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I really enjoyed this demo! It convinced me to buy the full game. 

Played this on my channel a while back. Very impressed with the worldbuilding and number of routes to pursue. Very excited for the full game when it releases! 

Had a lot of fun checking out this game! Very excited to see the final game when it releases. 

Aww thank you!

I ended up doing a Let's Play of this at the prompting of another friend. Really enjoy this story and this world that you created. I feel like it's hard to find LGBT RPGmaker games, so it's always awesome when something like this comes along. Even if I'm like, four years too late lol

Wow! I'm really impressed by this 3D layout. Were you working with some sort of plugin for RPGMaker MV? 

Loved it!!! Had a ton of fun playing it. 

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Hello all, 

I've encountered a bug in Chapter One where Marquis' quest does not recognize that you've obtained his heart, and if you keep talking to him, you can get MULTIPLE hearts after it. 

I am not going to be correcting this bug because I'd like it to be there for a fail-safe in case Abigail's quest doesn't work out. 

There is some sort of bug with Abigail's quest that I'm having difficulty replicating, where essentially she freezes and doesn't move to her appropriate spot. I encountered it once trying to do my video walk through for the game, but for whatever reason when I was playtesting it tonight in the latest version, it was working. 

If anyone finds themselves unable to get Abigail's heart, complete Marquis' quest, and talk to him again to get an extra heart. 

Hi Laurent, 

Thank you for reporting this! This is some sort of bug; I've encountered it myself when I was trying to make my video walkthrough.

I'm not quite sure how or why it's occurring, and I sat down tonight to try to replicate the bug, but couldn't successfully do it; tonight it was working fine. 

When you stand in front of the one girl, Latoya, it IS supposed to automatically trigger the rest of the quest. But for some reason, Abigail (the shy little girl) gets stuck. 

My hunch is that it might have something to do with your player followers. When I initially programmed this quest, I turned off the player followers (Carmen, and Candace if you added her too) and it's possible that Abigail can't walk through them, even though they're transparent. 

If you haven't tried it already, try walking the LONG way around the playground slide, instead of moving down and hitting that spot directly in front of Latoya. You might have more success that way. 

Till I can figure out how to replicate this again and identify a better way around it, I would try reloading the game, or if possible, restarting from an earlier safe point? 

If that doesn't work, don't worry. Marquis, who is one of the football players (he wants to join the dance team), has a bugged quest where you can get MULTIPLE hearts after completing it. So if you can't get Abigail's heart, talk to Marquis twice, and he will give you one. 

I'm so sorry about this bug! 

Hello all, 

I'm doing a video walkthrough of Grunge on my YouTube channel. If you are struggling to get the best ending/romantic ending for the game, please go ahead and check it out. I hope to post new episodes on a weekly or at least semi-weekly basis. 

Click here for the playlist.

I played a little bit of the first level and had a blast! 

Continuing to work on the patch/update! Found a few other things that needed fixed-- like the armor? Apparently the armor hasn't been working??? Yeah so I'm fixing that. 

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Some people are having trouble getting past battles/bosses because they don't know what level they're supposed to be at. So below, I have a comprehensive guide for enemies' stats, and approximately what level you should be at. 

Please keep in mind that everyone plays the game differently. If you're really good at strategy and item usage, you could possibly defeat these enemies at a lower level. Conversely, if you don't play a lot of RPG games, you might struggle even with the level that I specify. For reference, I play-tested each of these battles individually at FULL health and MP with NO armor equipped, so this is going to impact how you prepare for these fights. 

When you go into battles, keep your items stocked up! Purchase armor from Wendy! And keep in mind that in SOME battles, your friends might not be there to assist you! 

Brandy - level 1 

  • Max HP - 100
  • Attack - 15
  • Defense - 10 

Schoolyard Bullies - level 1 

  • Max HP - 125 
  • Attack - 40 
  • Defense - 10 

Mean Girls - level 1 

  • Max HP - 150
  • Attack - 30 
  • Defense - 10 

Becky - level 1 

  • Max HP - 100 
  • Attack - 30 
  • Defense - 10 

Kenny (first day of homeroom) - level 1 

  • Max HP - 100 
  • Attack - 50 
  • Defense - 20 

Edd - level 5 

  • Max HP - 200 
  • Attack - 40 
  • Defense - 30 

Kenny (final boss chp.1) - level 5 

  • Max HP - 400 
  • Attack - 80 
  • Defense - 30 

(Enemy Encountered in Copper Junction during Chapter One) - level 5

  • Max HP - 300 
  • Attack - 50 
  • Defense - 25 

Hall Monitor Josefina - level 5 or higher 

  • Max HP - 230 
  • Attack - 45 
  • Defense - 30 

Bully Force and Mean Girl Army - level 10 (or less, possibly) 

