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very cool game

Amazing game

Follows the theme perfectly great job

Thanks i love criticism it helps me improve most of the buggyness came to a lack of time because i didn't decide to join till 5 days in the score system was added last minute

Bred Game Good

amazing but extremely hard i couldn't last 5 sec

Nice Bullet Patterns

The actual game was amazing but the dash was kinda buggy

Amazing game would have enjoyed it slightly more if it used wasd  and if the movement was all the way around the island instead of just sides and bottom overall great job

Sound stripe has lots of royalty freee music and i had no time to make my own music

Very Polished

Really good game love the cutscenes one question on the third room my screen became orange tinted is there a reason for that

Was unable to beat the last stage but this game rocks

So hard but so good

Good Game but at the bottom the screen there is no bullets so its pretty easy to cheese it

Really cool game 2 things i only ever got one enemy to spawn at a time and 2nd the turret placement was kinda buggy great overall though

music is from sound stripe

the screen size is fixed now didn't have time to fix it before school and the having to shoot around the enemy's bullets was honestly an accident 

Love how shooting to much comes back to bite you in the but

The Shooting feels a bit off took me a bit to realize you can only shoot if your aim is directly on a spider

Cool Concept


it does that randomly sometimes you just have to restart it

Amazing game