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This is pretty cool and relatively well made

There also seems to be some arg aspect which is always cool

edit: heck theirs even a boss fight. Too lazy to see it through rn tho

bullets disappearing on collision was actually one of the things we planned on implementing but were scrapped for time. We really needed to make more time for working on the game lol

also, I think  diagonal shooting would make for a great upgrade!

I 100% agree with this
also, the bullet speed isn't actually something we considered at all so thanks for that feedback. usually when we get feedback its things we at least thought about lol

Thank you very much
also, I just added controls to the comments

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oh sorry we didn't make the controls clear
I added controls  to the page comments

it got rushed at the end

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I realized some were having problems with the controls so
Movement: WASD

Shooting: arrow keys

menu: ESC

How to play: you attack the enemy to gain time, When you are hit your time gets reduced. Eventually, when you run out of time you die.
Once you die and respawn in the shop, approach the shopkeeper and you can buy upgrades to push your run further.

Next time we will ensure to make the gameplay significantly more straightforward. As for this is only our second game jam.

Feedback is welcomed and encouraged!

Thanks for playing!!!!!!

Thank you!

Thank you!

And yeah those projectiles are annoying lol

Thank you!

And yeah there's definitely something missing that makes it feel a little meh but that probably will come eventually with experience 

Thank yoou

I really liked this game. I was in no way expecting a horror game from this game jam. Good job!

Thank you!
and yeah that is definitely a comment complaint lmao

Thank you! I agree completely on the attack area. if I make a follow-up update I think I'm going to completely rework the attack system.
With the projectiles, I would not be surprised if that was actually the case and that is also something that defiantly needs work.

Thank you so much!

the bug with the character spawning under the map is so annoying. I'm also really happy with the death indicator and surprisingly you are the only one who has mentioned it lol.

oh no the randomizer is perfect

I'm just very unlucky lmao

Thank you so much I'm really happy with my idea for this

And yeah those are really common complaints lmao

thank you so much

And those fireballs and the attacking really need some work lmao

yeah the fireballs are really annoying

But I actually got the idea from D&D lmao

Thank you!

And actually I might flesh it out

thank you so much

And yeah the bugs are really annoying

But I didn't have the level reset because since it was for a game jam I wanted the difficulty to be kinda low and in playtesting I've died for a lot of annoying reasons so I wanted it to be forgiving

But thank you for the feedback


It only does that sometimes tho and I have no idea why

you right  the dice feedback thing was in the list of things to add but it didn't make the cut

Also that bug is so annoying lmao

the music creator was very excited to see this lmao

And thank you!

thank you and yeaaaah

The Creator of the music was super excited to hear it was good :) 

And yeah got those complaints a lot but thank you

The game is adorable and the commentary is amazing


and yeah that bug is really annoying I thought I fixed it lol

feedback would have definitely been a good addition in hindsight

the attacking is really something i need to fix

Thank you

good point

and thank you

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Mouse aiming didn't work cause there wasn't mouse aiming lmao. In hindsight there really should have been tho.

Edit: it was even in the tutorial lmao I have no idea how it got there

My friend had the same idea specifically with it involving range. I might do that if I make an updated version.

That bug annoys me cause I'm not sure why it happens. It's caused by the player spawning under the tile map but only sometimes.

yeah, I encountered that problem too but I couldn't come up with a good solution.

Yeah the up and down attacks would definitely help and even came up during development but unfortunately never happened

Thaaaaank you

Thank you

Thank you

Quite fun just needs some polish. 

honestly i might do that