  • same stats as original bullies and mean girls, but more of them

Hardcore Mean Girls - level 10 

  • Max HP - 300 
  • Attack - 60 
  • Defense - 30 

Super Tough Bullies - level 10 

  • Max HP - 300 
  • Attack - 60 
  • Defense - 30 

Kenny Jones (mini boss chp.2) - level 10

  • Max HP - 500 
  • Attack - 80 
  • Defense - 30 

Karenina (solo, mini-boss)  - level - 10 

  • Max HP - 500 
  • Attack - 90 
  • Defense - 30 

The Dance Girls (Karenina, Monae, and Clarissa) - level 10 

  • Karenina's stats are same as above
  • Monae: Max HP 300, Attack 80, Defense 30
  • Clarissa: Max HP 300, Attack 80, Defense 30 

Pervert - level 15 

  • Max HP - 800 
  • Attack - 125 
  • Defense - 30 

(End Game Enemies) - level 15 

  • Max HP - 400 (or 500) 
  • Attack - 100 
  • Defense - 30 

Chester - level 15 

  • Max HP - 1000
  • Attack - 90 
  • Defense - 30 

(Enemy Encountered at school during Chapter Two) - level 16 

  • Max HP - 1000 
  • Attack - 85
  • Defense - 30 

The Evangelists/Bigots - level 16 

  • Each of them have: Max HP 500, Attack 100, and Defense 30

Final Boss - at least level 20 or higher 

  • Since this is the final boss, this is the most difficult villain. It has three different stages. 
  • First stage: HP 2000, Attack 110, Defense 35 
  • Second stage: HP 2500, Attack 120, Defense 35
  • Third stage: HP 4000, Attack 130, Defense 35
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Spoilers included. Read at your own risk/desire. 

Hello all, 

I’ve considered creating a written walkthrough of the game to help players get all the hearts. As you may know, there are 104 quests in Grunge and there are three different endings, which are determined by the number of hearts you obtain. Each time you complete a quest, you get a heart. 

However, because written things can be misconstrued (and in some cases, may open up more questions than answers) I’ve decided that I don’t want to do that. I also don’t want to remove the challenge from the game for players who are actively working on getting all the quests. I feel like a video walkthrough would be far more useful to people who are struggling anyways, and I’m planning on doing that in the future. 

For now, I’m providing a guide that details when you can complete certain quests. I’m not going to include information on where (if you have to meet them in the school vs in Copper Junction), but rather just break down which chapter you’ll encounter which quest. 

Not all the quests can be completed at the start of the game. Quests can only be completed in certain areas. So if you progress to chapter three without completing a quest that was in chapter two, you can’t go back and obtain it. 

Generally, I recommend that you talk to everyone in each explorable section of the map, in each chapter. If you’re at school one day, talk to them and see if they need something. If you see them in the city, talk to them again and see if they need something. 

This is another important thing to keep in mind: some quests piggyback off of other quests. And what I mean by that is that if you fail one person’s quest, you could end up failing other peoples’ quests. Right off the bat, I can say that Tony’s quest is an example of that: if you fail his quest, you can’t do Charlie and Marquis’ quests, as that is tied to him. If you don't do Brendan's quest, you can't do Jada's. There are other examples like that in the game. 

Grunge is not meant to be extremely difficult but it’s also not supposed to be completely forgiving and hold-your-hand-like. Quests are not always entirely based on morality, or just on the basis of being a good person alone; sometimes the quest’s solution (such as Lapis or Sheng’s) are difficult to obtain and require you to be extremely careful about your phrasing or your actions. 

If you don't know who any of these people are, check out the Major Characters Guide and the Character Booklet.

What I can say definitively is that if you thoroughly explore the game, you can get enough hearts to earn the romantic ending. 

Quests That Stretch Out Over a Long Period of Time: 

Ale and Sheng. 

