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Omg of course!!! 

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This game is absolutely fascinating. I loved everything about it the atmosphere, the controls, the levels and specially the boss fight! I thought it was way too hard at first but once I observed it and knew what to do it was a really excellent fight!! 

And I really admire how accessible the game is, for crappy pcs 

I'm probably  gonna start binge reading your devlogs lol if you start making YouTube devlogs I am definitely watching

"EMK - Music To Have A Coffee on a Stormy Tuesday Afternoon With Your Ex-wife To Discuss Splitting Up the Record Collection To"

this sent me

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amazing game! really fun, nice visuals my only note is the controls are a bit clunky  and annoying when not being able to jump while running

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nice game idea and visuals! if only there was something to show progress in some way ( other that the health) but nice submission!

haven't been able to play any game so far because all of them are in 64bit :,)

It’s the down arrow 

Sorry I didn’t mention that in the game

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Thank you for the feedback! Could you please send me a link to the YouTube video I wanna see it :0

Edit: oop never mind found it my comments

The visuals look really nice!! I’m gonna play this when I submit my game 

AAA THANK YOU T-T I’m glad it was worth it

wow this is fun

I think the physics need a small tweek but well done!

unfortunately I can't play it cuz it's 64bit

this is by far my fav game! pretty neat just wish making one mistake didn't make you lose a whole level 

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the game play is a bit confusing for me but REALLY impressive good job!

I like the feel and style, though it was a bit hard to play. nice job!

at least my game works lmao

oh wow thank you :D definitely gonna make something better once  I gain more experience

its so amazing how atmospheric and good yet so simple your games are!

Yeah the reason you can’t fuse more than once is because,, well I didn’t know how to do it haha

At some point I even got so hopeless I wanted  to quit

Hopefully my next game jam will be more efficient. Thank you for the feedback! •w•

The amount of wholesomeness  your comment has gave me is indescribable  T^T

 I’m so glad you and your friend had a decent time playing it together!!

Aw I’m really glad you liked it :D!! (And a bit surprised as well lol)

absolutely amazing. very cool style and creative game mechanics!! really enjoined playing this!   

Hey! I drew fanart for it :)

NICE JOB! i like the pacing and the idea :)

Do you have any idea how fricken fun this game is?? >:D 

every thing is so amazing the music the style and the levels goodjob!!

really cool game! i like the idea and the graphics

i think my game is broken... i see nothing but ui and a purple screen when i open it

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ok so, ive played this game for like almost an hour, AND ITS SO GOOD!!! i really like the sound design and the sketches! I might draw fanart for this :) honestly I'm super impressed that you made this in just a month!