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Busco gente que necesite de un Artista 3D, Diseñador de Niveles o Diseñador de juego.

Ya participé el año pasado con LIMINAL DREAMS y, aunque me gustó la experiencia, aprendí que hacerlo yo solo todo es agotador (sobre todo a nivel de programación)

Por lo que este año me animaré a participar, pero solo si es con gente. (preferiblemente hispanohablantes) 

Tengo algunas ideas aunque prefiero apoyar antes que dirigir el proyecto (Sobre todo me interesa aprender a trabajar en equipo ya que hasta ahora he sido un lobo solitario)

Interesados decidme un poco la experiencia que tengais y proyectos que hayais hecho.

Hell yeah, this is awesome!

Pretty cool!

Currently I dont do commissions, but maybe in the future

However Im open to suggestions about asset packs

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) : This license allows adaptations of your work to be shared in any way, and your work to be used commercially, as long as it's attributed to you.

Ive created a POST so you can ask questions with spoilers

Muy chulo!

Ese suspense y misterio que se va desarrollando me ha dejado con ganas de saber mas, sin duda voy a seguir el desarrollo!

Try this:
File > External Data > Find missing files

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The license is Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International 

"This license allows adaptations of the work to be shared in any way, and  used commercially, as long as it's attributed to the creator"

So yes, you can use it commercially as long as you credit me.

Also feel free to share your game here when its done ^^

The stars works like a progress check.

The middle stars represent that you have completed the world.

The others are secret items hidden around the world

Thank you!

This game  its a bit o a chaos, im  a very noob at game dev and all the content its improvised so I think its better if it ends being a small game.

But that doesnt mean I would stop making games, I have a lot of ideas and maybe  in the future I would be able to make a  bigger dream-based game.

Anyways, thank you for your support and nice comments ^^


Glad you like it even its not completed yet ^^

Thank you for playing and uploading it on youtube!

Well, the pink world bould not be finished in older updates because I messed it up with the level desing, but now its fixed.

Anyways, glad you liked it!

Sorry for that, I messed with the design and the level could not be finished

Now its fixed

Yep, I messed it up and the level could not be finished.

With the last update its now fixed (and should be more intuitive)

Anyways, glad you like it and thanks for playing!

Gracias por testearlo y grabarlo! 

La verdad es que al principio estaba muy verde (y no solo por el mundo ejeje) y poco a poco le he ido dando forma, así que si te animas a rejugarlo igual te llevas algunas sorpresas.

De todas formas me alegra que haya gustado!

If I remember correctly, go to AppData\Local\LiminalDreams and delete that folder.

I´ll put a reset button on the next update because its a pain in the ass to do all that process. 

Thank you!

Im still working on it and polishing stuff, however I post the development on twitter if you´re curious about it ^^

Quite interesting concept!

Se ve guapo

Glad you like it!

I know about the carousel "skip", but its fine (for speedrunning strats? or for inpatient people who wnats to rush the levels xD)

About the third world, you´re right. I started to make a house for a rural world but I thought I already had a green world. So that show came into my mind and, well, you see it xD

Thanks for your nice words!

Oke, im fixing it.

Thank you for reporting it and glad you like it!

The more you upgrade, the more satisfiying it becomes!

Great, fun and original for an idle game!

Wow, so cool (even if I had to scroll down to the coments for the code tip) xD

I really apreciate experimental short games

OMG this is terrific!

Honestly, really creeped me out and I even havent finished it yet, i had to stop to take a breath on the morgue part XD

Thank you for the gameplay, glad you like it!

A collection of 30 unique swords in a PS1 style

Now 30% off for the spooky month!

Check out here!

Just released a PS1 style asset pack with a Dungeon theme:

Launch sale for this month! ^^ aqui te dejo el mio un saludo ^^ ^^ ^^ un saludo! holi

Es super adorable, parece de plastilina

Me encanta lo que has podido conseguir desde un boceto tan simple! xD

Es super cuco, está genial!