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at the beginning of the game the player has 10 seconds of no collisions to prevent this issue with the procedural generation. This is due to the level creation code making the enemy spawn on the player in the event that every tile in the game chose not to allow enemy spawning. this can only happen at an odds of 1/80*number of floor tiles. Rare but happens more often than I thought.

replying to your questions from the stream.

I did use a* pathfinding. in the actual game code those wall are not an actual object but instead a DS grid that the game checks values before hand.

Each level is procedurally generated but the Counting coins is something that i believe i could have implemented. This was my first game made so thank you for taking a look at it!

Dang, This game is GREAT. I wish i could make something this well made in a week. 

You get a 10 second cooldown for him chasing you after you get hit

Rescue mission was a success! Fun game cute graphics!

Good game, other than the technical issues I love it!

Love everything about this project. There is a ton of great stuff in this jam. also love the menu secrets

Super Cute and challenging. Love the idea and the little green character.

I understand where you are coming from I was going for a crayon feel

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I listened to blueblast and it gave me heavy pacman champion vibes so I used it in my pacman game for the vimjam 

Game link

This music is perfect for those who need a sound to compliment their game

Leaving this comment so I can play after work. Seems promising!

The player has 3 lives and the enemy goes into a cooldown after collision with the player. I felt it was more fair to players who were not familiar and didn't penalize panic

Thank you for the feedback maybe after the jam I'll update it with an option to increase the antispam timer

The game looks pretty got for a first!

 This is really good!
Consider taking a look at mine: Download for best experience


I like the music and art of the game. is there any secrets that I missed?

If you would consider taking a look at my submission

Download for best results as the web version is really buggy and didn't compile correctly.

Really cute graphics. I am unable to collect orbs in the web version.

Consider taking a look at my Game Please download to try as the web is super buggy

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Love the game so far. Just a heads up pressing Back in the credits menu doesn't work for me

also consider checking out my game (download if possible it is less buggy)


I like the game, some things I've noticed.

arrow keys with mouse control is really difficult (at least for me)

jumping and moving at the same time doesn't work.

Please take a look at mine (download if possible its less buggy)

Yeah I just finished mine;

I don't think I can get the HTML version to work properly in time but it is available however it is SUPER recommended to download and run if anyone wants a sneak peak

Thank you! Let me know any suggestions on it for the future.