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Played it and enjoyed it, got some feedback if you plan on keep working on it:

( wont let me post the comment so i uploaded it as a screenshot)

Thanks, glad you liked it!

I´ll try it and post some review in the game page

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Sorry but itchio only accepts paypal and another method that I dont have

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Glad you you liked it!
I could make another pack if you provide some references or ideas of what you´re looking for (like buildings, games,  what would you build, etc...) so I can understand and make the most pieces for it
The most similiar of a wood themed pack I have its the Old Interior Pack or the Cabin Pack


Dont forget to post the game here so I can see how you used the assets

The models are on .fbx format, i dont know if godot 4 has an importer for those types of files. I made a quick search and found this

Alternatively you can import the models into blender and convert them to collada (the format that godot usually uses if i remember correctly)

Thanks for telling me, it should be fixed now.

The license for all my stuff is as you said, CC 4.0, but sometimes I forget to change it on cause its hidden from the main page, but now its also changed

Heres an example of my workflow
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I made LIMINAL DREAMS for the 2021 version of this jam by myself. 

For this year I want to meet and work new people!

I´ve been art blocked recently so Im up to make that zombie, just give me some refs of the style (cause psx can be more cartoony or realistic) And I can put it here like the other stuff like for 15 bucks or something

Sry i forgor, now it is

I made all the models modular, so you can attach them like legos.

The trees are like a plane with the same texture that you can place one next to another.

They´re like a tileset but in 3D

Well if you´re gonna use some of my assets dont forget to share your project so I can see ^^

Of course!
I´ve added the blend file with the textures to the asset pack, you can get them there.

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Well, this is how I usually import the models:

1. Importing the Textures

  •  First add all the textures
  •  To achieve the pixelated style Select all  the images > Right Click > Asset Actions > Bulk Edit via Property Matrix
  •  Search for filter and set it to nearest

2. Importing the Models

  •  When Importing be sure that the Material Import Method is set to Create New Material
  •  Also, I uncheck Generate Missing Collision because I prefer to adjust the collision myself, (or maybe some models wont be reacheable so they wont need it)  but you can check it if you dont want to do it manually- It will generate the materials

3. Open the material and do the following:

  •  In the Details tab (click on the material node and will appear on the  left side) I set  Shading Model to  Unlit and If the material has Transparency (If has an Alpha Texture) I set the Blend Mode to Masked. Also check the Two Sided option
  •  Then set the material like this:

And that should do it!


When you import a mesh in UE it asks you how you want to import the material. Look there

If not, did you imported the images too?

Maybe something went twrong and you´ll have to make the materials with the textures manually

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First of all, Thanks for the review

About the issues... This game was made in a week for a game jam  so I didnt have the time for polising and testing so i know it has a lot of bugs.

But Ive worked on an improved version that will be released when the jam ends on April 22 (I cant edit the game page until the jam concludes) where Ive fixed all the bugs known, balanced the game and added all the endings.

Yeah, i have to improve some things~

About the boss door, I was testing the last jam day to add the endings and I forgot to close the door. xD

 I have to wait until the jam ends to update the build, but im working on all those things, but thanks for the feedback!


It need a bit of polishing and balance yet, cause I run out of time, but im glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks for the video!

Thanks for the feedback!

Ill try to improve those things when the jam ends

About the arrows/Numpad. At first I thought to add it, but since you use the mouse a lot I found a bit unconfortble. But may work for left handed people I guess. Well, it cost nothing to add it tbh.

Such a cool game!

I love the strategy mechanics (and the wordplay puzzles) Its well balanced.

And the atmosphere... so creepy that sometimes got jumpscared by the shadowy figures xD

If I have to improve anything: 

  • Didnt like having to press to move every time instead of holding 
  • I wish the "abilites" could be fitted all in the screen
  • I would add a hurt or dead sound for the enemies

Anyways, a very fun game. It has potential to be a full game tbh

I dont think the minimap is that really necessary, it got me focused to orientate and explore. 

Maybe adding some iconic structures or props would help people dont get lost as much.

Thanks for the kind words!
Well yes, I made all by myself. I was planning to add some original music, but I barely had tme to test the game, so probably i´ll improve and fix some things when the jam ends.

Im in~


Busco gente que necesite de un Artista 3D, Diseñador de Niveles o Diseñador de juego.

Ya participé el año pasado con LIMINAL DREAMS y, aunque me gustó la experiencia, aprendí que hacerlo yo solo todo es agotador (sobre todo a nivel de programación)

Por lo que este año me animaré a participar, pero solo si es con gente. (preferiblemente hispanohablantes) 

Tengo algunas ideas aunque prefiero apoyar antes que dirigir el proyecto (Sobre todo me interesa aprender a trabajar en equipo ya que hasta ahora he sido un lobo solitario)

Interesados decidme un poco la experiencia que tengais y proyectos que hayais hecho.

Hell yeah, this is awesome!

Pretty cool!

Currently I dont do commissions, but maybe in the future

However Im open to suggestions about asset packs

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) : This license allows adaptations of your work to be shared in any way, and your work to be used commercially, as long as it's attributed to you.

Ive created a POST so you can ask questions with spoilers

Muy chulo!

Ese suspense y misterio que se va desarrollando me ha dejado con ganas de saber mas, sin duda voy a seguir el desarrollo!

Try this:
File > External Data > Find missing files

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The license is Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International 

"This license allows adaptations of the work to be shared in any way, and  used commercially, as long as it's attributed to the creator"

So yes, you can use it commercially as long as you credit me.

Also feel free to share your game here when its done ^^

The stars works like a progress check.

The middle stars represent that you have completed the world.

The others are secret items hidden around the world

Thank you!

This game  its a bit o a chaos, im  a very noob at game dev and all the content its improvised so I think its better if it ends being a small game.

But that doesnt mean I would stop making games, I have a lot of ideas and maybe  in the future I would be able to make a  bigger dream-based game.

Anyways, thank you for your support and nice comments ^^


Glad you like it even its not completed yet ^^

Thank you for playing and uploading it on youtube!

Well, the pink world bould not be finished in older updates because I messed it up with the level desing, but now its fixed.

Anyways, glad you liked it!

Sorry for that, I messed with the design and the level could not be finished

Now its fixed