, but after introducing the keyboard the 2 players variant gained a lot of traction. Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you!! :)

I'm really glad you came for the name and stayed for the game hahaha. Thank you for all your comments and feedback!! I'm super happy you enjoyed our little "experiment" :)


Thank you!!!

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Super fun concept!! as others said, the photo album presentation is GREAT and the art style is gorgeous. Good job!!

I really enjoyed the animations and the art style! also the concept of sharing life with your enemies was interesting to explore and forced me into ways of thinking different approaches to combat situations. Good job!!

It was a bit hard to control for me but I think the concept has potential for growing. Nice job!

Clever idea and great presentation! good job!

The fact that you did this in 4 hours just blows my mind. You are an inspiration Wombat, amazing job!!! 

I really enjoyed the focus on the exploration and the atmosphere of the game. I did lose myself sometimes when trying to get air but I guess that's how the sea is! haha, good job!!

Great entry! I love the presentation and the cute sounds, you really nailed the tone of the game. 

Thank you for trying it!! also your game was awesome <3

I'm glad it's fun to play with friends! the game was designed for single player but the co-op variant emerged from gameplay and tbh I think it's a "happy accident". Thanks for the feedback!!

Thanks! <3

Thank you!!

Clever idea!! I enjoyed the different combinations and possibilities that the powers bring to the table. Good job!

This is GREAT!! I loved it, great job!! <3

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I really liked the minimalist approach and the clever puzzles. The only thing that disoriented me a bit was exiting some rooms from the right and appearing in the next screen on the left, but that may be me lol. Good job!!!

Sounds like tons of fun and chaotic beetle action! hahaha thank you for your comment and suggestion :)


Hahaha I'm happy you had fun!! (and struggled)


Thank you for playing it!! <3


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Awww thanks for your comment, seriously!!

Hahaha thank you!!

I'm so happy you liked the theme!! thank you!! <3

Thanks! <3


Thank you!


Awww thank you seriously! and also thanks you for your feedback :D


Thank you!! <3

Hahaha yeah, the Caca Ball has a bit of inertia but you need both Ra and Apofis to really move it. Thanks for playing the game!!

Thank you! <3