Hearts Awarded Automatically As You Progress Throughout The Game: 

9. Talulah. Karenina. Carver. Michael. Brandy. Freddie. Dwayne. Harmond. Your own.

People You Can’t Earn Hearts From: 

There are 9 people you can’t earn hearts from: two children (seen only in Chapter 4), Becky, Kenny, Chester, Tommy’s dad, Carson’s dad


  • Brendan’s quest (you collect his heart later this chapter) 
  • Yenez’s quest
  • Sid’s quest
  • Mrs. Robinson’s quest   
  • Mr. Ramirez’ quest 
  • Topher’s quest
  • Elijah’s quest 
  • Start of Sheng’s quest
  • Chris’s quest 
  • Steph and Gulliby’s quest (2 hearts at once) 
  • Carlos’ quest 
  • Marquis’s quest
  • Tony’s quest 
  • Carson’s quest 
  • Edd’s quest
  • Tommy’s quest 
  • Javi’s quest
  • Blue’s quest (go and see him again in Chapter 2) 
  • Abigail’s quest
  • Tara’s quest 
  • Ms. Winters’ quest 
  • Charlie’s quest 
  • DeAndre’s quest 
  • Georgia’s quest 
  • Sasha’s quest 
  • Michael’s quest 
  • Craig’s quest 
  • Lapis’ quest 
  • Jada’s quest 
  • Start of Ale’s quest 
  • Marco and Ali’s quest (2 hearts at once) 
  • Shaniqua’s quest


  • Margarita’s quest 
  • Manolo’s quest 
  • Diego’s quest 
  • Mr Jordan’s quest
  • Lynn’s quest  
  • Luther’s quest 
  • Jasmyn’s quest
  • Latoya’s quest 
  • Mateo’s quest
  • Cesar’s quest 
  • Michelle’s quest 
  • Kelly’s quest 
  • Rachel’s quest
  • Wade’s quest
  • Billy’s quest 
  • Winnie’s quest
  • Clarissa’s quest 
  • Heine’s quest 
  • Keke’s quest
  • Rat’s quest
  • Jamiya’s quest 
  • Monae’s quest 
  • Tamara’s quest 
  • Malik’s quest 
  • Mrs. McGrady’s quest
  • Uzuri’s quest 
  • Diwali’s quest 
  • Mr Rosales quest
  • Dulce’s quest 
  • Finn’s quest 
  • Marisol’s quest 
  • Flo’s quest 
  • Wendy quest 
  • Amaya’s quest 
  • Akila’s quest 
  • Richard/Dick’s quest 
  • RJ Quest
  • Glenda Quest
  • Winston Quest
  • Kiriko Quest*** has very specific steps


  • Iggi’s quest 
  • Sol’s quest 
  • Eko’s quest
  • Father Francis quest 
  • Danielle’s quest 
  • Candace’s quest
  • Vicki’s quest 
  • Jessica quest
  • Mr Katz quest 
  • Eman’s quest 
  • Jaxton’s quest 
  • Phyllis’ quest 
  • Polly and Dolly’s quest (2 hearts at once) 


  • Maddie’s quest 
  • Mei’s quest 
  • Colton’s quest 
  • Alexis’ quest 
  • Loretta’s quest 
  • Brianne’s quest 


Did not get a chance to work on the Battle Guide or any of the other patches, but the maps are here! Please visit the community board: 

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This bug was previously reported to me by 2 people but in Chapter 3, when you are able to look for work and Brandy offers you a job at the club, DO NOT ENTER CARMEN'S OLD HOUSE. It will break and send you back to Chapter One. This is something that will be fixed in the patch.

Thank you so much!

I played the game for my YouTube channel. It's interesting! Big cast of characters.

Had a lot of fun with this update! 

Yeah, you might! Since this takes place years after the demo originally starts, it might end up spoiling some things for you.

Hello all! We got a bug report that came in today, and I believe this is the fix. 

In Chapter Four, when you try to go to work with Brandy, there is an event where you face off against the bigots. If you stand directly at Brandy's side and talk to her, the game will glitch out and you can't progress. 

Probably one of Grunge's worst problems is that there are events where you have to stand in a certain spot in order to avoid breaking the game. Unfortunately, this just comes with my lack of experience as a dev. 

