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change browsers

cryptoclickers, compacto, and idle research

Haha thanks! I've had a few people say the same thing ;P

Hmmm, probably something with decimals, I will fix that

I am stoked that it worked =D I spent many hours trying to fix this haha.

Currently there is a bug involving the way itch stores everyone's saves. Next update it should come back. If it doesn't let me know and I will make you a save.


Yeah understandable, however going idle further on gets better since it slows down slower, also there is offline progress but probably not a better alternative if you want to keep the game open haha.

huh, weird. i will check this out later when i get home

i won :kek:

lol ye

Sweet! :D Glad it fixed! Either the update fixed it, or maybe it's itch being a bit weird when it comes to installing it or something haha.

Thanks and enjoy!

Yeah of course! Always want to make sure all the players can enjoy the game =)
Just curious, what Operating System?

Hmm that does sound really weird and have never gotten a report like that... This may be a Unity bug, I will do some research to see if this happens to anyone else


Are you suggesting to adjust the speed of the autobuyers?

i dont see any either

Report any form of bugs below, be prepared for me to ask to send you your game save to me, DO NOT POST THEM HERE!

Post your feedback below!

Ahh sorry thought it was saying you were the developer on a forum on my game kek

Yes! I am still working on the suffixes. I did not expect anyone to get to infinity this fast!

Hello Peter.KG, 

That's strange... I've fully gotten into start to acidia and never had that happen. Will look into it, thank you for reporting!



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Here are the things that have been changed, added, removed, or fixed.


- Added Acidia 

- Added some starter test boosts for Acidia (coming soon for mars and earth)

- New Resolutions 

- Sound Settings!


- Fixed Prices.

- Fixed loading bugs. 

- Fixed major bug fixes with the Universe Map. 

- Fixed prices starting at 0. 

- Fixed


- Loading Screen 

- Colors

- And more.


- Alpha Upgrades (for fixes)

- Generators 

- Research 

- Shop

Coming Soon in Early Access v0.3 or later

- Full Restart Confirmation 

- The Moon 

- Others Planets/Stars 

- Galaxies for the planets/stars

- Minimap for the Universe 

- Universe Upgrades - UI Change? 

- Events? 

- Offline Progress 

- Tournaments 

- Leaderboard 

- Points for Universe (based on population) 

- More Settings

Provide ideas here:

Provide bugs here:

Provide general feedback here:

Provide Idle Population feedback in the comments below! This includes what you like or what you don't like.

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Provide Idle Population Bugs in the comments below! Provide as many bugs as possible to help make Idle Population work at it's highest performance without nasty and annoying bugs.

(1 edit)

Provide Idle Population suggestions in the comments below! Provide as many ideas as possible. Accepted ideas will be a part of the credits in the game!

Hello Peter.KG,

Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it! I have been super busy with personal reasons for the past two weeks. I have fixed the bug with the univere map and the Alpha upgrades are hidden for future improvements. Yes, the rebirth is fast, I nerfed it a little bit to make it more difficult after each rebirth. Hopefully the game should be updated as soon as possible. 

Thank you,


Also follow for more updates!

Idle Population is not your average idle game. Starts off slow but gets faster later on. Grow your population on Earth and Mars! (And two more upcoming locations!) This game revolves on patience and peace. All you have to do is click, upgrade, or idle (based on the title ;) )

Check out the webpage for more information, video is included!

Help spread this game for more ideas, I need some motivation ;) Also rating helps too! 


EcoClicker community · Created a new topic "Loading..."

Five minutes go by and I still see the loading screen.