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Personally the AI... I think should be more aggressive!  wither it be on foot or in the vehicle! I loved the atmosphere and the game play was pretty simple. Controls were a little weird at times. i think you should have the controls briefly explain in the beginning or an option to look at them in the options tab. other than that made a cool series based on the game!

loved the game! wondering do you have any other plans with it! mostly wondering to see if i should give another wack at it.....or should i say slap at it!

REally enjoyed the game! lol idk which ending i got but! how did your team do at the Vampire game jam?

loved the game! just wondering! what are your future plans for this game or a different one! mostly wondering if there others we can try out!

sorry taking longer then planned my pc after cleaning yesterday. decide it didnt want to work and when it was fixed ruined alot of my audio but! the game is fun! i do have some critics! maybe add little more choices i feel the chat in the game is long at times! some peeps may loose interest

sweet! ill take another look!

thats Fair! lol thats for information and ill take another wack at it!

No problem! 

Took another wack at the game and i can see the difference and feels great! cant wait for more content to come out! changes made the game feel way creepy than before!

no problem! let me know when you update it so more and ill take anthor wack at it!

This is an interesting game! it would be even cooler if you added different levels and maybe some more devil creatures! felt the game was little short. but other than that! it was fun!

this game is very interesting take on self reflections! i feel though some choices are kinda drag out way to long but! other than that game is pretty cool idea!

nice let me know when you add new content! ill give it another wack!

LOVED THE GAME! very interesting story! wondering if there are many endings or is it linear>? 

loved the game! wondering if you will a counter? or if there is an actually end game? what are the plans you have for this game in the future!

Doki Doki Idol Club- 2:12
you werent joking about it being really short!

There's Poop in my Soup- 4:39
i know this is a really old game but i enjoyed my self way too much!

Unknown Fatality- 00:22 i really did love the game! can you add trump and hillary or maybe AOC?

i loved the game! lol maybe i missed the alternative endings? but let me know once more of the content is released! ill make more vids! just curious how many endings or creepy routes are there? 

love the game! let me know when you have part two out!

love the game i face a bug for a brief amount time! no madder what button i pushed it would RIP me no clue why. also just wondering what are your plans for this game!

nice! hopefully that does happen!

i loved the game and was wondering do you plan on adding anything to the game in the future and if not is there any other game your currently working on?

Down the Mine-5:03 made to top 100 so im happy! loved the game and wondering if there is any plans in the future!

In the Palm of my Hand- 3:38 loved the game but instructions were a bit confusing for me. also what are your plans for this game or any other game in the future!

Forge and Fight- 00:39 loved the games! wondering what do you plan on adding next! i add some issues with quality video being shown at times

Sweet! let me know once you do! and ill play again!

I really loved this game! im wondering what other mechs will you add in the game in the future? because playing a spell caster character would be cool or maybe a cleric!

no problem! sorry i forgot to add a time stamp! dang! is there any other games you have made?



Sweet! thats freaking awesome! let know in the future if there is any game of your company i should try! free tester right here!

i didn't realize before playing this game had different endings! nice touch to the game! i am wondering do you have plans for this game or do you other games your currently working on?

loved the game and i honestly didn't think i would get scared but you got me lol! i curios because you talk about big projects! wondering if i could get information on what those are? 

bummer! let know if there is any other game title of yours i should check out!

Interesting take! i wondering if you plan on adding anything else to the game in the future or? loved the game!

Dang welp let me know if there is any other game you make next! ill be down for playing!

loved the game! do you have any plans for the game in the future!

loved the game wonder if there will be any thing else in future like levels or other monsters?

Tired your game had a blast some weird bugs but other than that it was fun! what are your plans for this game!