The video below will demonstrate how to get around the bug. KEEP REPORTING BUGS IF YOU FIND THEM PLEASE! <3 I want people to be able to complete the game. Let me know if this solution for whatever reason doesn't work! 

Oh I liked Levon, Ram, and Evandro. Those were the ones that I was really looking forward to, haha! 

Very fun game! Curious to see where it's going to go and what the other love interests are like. 

Thank you!!!

Interesting game. 

Carmen and Seri are lesbians. Brandy is bisexual. All of the girls are queer, but what exactly does Candace identify as? I know from writing the comic that Candace is queer, but I could have done a better job of exploring Candace's sexuality in Grunge. It is only touched on at the end of the game. 

Candace’s experience is most like that of my own: she spent a long time in a monogamous relationship (which also made her pretty miserable towards the end) and after ending it, realized that she didn’t know as much about herself as she thought she did. Further, she realized that she had skipped a lot of opportunities to learn about herself when she was younger. Her newfound freedom leads Candace to question her sexuality. 

If you chose to go to Brandy’s house in chapter two, Brandy comes out as bisexual, and reveals that she is very attracted to Candace, but would never say anything about it. In a way, Candace and Brandy’s relationship is more complicated than Carmen and Seri’s, because Michael is present. You might think that Brandy should be the catalyst for getting their relationship started, but she is not. While the girls all rib on Michael, he is their mutual friend, and even Brandy wouldn’t want to overstep her boundaries and ruin someone else’s relationship intentionally. Plus, Brandy (at first) isn’t so deeply in love with Candace that she would seriously pursue her. The Brandy that we first meet in Grunge is uncomfortable with monogamy, mostly because she doesn’t want to be tied down to anyone. Brandy can be monogamous, but she has to feel really comfortable with another person in order to be in a serious relationship. 

Candace and Brandy do become canon. :-) This is something that I hope to explore in Grunge’s companion story, title TBD. 

So Candace doesn’t come out until her mid to late 20s, but I don’t see that as a bad thing. Candace didn’t actively suppress her sexuality or feelings for women; she just hadn’t really thought about her feelings for women. Candace eventually comes to the understanding that she is pansexual, as she is most comfortable with that label. Everyone comes out at different points in their life. Some take a little longer than others, and that’s okay, and doesn’t make their identity any less valid.

CW warning - discussion of suicide 

I made this post in the event that people were struggling with Sheng, or were wondering about how many different paths you could take with Sheng's route. 

Sheng’s quest is one of the most complicated in the game. For those of you who are familiar with programming in RPGMakerMV, it relies on a handful of switches to determine the endings. 

Here are the choices that result in an immediate win

  • You helped Elijah by agreeing to keep his relationship with Sheng a secret
  • You helped Sheng when Kenny was bullying him in Chapter Two 
  • You didn’t out Sheng to Winston in Chapter One. 

Here are the choices that result in immediate failure. 

  • You didn’t help Elijah by agreeing to keep his relationship with Sheng a secret 
  • You didn’t help Sheng when Kenny was bullying him in Chapter Two. 

Here is the one unique pathway that will allow Sheng to forgive you. 

  • You helped Elijah by agreeing to keep his relationship with Sheng a secret. 
  • You helped Sheng when Kenny was bullying him in Chapter Two. 
  • You outed Sheng to Winston in Chapter One. 
    • Here’s how you can resolve the situation and unlock the secret route: 
      • Stand directly in front of Winston when you’re at Candace’s track meet. He will get angry with you and tell Sheng what you said. Sheng will pull you aside and talk to you and ask you why you did that. 
        • You can tell Sheng your reason why. If you admit that you did it out of concern for his well being, he will be willing to forgive you for this action. This doesn’t negate the fact that you did something horrible, but Sheng grants you leniency. 
        • If you do NOT talk to Sheng and explain yourself, you will lose. 

I want to make something clear to players, if I haven’t made it clear already: 

There is no option that you can take that results in Sheng’s death. 

No matter if you’re a good friend to Sheng or act like his worst enemy, Sheng survives his attempt, and lives on to seek treatment and work on his mental health. When starting off Sheng’s route, I knew that I wouldn’t want the player responsible for whether or not Sheng lives or dies. 

