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thanks for the feedback 

thanks for the feedback 

Thank you for the feedback

thank you 

thanks for the feedback


the game was fun but hard

the game craches for me but the parts i can play are fun

the game was hard but fun i liked the art style but culdent get passed the spiky cliffs becuse of low oxygen

thank you

The music was relly god for the game and i liked the notes

thanks for the feedback

thanks for the feedback

thanks for the feed back

The game is fun but a littel hard

The game is a littel hard but fun.

I liked the style off the game 

I liked the art style off the game

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It is great the effect is super cool but the charackter dident fit in in the art style to the rest off the game but it stil looks god

ther is no real goal for the game and the controls frrl slugich

I dont like the controlls and the game wuld need to have full screen becuse i cant sell the fich i catch

I like the game it is a littel hard for me when you need to click to buttons att the same time but it was well made

You can just digg straigt down and the controlls arent the best but i like the art for the game.

The Art was super gud but after you get the trecher the game craches


God i will play it tomorrow and give you feedback 

thanks for the feedback

Fun game


I cant die 

it is ok littel bit fun

fun i dident understan thate you neded to click to span warriors and sucth untill i lucked at the screnshots

It is fun 

you culd have made it so if you hold down the mouse butten it will kep uppdating insted of having the player click the hole timme

It is fun but hard on 2 and 3

fun and grate art

It is fun and Intresting but idident meke it more then the second nigt

The Fieles dosent work if you click on Run Game Ther is a eror meseg I had The same problem you ned to schange a seting under player

A problem on the secend level even if you Get to The goal on the secend level you Die

It is hard May by make the days a littel bit slower

It was fun idident under stand thate you neded to cange multipel timmes