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Best of luck mate :) Feel free to use any of my source code as a reference.

I had no idea you made a mod of Maze95! That's cool! I found my paper despite Bald Kid's efforts :P

Looking forward to that Linux version of episode 1! :) Is it coming in the next update or after that? BTW it's hard to read the white text on light-pink background on this page, perhaps the text could be black?

Great little sokoban puzzle game with cute graphics and good puzzle design. I had trouble because I didn't realize only the brown guy can push blocks and thought the action key wasn't working for player two, so I reckon that could be made clearer. I'd love it if more levels were made or if this became a full game :)

I didn't get it right away but it's quite a clever "cat and mouse" design, where if you (the mouse) gets too far away from the cat, you can't get the safety charm :O Had a few issues with the window showing on the right monitor and stuff on Linux but hey, that's Unity for you!

Gidday everyone, Back in the day I always wanted to play that Windows 95 maze screensaver. 20 years later I have the programming skills and was inspired to make it! Wander about some mazes and get flipped upside-down by dodecahedrons!

It's open source and the code is available here:

Looks really cool, but will there be a Linux build?

Linux build works fine, thanks :)

Very impressive for a jam game! I think it's inspired by Fantasy Life :) Except this is better since the character is a frog! I could really see this evolve into a full game or be part of a larger game! How on Earth did you lose the source code though 0.o Ah well. Good job! And before next time install GitEye and make a GitLab repo! (Or any other Git GUI and any other Git repo hosting site).

This is really good! Overall the gameplay and design is great! I think if you keep working on this after the jam and give it that full game polish it could make a really great card game. Surprisingly well balanced for a jam game! My only issues were fairly minor for a jam game:

No real instructions inside the game

When selecting cards, the cards underneath are selected first. That means when trying to target a creature you have to click in the top/bottom portion which doesn't overlap with cards attached to it, which was confusing. I thought I couldn't target certain creatures until I worked that out!

I didn't know I could right-click the cards to see them so I was playing a bit blind for a while

Options menu button doesn't work

Linux build? Godot makes it as easy as a click ;)

This looks pretty cool - the only thing holding me back from playing is co-op. I'd love to be able to play this with my wife :)