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What's new? (v 0.4.3-proto)

  • Added a gameover screen with final score calculator. Because it's a bigger number than the score, and big numbers are cool.
  • Fixed a problem with pressing play (sometimes) on mobile.
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What's new? (v 0.3.3-proto)

  • Added a menu. Now you can decide when you want to start the game.
  • Tweaked the jumping speed. Because we are never satisfied with it.

Also, modified the source files a bit. Added scenes, so adding new "modes" to the game and other stuff will be possible and easier
This version is more of a technical improvement one more than anything, so if anyone is curious, check the .zip file in the devlog.

What's new? (v 0.2.3-proto)

  • Added a combo system. In case you wondering how many times you grabbed the bird.
  • .. and a HP counter! You have 3 attempts. And every fail resets your combo. Guess after all you won't have a "total bird butt touches" counter. And you lose some points.
  • Changed the font. The old one lacked some class.
  • And the speed increases even harder! No more 10 points per catch. Now it increases depending on how many combos you have.
  • Feathers decreased in size. We checked on a real life bird. The feathers are not the same size of the whole body.

No birds were harmed during this.

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What's new? (v 0.1.3-proto)

  • Game's speed increases harder. Now we can get to more points before the bird goes frenzy.
  • Added a hand sprite. No more falling on the "wooden plank". Now it's soft. Feathers still fly.
  • Added progression text. Now you can feel epic when the text says that the score you have is amazing.
  • Added window scaling. Now we can resize the browser... (psst, if you make it very small, it will be easy to get high score)

Now on the more technical side...

  • Added Cordova & Android platform for builds. Because we needed more reasons to "drop" our phones.
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What's new? (v 0.1.1-proto)

  • First jumps are fixed. Doesn't instantly succumb to Newton's gravity law and fall.
  • A better model sprite. Last time we checked parrots had more than just a around head.
  • Feathers! Lucky us we don't have to clean after each session...
  • New font, and title appears in game. Because... we don't know. It just looked nice.
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Good day, fellow itchiers!

Bird, Don't Fall! is my recent project related to games. I've tried to get into game developing years ago, but I did not have enough patience, will and knowledge to do so. 8-9 years later, I'm studying for master's degree and working as a full-time programmer; so I thought this would be the perfect chance to take this up again.

What's Bird, Don't Fall! about?

It's very easy - you have a bird and you have to keep it safe from falling.
Bird, Don't Fall! is a web game in which you have to take care of your pet parrot. Your bird just got his wings trimmed, and because of that he cannot fly that good anymore. That made him angry, and now he tries to jump in attempt to fly. Your job is to keep it safe and not allow him to touch the ground.
Your tools to do so are your hands. Place your hands where you would expect your bird to jump to give him a boost and prevent his fall.  ... but, there's a problem! The bird goes crazier and crazier, and will start jumping around more chaotic the more you keep him away from the ground.

Tools & Engine

I'm developing the game using Phaser v3 and JavaScript.
The game is at a prototype level; I'm still learning the ropes of the engine, and "trial-and-error"-ing my way into making the prototype feel good to play, then moving on to add whatever I have left in my mind.
I plan to launch the game on mobile devices as well if everything goes fine. 

Well, that being said, hope that whoever reads this and checks it out finds it somewhat interesting enough to keep an eye on it now and then.
Oh, and also, feedback and critique is most welcome! Suggestions too.

Reason for edits: Formatting and typos.