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Interesting game and new iteration of old idea, I liked it. Would be nice to see 1 or 2-hex blocks (could be rare)

Thanks, dude!

Might have to overhaul the UI at some point because it sometimes was difficult to tell if a present was falling from the sky or if it was just part of the user interface.

Yeah I find it a bit confusing too and will try to modify a bit in future.

After his arrival, I guess my walk animations started to stick, causing me to continue walking after throwing a present towards him.

Hmm I need to look a bit closer this issue then :)

How festiwe was it?: Sadly I don't feel christmas atmosphere :( And that's not because of lack of snow in my country :C

How easy to control?: Very easy. 

How well did it follow the limitations?: I feel this game rather black and white than red-green-white colored, but it's ok. It is snow walk, so there is much snow and I like it. 

How good were the graphics?: I am a fan.

Did it feature Santa?: Sadly no. 

Oh man, probably my fav genre. I love rythm games <3

How festive was it?: Christmas music, smiling reindeer and arrows looking like christmas trees? I buy it. 

How easy to control?: Very easy. As simple as possible, I think. I appreciate simple controls in rythm games.

How well did it follow the limitations?: Very well :)

How good were the graphics?: In my opinion there is no need for advanced graphics in rythm games. But also it is quite good. I love pixels and that reindeer... oh dear.

Did it feature Santa?: Sadly no. But I give you points for that adorable reindeer and old (?) man who could be Santa without his famous red robe at all :D

First milestone has been hit!


Today I hit first milestone on my project's roadmap. It contains:

  • moving
  • collisions depending on player's color
  • shooting bullets in player's color
  • enemy which player can kill
  • player's color energy
  • enemies drop foundables player can pick and raise energy


All sprites and tilesets are temporary as I am not an artist :D 

First look - game plot will be set in laboratory-like environment so background and tileset will be changed significantly.

Color changing - player can change character's color what enables or disables certain colliders. Quite fun to develop and I could understand how colliders in Phaser 3 work.

Shooting - each color form can shoot different type of projectile. Enemies will be immune to color attacks.

Enemies and drops - player will face some enemies and they will drop random items like energy needed to use color forms. Also it was fun to code enemy's movement and killing xD


I am learning everything about gamedev from scratch, starting with simple platformer.  I chose Phaser 3 for my first game framework because I know JavaScript better than other languages popular in gamedev (like Python or C++).

The game is not completed in even 25%. Still I need to design few first levels, test how mechanics work and possibly balance them. Also I think it will be fun to play with camera, lights, shaders, particles and sounds :D 

This is my playground to learn some basics and maybe more advanced techniques. Most of all it is very fun and rewarding to develop games, even as simple as my project :D

In the second milestone I plan to improve the main mechanics (several things still are hardcoded) and design several levels to release the first playable demo within a month.

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I've just started working on my first game ever.

Meet R.G. Bwizard*, the mad scientist who acts like sorcerer who he is not (despite his last name).

He might look a little cocky or just confident but he is in big trouble. Well, everyone ignores real problems, don't they?
As a mad scientist he has got a big laboratory which he experiments in. And the latest one of his experiments went out of control.


It will be 2D side-scrolling platformer with foundables, a few secrets and full of enemies. The main idea is switching colors - R.G. is able to change his robe between three colors of RGB plus neutral one in grey color (very early placeholder preview below). Each robe gives him unique ability to fight against enemies (well, there will be magic, yay) and robe color affects how he interacts with environment. Our character can only stand on platforms in the same color as his robe (or neutral ones). Also he will be immune (or just less vulnerable) to attacks in corresponding color.


Personally I am hobbyist fantasy writer so I plan to create short backstory for this game. To be honest, main plot has been designed few months ago and now I have to polish it slightly and expand a bit.

Devlog updates

I will update this devlog every time I beat one of the milestones I assumpted. First on my checklist is to program color changing and how they affect environment.

So that's all for now. I think I can deliver you first screenshots in a couple of days :D Thanks for your attention.

* Be aware this is just a concept art not a real look of game's character. Also I'm not an artist so my drawings might be horrible :D