One of my favorite games, Life is Strange, uses a situation in which a character, Kate, attempts suicide. The player’s goal is to convince Kate to not kill herself. The scene and the emotional impact is powerful, but honestly, I don’t think it’s a good idea to communicate to a player that they are responsible for whether or not someone commits suicide-- and then if you fail, see the actual person commit suicide. 

Your responsibility to Sheng is not to save his life. It is not to talk him down from suicide; it is not to treat his depression. Your only goal is to be a good friend to him and support him through his difficult coming out experience, and then when he’s going through treatment. 

I wanted to talk more about the purpose of the hearts in the game. They are the items that you will need in order to win the game. But what exactly are they supposed to represent? Your morality? How much Carmen loves you? 

The hearts are meant to be a representation of your reputation, or how Carmen perceives you. The more hearts you have, the better your reputation is. If you have a decent number of hearts, Carmen will view you as worthy of being her friend, or she will be interested in rekindling her romantic relationship with you. If you have a lower number of hearts-- i.e., you played the game like a total asshole-- she’ll think that you have a lot to work on, and will be distrustful of you. 

I was worried that some people might view this mechanic as being “too harsh”-- that Seri is expected to help others and dole out free emotional labor to others in order to be worthy of Carmen's love. While the mechanic is flawed in that sense, this was not my intention. I wanted to take the time to explain it in further detail. 

The thing with getting the "alone route" is that you have to be playing it like you either 1) don't care about the other characters or 2) like you actively enjoy being a dick to some people. There are some seriously nasty ways that you can treat others in this game. While a few characters are tricky in terms of dialogue (looking at you, Lapis), most of the quests are fairly straightforward. So you're either totally selfish and don't care about anyone's problems but your own, or you just like being an asshole. Those are the two ways you can view how you made your choices in the "alone route." 

Towards the end of the game, it's revealed that you have been treating Carmen poorly after she went away for six months. Rather than talking about your feelings, you took them out on her. You found little ways to "punish" her or make her life frustrating. You accused her of having an affair. While you paid the bills on the apartment for the past six months, keep in mind that Carmen has been the one who has consistently worked a full time job and paid the bills for years. This puts a lot of pressure on Carmen. She's taken on the role of breadwinner while you have been able to more extensively explore your passions, like writing. She sees your attitude towards her as being extremely unfair, and honestly, she's right. You haven't appreciated her, and in some ways, you've arguably used her. Then what do you do, after treating her so poorly? 

You dump her. Yikes. 

During the time that you're apart, Carmen reflects on you and your relationship. She thinks about how you have treated others, and how consistent your awful behavior has been. Were you frequently mean to others or acted selfishly? If you play the game and don't get enough hearts, she will view you as someone who refuses to confront their problems and who has been consistently selfish and mean. She will acknowledge that you have depression and that impacted your relationships with others, but ultimately, you chose to take your issues out on other people rather than seeking help. More importantly, you chose to use her as an emotional punching bag. She isn't willing to forgive you because of how much you have hurt her. In the other routes, Carmen is willing to forgive you because she recognizes that you are a good person and were respectful to others, even when you were hurting. In the friendship route, she just isn't quite ready to take you back yet. With both the alone and friendship routes, there are still hypothetical opportunities for romantic redemption: one pathway is just rockier and longer than the other. 

When writing this aspect of Grunge, I really wanted to call attention to the fact that no matter what you are going through or dealing with, it is not an excuse to treat those who love you poorly. You don't get to attack, insult, or belittle those who love you and use depression/your mental health as an excuse. You also don't get to treat people like medicine. Similarly, people are not obligated to put up with your shitty treatment of them, and they have a right to walk away. In a relationship, whether with friends or romantic partners, you are supposed to support one another, but you aren't allowed to violate boundaries in order to obtain that support. 


Grunge has hit almost 1,500 pageviews and nearly 170 downloads. I wanted to check in with y'all and see if you had any questions or concerns regarding quests? If people are interested, I could also make some walkthrough videos on the game. Just let me know what you need from me! :-) 

Ahh, Becky. She’s the absolute worst. In my life, I have written some really terrible characters, and Becky honestly makes top five. Yet despite all her horrible qualities, she somehow has a great life: popularity, good grades, and even… friends? What’s all that about? 

I completely understand if people think Becky’s character is nonsensical. How can she be so horrible and still have friends? This is something that even I asked myself. Becky is very clearly a racist and isn’t afraid to voice her opinions-- however, her friends are people of color. So why would people be friends with her? 

