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Nice game, I liked it.

The Endless mode is a little glitchy at sometimes, but it's great.

The music is good aswell, there's some high pitched audio that activates at random times, kinda annoying at sometimes, but it's probably the robot. xD

Levels also, were nice and challenging.

The aesthetic was great. Aswell. 😀

Send the links of your late projects here:



Everyone is welcome!

Czarlo, thanks for replying. Perfectly valid answer. :)

Hello, electronic247.

Normal Jam Game length.

Was intended solo.

Assets are allowed, if you won't get into copyright issues. But, please. Make the most your self. :) Will be more fun.

Hopefully this helped, good luck in the jam!

Okay, now I didn't think that through. xD

Would this be a good idea, if you don't have a Discord account. Well, then you'd have twice of chance of your theme for the next jam picked?

I seriously didn't think that through. Bc, I don't want participants to specially create a account for just this.

Hi Czarlo, sadly no. But you can add any other playing platform, Linux, Windows, MacOS. Even PS4. xD

But, I want to keep it fair. So, there won't be a battle. Like that was there, etc.

You get it right? But you're welcome to upload another version of the game on your account. As a finished outside jam version.

But in short, no. You'll be only able to add playing platforms. If any difficulty of doing that, you can contact me on the Discord server. Or here, on itch.

And again, best of luck!

Hi pikachucj09, I agree to Czarlos answer. But, if the participants are under or like next to 20, for example 22, 19, 25. I'll include everyone. But if for some magical reason, we get 30 and up, I'll show 20. 

Is that fine? :)

Anything you want changed about the showcasing. Just say. And so, best of luck!

Hi Czarlo. There won't be one, just around the theme. For my first jam, I'll keep it simple.

But if you want to, you can make it with a limitation as a additional challenge for your self.

But in short, there won't be any other limitations, only Keep playing time, like normal length. And following the theme.

Best of Luck!

You sadly can't right now, but you can follow it's development on my YouTube channel here:

Hello Everyone!

I just hosted a game jam right here:

It will go on from the 1st of June 2021 til' 7th of June of 2021. With the theme, of: Secret To Life

Competitors should make any genre game, about the theme obviously.

The top 20 games will be played on my YouTube channel.

And the Top 3, will get a special role on my Discord Server.

Feel free to join!

Bet Of Luck, Creeper Games!

It's just a demo mate

Thanks, for feedback. I don't want to add a crosshair, for 2 reasons, because I want it to be like realistic and stuff, and other one, that guns don't shoot straight down the center, basically from the camera. So maybe I'll add it, idk.

Yeah, sound effects when reloading, there's one only for the shotgun, and it's minor

Recoil already exists, but not in a way where the gun moves. Yeah, damage indicator, yeah.

Thanks, I too love the progression! Those puppies saved you from not trying it. xD


That actually happened with me too, and I also don't know why. xD

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Thanks for playing it Grimbag! And I'm excited to know that you cannot wait where it goes.

Yeah, ammo limitations, are in my mind now, overall. This feedback you wrote is good, gonna wait until the vido gets processed by YouTube to see, how you played it. :)

Overall, thanks!

Hello comrade! This is really good information for government, will try to implement! xD

But seriously talking, it's really good feedback, thanks!

Oh, nice. :)

I guess I'm gonna be patient, thank you. 

Have fun playing other games!

Howdy ZakariaGhorfati! I worked har on my game Our Republic.

Here's the link:

It's a historical city builder based on a soviet era, I would like it if you'd check it out. :)

You can check out my other games too, but this one is the best I made. :)

Thank you. :)

Thank you, background music will be implemented, hyper speed is a accidental feature. :)

The country side looks fabulous, when I saw it the first time, I though about Italy. XD, really good progress, keep that up!

Noice man! Keep it up!

Really nice game! :) I like that one level had two optinal paths, I would like it if that kind of design would be in more levels. The game was a bit broken on my resolution, but it was playable! Controlls were responsive, pretty cool. Gameplay was cool too. In those blue levels I would like it if the player turned blue too, to mach the level. :)

But anyways, good game.

lately I have a lot of stuff to do, but I'll try to check it out in my free time. :)

Nice to hear. Thanks.

Really good experience, controlls really good. sfx is short for Sound Effects. :) Play time, I didn't mesure it, sorry

Really cool game man, I liked it, unleast the part I could play. :) I didn't want to unplug my controller, because then i would need to take some wires away, it would be a mess. So I would like it if you would add a option to enable or disable the controller. :) 

But anyway, game was actually fun, good graphics, goo game design. :) Keep it up.

If you want maybe check out my games. And maybe join my games Our Republic discord server:

If you would, thank you. Anyways, have a great day!

Okay, this game was fun, a bit boring some times, but still good quality game. Some times the sfx where anoying, really anoying, But at the end it's a good game good job. :) Good luck in the future development of the game.