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loved the game
loved the game! wondering if your working on other projects or have any future goals with the current game!

I was actually surprised by the game play! I know your playing on full release on steam! I was wondering what all is going to be added that's different than the one here on itch? 

loved the 
loved the game! wondering if you have any other games you are currently working on?

no problem! let me know if any updates come out and ill gladly test them for ya!

love the game and creepiness of the game 

love the demo and now playing the actual game!

it was tricky at first lol but! i noticed the full name is on the top left of the doc.....I recommend removing made it a little easy! and maybe adding where the killer come in maybe from the door as well to add to the diffcutly 

thats true! im not hating on the controls by any means.  felt a little off..but that could the very curve players may need to learn to get good at the game.

I had a lot of fun! Despite not understanding the controls a whole lot. i believe if you can simplify it. it will help with a learning curve. granted i don't understand how you would go about it! BUT! this game is a must try and love lore you here and there in the game.

Had a scary Experience and might have had some glitches or errors that was not suppose to happen BUT! this game got me!

this game is really funny and corny! that for making a unique game!

time to eat them all!

this game is way better than i expected!

Sweet! cant wait! let me know if you do and ill take another wack at it!

these stories gave me the feels! loved the game and i think a way to add more depth to the main character is maybe add different endings based on the order peps you talk to maybe?

thanks! that means alot to me! and ill check them out next!

no problem! you did amazing job! i wondering if you made any other games?

played your game and it was very unique game! i was shock and awe at the same time! if any here wanting play it give it a try worth the time!

no problem! you peeps have mad talent! let me know once you fix some of the know bugs and ill take another wack at it!

really great game and glad i just become a supporter of it! if you guys havent played it! its alot of fun! 
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first, i really do appericate you taking your time to email lol But the game has a lot bugs and i feel peeps pretty much covered the same problem as i! 
doors, just... so frustrating to open those. Sometimes they open, sometimes they don't. i feel walking should be more punishable verus the slow stepping because the point is avoid sound to trigger the monster! made it almost no point to tip toe if walking around did the same result! but i did enjoy the game just the door and near end game made the almost unplayable! once you fix the bugs let me know and ill take another wack at it! you peeps have mad talent so i cant wait for this game to advance beyond!

really loved the game! very interesting take and was really creepy at first but lol gotten use to it!

nice! let me know and ill play it again!

just wondering do you guys have any other projects i should check out or is that?

first! thank you for emailing me and taking your time hit me up about this game! i played it and it was a lot of fun! now for criticism! basically i felt the timer was really quick for three stars! another maybe the interface be more interactive like moving art work! But really in the end!

this game is very interesting! wonder do you have plans to add other features or! making updates to the game!

Time! to Save these Peeps from the EVIL ONES that have cursed them! Lets talk about FREEDOM! loved the game! special made by one person this pretty cool! do you have plans after the event is over to update the game or is it a shot?

no problem and i try taking another wake at it!

this is the strangest game i ever played! lots of fun and maybe some quick tips on controls! cant wait to see what you guys do with the game!

sweet sauce cant wait for the changes!

played the game and loved and cant wait for the new content to come out! just curious what are all the new things that isbeing added?

this is a very interesting game! lol its very strange but i guess thats what makes it cool to me!

really loved the game! wondering what are the dates for full release and does the fox has a huge role i feel like!


lol thanks! btw i thought the other games part were part of the game and brought me to your facebook page!

Nice! That’s awesome! Well I can’t wait then! Just ping me or email me when they are avaible and I’ll be down to play! 

this game was something else lol I enjoy the game but if you have plans for it I recommend adding levels or even speeding up the movement as time goes to just make it harder! Let me know what you guys think of the vid and loved the game! Also if there is any other games to check let me know!