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that's... definitely not supposed to happen with the ui LOL but the experience it resulted in is interesting glad you enjoyed it

windows 10 64bit

when solving the heart red flash (where you need to press the green button whenever the um slider is on the middle) it does not respond at all-also tried spam clicking- idk maybe I'm just slow

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I have no words honestly just absolutely amazing and creative work!! however idk if its just me but the heart one seems to be not working? (reading other reviews it does seem to be just me lol) 

now fixed :]

Hi! thx for your feedback, the ui was messed up and now its fixed, as for input you press enter or delete its written a bit down the page haha


wa i cry cuz i don't know how to download beautiful game awe  

Thank you for commenting!

very eerie and relaxing, gave me chills!

ooooh it does sound very similar to the one used in the original. thx this was helpful!

WOW DUDE! possum springs in one of my favorite tracks, really creative vocalizing with the guitar

do you mind sharing the guitar tab?

i'm sorry if this was already explained in the page I did read it I swear 


Omg of course!!! 

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This game is absolutely fascinating. I loved everything about it the atmosphere, the controls, the levels and specially the boss fight! I thought it was way too hard at first but once I observed it and knew what to do it was a really excellent fight!! 

And I really admire how accessible the game is, for crappy pcs 

I'm probably  gonna start binge reading your devlogs lol if you start making YouTube devlogs I am definitely watching

"EMK - Music To Have A Coffee on a Stormy Tuesday Afternoon With Your Ex-wife To Discuss Splitting Up the Record Collection To"

this sent me

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amazing game! really fun, nice visuals my only note is the controls are a bit clunky  and annoying when not being able to jump while running

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nice game idea and visuals! if only there was something to show progress in some way ( other that the health) but nice submission!

haven't been able to play any game so far because all of them are in 64bit :,)

It’s the down arrow 

Sorry I didn’t mention that in the game

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Thank you for the feedback! Could you please send me a link to the YouTube video I wanna see it :0

Edit: oop never mind found it my comments

The visuals look really nice!! I’m gonna play this when I submit my game 

AAA THANK YOU T-T I’m glad it was worth it

wow this is fun

I think the physics need a small tweek but well done!

unfortunately I can't play it cuz it's 64bit

this is by far my fav game! pretty neat just wish making one mistake didn't make you lose a whole level 

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the game play is a bit confusing for me but REALLY impressive good job!

I like the feel and style, though it was a bit hard to play. nice job!

at least my game works lmao

oh wow thank you :D definitely gonna make something better once  I gain more experience

its so amazing how atmospheric and good yet so simple your games are!

Yeah the reason you can’t fuse more than once is because,, well I didn’t know how to do it haha

At some point I even got so hopeless I wanted  to quit

Hopefully my next game jam will be more efficient. Thank you for the feedback! •w•

The amount of wholesomeness  your comment has gave me is indescribable  T^T

 I’m so glad you and your friend had a decent time playing it together!!

Aw I’m really glad you liked it :D!! (And a bit surprised as well lol)

absolutely amazing. very cool style and creative game mechanics!! really enjoined playing this!   

Hey! I drew fanart for it :)

NICE JOB! i like the pacing and the idea :)

Do you have any idea how fricken fun this game is?? >:D 

every thing is so amazing the music the style and the levels goodjob!!

really cool game! i like the idea and the graphics