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found your QR code at a subway station, this game looks like it describes my subway very well

My current high score:

Very good to note, thank you!

thank you mr esid

here's the finished timer! not exactly the greatest thing ever but as a first project i'm quite happy with it

Thank you to the both of you! This helps a lot.

as someone who procrastinates a lot, i'm building a timer in decker using a field and a button to both act as a focus tool and also to apply some newfound programming knowledge. i have the basic countdown, but i'm wondering how i can make the program delay a second before going through the while loop again. any help is appreciated!

on click do  
    while display.text>0   
        display.text: display.text - 1  
        #delay goes here   

Nicely done!

Ok this is really nice, everything is super tight. Platforming and the hook are a bit punishing, but this is really fun.

Wow, this is reeeeeallly good. Audio is great, mechanics are tight, I couldn't tell if this was a jam game or a steam release! The jumps are a bit tight, but I just really like this game.

this game is legitimately addicting

first perfect score of the day

Pretty fun game! Music is a bit repetitive, and I think it's a bit too easy (just spin your ship around and you win), but nevertheless I enjoyed it.

Few bugs and the presentation isn't the best, but this is VERY fun. I can see myself playing a steam release of something like this.

The controls hurt my hand after a while, and I got pushed by an enemy into the wall, clipping me through and trapping me. I do like the concept, however

glad i could make some jams!