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first, i really do appericate you taking your time to email lol But the game has a lot bugs and i feel peeps pretty much covered the same problem as i! 
doors, just... so frustrating to open those. Sometimes they open, sometimes they don't. i feel walking should be more punishable verus the slow stepping because the point is avoid sound to trigger the monster! made it almost no point to tip toe if walking around did the same result! but i did enjoy the game just the door and near end game made the almost unplayable! once you fix the bugs let me know and ill take another wack at it! you peeps have mad talent so i cant wait for this game to advance beyond!

love the video :) thanks for playing! (jess - background music)

no problem! you peeps have mad talent! let me know once you fix some of the know bugs and ill take another wack at it!