Many times, I thought back to my own high school experiences. Many times that I was friends with people not because I genuinely liked them or saw a lot of good qualities in them, but because I believed it was better to be friends than enemies. I didn’t want to be on their bad side, because I saw how they treated people that they didn’t like. I wanted to avoid being a target. 

When you grow up with a certain group of people, as did many of the kids living in Copper Junction, you’re going to spend a ton of time with them. You’ll share the same classes, and at times, the same clubs and activities. We do strange things to fit in as kids. We sacrifice our self esteem so we can avoid being bullied. We internalize self-hatred to avoid external hate. We do all of these things so that we can avoid confrontations. It takes a long time to learn that it is better to develop trustworthy relationships than it is to have many meaningless ones. More than that, you have to learn that you are deserving of healthy relationships, and people who truly love you and appreciate you for being you. 

Eventually, and it takes a lot of time, but Becky’s friends pull away from her in the end. When she graduates, she’s standing by herself. Even if you don’t complete their quests, Inez, Tara, and Winnie all avoid her. Why? Because they have no reason to treat her like she’s one of their own anymore. They’re not on the cheer team, attending classes, or even living in the same neighborhood. As you grow up, it becomes easier to pick and choose your friendships, because you have more freedom. So this is the end result for Becky-- she has no friends, except for her boyfriend Kenny, who is in jail. 

Maybe some of you think that Becky had a chance for redemption at the end of Chapter Two. After all, she extends the olive branch to Seri by offering her a heart. But Seri rejects it. Some of you might ask… why? Why does Seri automatically reject it? 

Throughout the game, Seri and her friends put up with a lot of abuse from Becky. They are met with indifference by their school administration, and the cycle repeats itself over and over again. Everyone who has been bullied can say that this type of behavior and abuse is emotionally exhausting. And honestly? An apology wouldn’t erase the years of abuse. It wouldn’t even begin to break the ice. 

Worse, Becky’s apology isn’t even genuine. For one person to go from “Hey loser!” to “I’m sorry, please forgive me,” within the course of a single conversation is bizarre. Their final interaction is meant to come across as strange, not touching. Becky’s offer of a heart, to me, comes across as an action meant to reassert control rather than repair a friendship. The hearts have the power to change the course of a game, but you don’t need to take it. Seri’s words hold truth: she doesn’t hold any power over you, and she never has. To reject the heart is to not give her the satisfaction. 

Perhaps Becky’s final conversation with Seri motivates her to be a more empathetic person. We’ll never know for sure, as we leave Becky behind at the end of chapter two. But it will take years, at the very least, for Becky to unlearn all the toxic behaviors that she enthusiastically developed. And honestly? It’s not Seri’s job to teach Becky how to be a better person. It’s not anyone’s job to invest that level of emotional and mental effort into another person. Becky has to work on being a better person, and moreover, she has to want to be a better person. 

Wish I could think of a better title for this, because it comes across as pretentious and implies that I am some sort of expert about writing on people of color, when I’m literally going to spend my time explaining why I am not. I am a white, non-Latinx person. I am by no means an expert on writing characters of color, nor could I ever hope to authentically and honestly replicate the experience of a person of color. I can only, at best, provide an imitation of that. I wanted to formally acknowledge that here. 

When making this game, I knew I wanted to have characters of different backgrounds. It would be boring to have all white characters. On top of that, it would be wholly inaccurate to have all white characters-- not just to the comic it's based on, but on demographics in reality. I could have created only a FEW characters, but then I would've played into tokenism, and that's… gross, to put it simply. So I set off to create characters all different from one another. They would have not only different backgrounds, genders, and sexualities; but hobbies, interests, and professions. I didn't want anyone to be a stereotype, or just a generic background character. I wanted these people to replicate those that you would meet in real life. 

When writing these characters, I did my best to do my research. For example, when writing Carmen, I researched Puerto Rican customs and culture. I also made Spanish an important part of the story and incorporated Spanish dialogue into many of the scenes. My friend Christian Castro Romero was there to double check for grammatical errors and in some ways also served as a sensitivity reader and helped me rewrite portions that are problematic. Some of that was weird for me. I consider myself as someone who is aware of what behaviors and actions are racist or problematic, but that just reinforces my previous point: I'm not an expert nor should I claim to be. During these situations it's best for me to listen, be receptive, and make the appropriate corrections. If you claim to be a writer, you have to be! 

