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loved the game and i honestly didn't think i would get scared but you got me lol! i curios because you talk about big projects! wondering if i could get information on what those are? 

bummer! let know if there is any other game title of yours i should check out!

Interesting take! i wondering if you plan on adding anything else to the game in the future or? loved the game!

Dang welp let me know if there is any other game you make next! ill be down for playing!

loved the game! do you have any plans for the game in the future!

loved the game wonder if there will be any thing else in future like levels or other monsters?

Tired your game had a blast some weird bugs but other than that it was fun! what are your plans for this game!

Sweet! let me know and ill play it again!

Sweet! how do i get access to the updated version!

Loved the game! i am wondering are you going to be adding stuff to the game? it would be awesome to seee this game dev into! 

i tried the game! its an intersting take ! i wondering if you have more plans or mechs will be added Girl in City- 1:43

Loved the game! what are your plans for this game in the future? like any changes will be made or?

paddle ball nightmare- 00:12 loved the game! wondering if there are different monsters to distract me or if you plan on adding anything in the future?

Hank Owns This Hill- 7:57 loved the game! but i was i could die in it and maybe make it harder as the game goes?

Critters for sale- 1:43 i loved the idea of the game. the ending blown my mind away i cant wait for the next ep! i was wondering when is the next one? 

love the visual novel making series out of the first one and then moving on to the second one!

love the game! wondering what are your plans for the game?

love the game, and art work looks amazing! found it had an interesting take on the dating sim! no worries on the tag certified weeb trash i do love the game! i have a qeustion do you have any plans for this game?

no problem do you have any other game in the works! or any plans for current game?

ending got me! lol i wished i only knew before hand! unnecessary evil- 00:36

lol i was confused at first but i am to blame! loved the art work! becalm- 3:58

ill be honest im bad at puzzles! still enjoyed the game! last minute love- 6:18

nice! let me know and ill take another wack at the game!

my bad lol what are the plan for this game!

tried the game and loved and i cant see what you do with! what are you plays for the game?

loved the game!

fun game for a meme! loved it

loved the game

Started a Christmas Series on indie games ! this one is really funny 00:59

Started a Christmas Series on indie games ! this one is really funny 3:58

made a vid for the English version! Thank you Devs! for hitting up for the new version! really do love your game if you have any other game dont be afraid to message me again!

I just wanna say i love anime but i also to make fun of it as well! In this game i play a sim that makes anime and welcome Weeb Trash Studios!

Yes! lets stay in touch indeed!

Thanks! I really enjoyed your game and hope to play more of your works in the future. If you ever want feel free to send a game my way. I would be more than happy to play it!

i think i found a bug with the rabbits card that gives almost infinite bunnies! 


i loved the game and you got me i honestly thought you playing a trick on me! 


i loved the game! its really challenging! i agree with deathnchaos the commentary is what sets it apart from the rest! 00:46

just wondering! i know im little late to the party but i heard you guys where on kickstarter? still are or?

Sweet! let me know once the changes happen and ill take another wack at it!

this game is alot of fun but idk how we go about learning the lore of the place maybe add some random placed letters or ect! 10/10