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I have a new game out that I'd love for you to check out. 

It's a funny text-based game. You're application has just been accepted by the Heroic Guild, so you get to pick a power, costume, and name. Then you go on a series of four missions. The first three are randomized, and the last one is your new nemesis, based on the decisions you made in one of the previous missions. At the end, you're evaluated by the Heroic Guild. There are six nemeses total, and five powers to choose from, so it's a game you can replay a few times.

You can play in your browser for free:

I just released a new murder mystery game. If you played Murder on the Spaceship, it's kind of like that, but I added more features (you can talk to suspects multiple times, but you're also under a "time limit" that's really an action limit), and of course the mystery itself is totally new. This one has a fantasy theme. 

Here's the description:

The Queen's favorite jester has been murdered. It happened during a party at the castle, one attended by wizards, fairies, and other magical beings. The castle guard has put a spell on the castle to prevent anyone from leaving, but it will only last for the night. You have that long to find the murderer -- before he or she slips away. 

In this text-based game, you have a limited number of moves to uncover as many clues as possible before being forced to make an accusation. 

The Queen wants somebody's head. If you don't find the murderer, that head might be yours. 

You can play it for free in your browser.

Some people just want to be happy. Others seem determined to be sad. Unfortunately, you can’t always predict the results of your decisions. If you help an old lady cross the street, will you end up having a pleasant conversation with her? Or will she think you're trying to mug her and have you arrested? If you throw yourself a birthday party for yourself, will you be showered with presents, or will you end up alone and depressed when nobody comes?

In this game, you decide whether your goal is to be happy or sad. You also decide whether or not you want to do a suggested action. Some actions are more likely to make you happy or sad than others, but you can't always be totally sure of the result you'll get. 

Happy/Sad is a casual, humorous text-based game with minimal (stick figure) art. You can play it for free in your browser.

I just released my latest text-based interactive fiction game. 

You travel to a small coastal town in search of your missing sister -- but when you finally find her, you might wish you hadn't. There are multiple endings -- which you get depends on your decisions. 

It's free, and you can play it in your browser.

My latest interactive fiction game it out! 

You are a magistrate ordered to investigate the disappearance of multiple nobles in the rat-plagued town of Ryeport. Did they simply flee the rats, or is there a more sinister explanation? You'll have to investigate the menacing rats cultists,  the swindled wizard, the broke nobles, and the suffering guild members to find out. 

There are multiple endings -- which you get depends on the decisions you make. Play multiple times to see alternate endings and story paths.

It's free and you don't have to download anything, so check it out:

Cursed Odyssey, my interactive fiction fantasy adventure, is up. 

You are the captain of a merchant vessel. A witch's curse sends you to a distant sea, and now you must make the dangerous journey home, facing monsters, storms, and pirates along the way. 

In this interactive fiction adventure, what happens depends on your decisions.

  • Do you dare listen to the sirens' song?
  • Can you answer the sphinx's riddle?
  • Should you fight the pirates or surrender to them?
  • And more tough questions!

There are multiple endings -- choose wisely to get the best one, and play multiple times to see everything. 

Check out the game at

Thank you so much for taking the time to play the game and to write this. I really appreciate it!

And I'll definitely check out the Game Development World Championship!

Hi, everyone! I'm so I found It's such a great site!

I just published my first game today. I've been a writer for years, but I'm just getting into making interactive fiction games. I'm using Twine to make the games.

I've released my first game! It's interactive fiction, a murder mystery set in space, and it's free.

Here's a description:

You're a police detective for the Draco Solar System. You're supposed to be on vacation, but some rich woman got murdered on a spaceship cruise of the galaxy, and it just happened to take place in your jurisdiction. You have one night to investigate the crime and charge someone. You'd better get it right, and you'd better have enough evidence to make the charges stick, because after tonight, the suspects will be long gone. 

Check it out at