In other instances, like when Candace is talking about Becky's racist comments, I borrowed from stories I had read about, or heard about either via the news or from a friend. One thing that I wish I had done, in retrospect, was hire and consult with more sensitivity readers. While this wouldn't have perfected the writing, it would have double checked and eliminated any problematic elements. In future projects, I hope to make better use of my time and resources so that I can utilize them appropriately. 

No one has publicly (to my knowledge) brought up these criticisms as of yet, but I still wanted to address it. My hope is that Grunge didn't offend or hurt anyone in it's portrayal of a certain heritage or race. I hope it didn't eroticize, fetishize, or demean anyone. I did my best with what resources I had and with what time limitations that I had. 

If you thought Grunge misrepresented anyone, I just want to say: this is why it's so important to support creators of color. And it's not hard to do that! Play their game, make a recommendation online or to a friend; contribute a dollar to their Patreon or Ko-fi account! 

Below are just SOME devs and organizations out there that are really making a difference in the gaming world: 

Gensuta is one extremely talented dev. They are making Skate and Date, which is a rhythm game AND visual novel. Probably one of the coolest concepts that I’ve seen this year. 

The Game Devs Of Color Expo is an annual event dedicated to showcasing the many talented devs of color who work in the industry! 

Aubrey Scott is a Native American game developer focusing on engineering and design. Sbe is known for her work on NASCAR games. 

Christina Zero is a game designer, level designer, and games scholar who has completed a lot of research in the video games industry. 

Shawn Alexander Allen is an activist and game developer who is currently working on the upcoming Beatdown City. 

Black Game Developers focuses on highlighting and celebrating black game developers. They recently hosted a game jam showcasing the work of devs from all across the industry. 

Black Girl Gamers is an organization that focuses on “heightening Black Women’s voices in gaming” through creating a safe environment to discuss and enjoy games, as well as advocating for diversity within the industry. 

POC in Play is an organization that focuses on “Creating initiatives & events to amplify the visibility & inclusion of People of Colour in the UK video games industry.”

And there are countless more in the industry that have been doing this work better than I can, and for far longer than I have! 

If you are a dev or if you know of a dev whose work you’d like to share, please comment below. :-) 

Played The Pedestrian and it's very promising. Interested in seeing if the final game's puzzles are going to have more ways to solve/rearrange pieces.

Hello everyone! 

I'm a little late to putting my game on this thread (it came out on the 9th) so please forgive me as I just learned about this! 

I recently published my FIRST game, an RPG adventure called Grunge. 

It starts off in the 1990s and follows a group of queer high school girls as they're growing up. The game primarily focuses on protagonist Seraphina "Seri" Baum, an aspiring writer who is struggling with her parents' divorce, her uncertainty about the future, and most importantly, her feelings for her best friend Carmen. 

While the game has a strong focus on romance, there are plenty of other things to do and explore! Grunge features over 100 quests, secret romances and story lines, and a fairly easy turn-based combat system. 

(I know the art looks cutesy, but this is a game meant for those at least 16 and up! Full content warnings are included on the game's page.) 

You can grab Grunge here for free and you can check out the animated trailer for the game below if you'd like! 

Thank you! This is super exciting! 😊

Charming, lighthearted fun. A wonderful game! 

Hey, I loved the game and I'm planning on covering it for my YouTube channel. One comment though: on my second school day, I selected to hang out with Natalie, but I ended up randomly hanging out with Keith instead? Not sure if that's a bug or something? 

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Hello! With update 1.5, you will be required to transfer over your save file. This is a guide that will show you how to do it for the Windows version. 

Mac players - I need your help! Please let us know how you transferred over your save files. Did you follow the same steps? Leave a comment below or send your screenshots/guide to 



Open up your Grunge folder. Locate the www folder. You should see your save files in a folder called "save." Copy this entire folder. 


Go to your folder for Version 1.5. Locate the www folder. Click into it. 


Paste your "save" folder from the previous version into this one! When you boot up the game, it should allow you to continue and select your previous save file! 

Thank you for your patience. Please let me know if you are having any problems with this method! 

Loved it! Very interesting game.