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I'm 7 months late, but I hear that Chromebooks have this thing where you can add Debian's software repositories and install Linux software. There's a piece of Linux software called Wine that is capable of running some Windows programs with finite success. I'm on Debian, and I can use Wine to run this game just fine. 

I suppose another option is you could take the Rust route.

Garry Newman started building the game Rust in an older version of Unity. Then, two things happened: he realized that both the codebase and the design of the game itself were unsustainable and stale, and that a big new Unity version had come out mid-development with a bazillion new features. So, what he did was he completely abandoned the codebase for that current version of Rust and started work on a new one from the ground up. Then, when it was ready, he pushed released this entirely "new" version of Rust as an update to the game, and labeled the old one as "Rust legacy".

I suppose if the codebase for Among Us 1 is just such a cluster fuck but you don't want to release a sequel, you could instead just bin it as "Among Us Legacy", and start work on an entirely new one that is technically a "sequel" but still released for free to current Among Us owners sort of like an update.

Thanks! I wasn't expecting that so fast!

This game is fairly simple, but really fun. Reminds me a lot of Fruit Ninja, but if it were color coded.

Thanks. It's a game with great potential, it's just that it's difficult to actually survive for more than a second. Good luck!

It would be nice if you had posted a Linux version. I say this because you made it with Unity. Other than that, very nice and creative game!

This game is pretty good. I got one lap done in 4 minutes.

This is a very creative game. It's got a core platforming concept that's really well done, followed by several others like teleporters (which feel like the portals from Portal, which is never a bad thing), breaking stuff by flinging yourself into it, lava pits of death, windows (I love breaking windows in videogames, it's just so satisfying, and I'm glad I had an excuse to do it here, too). The only thing I can think of improving is that maybe it was too annoying to redo the little section right before the bossfight everytime I died to the boss, but I was still able to beat the boss, and I still had fun, so maybe that wasn't too bad. It also would have been nice to have a button like R to kill your character in case you got stuck, but overall this game is really great.

Thank you!

This game is nice. I really like that you went all out on green, as I think it works really well with this game. The only thing I don't like is that I don't know what all of the powerups do. The coffee speeds you up, but I'm not sure what the floppy disk does and what the book with an alien on it does is a mystery to me.

  • Camouflaging yourself means you can't see yourself or where you're going.
  • Touching a predator kills you.
  • Falling in a pit kills you.
  • You start at the edge of the screen where 2 predators have you kinda trapped and if you stay there, camouflaged or not, you will be pushed off the edge and die.
  • If you camouflage yourself to avoid the predators, you can't see yourself. I understand that there is a color limit, but you should be able to see your character from the background, even if it's just a little.

Verdict: Annoy me "a little" is an understatement. This game is extremely hard, and I can rarely survive more than a few seconds.

Nevermind, my game is part of the "submissions" collection. I got scared for a moment. It's stupid that the submit button doesn't tell you your project is already submitted.

I uploaded my game to this site. You can view it on my profile. It's the first game I have ever uploaded to this site. I just spend nearly 12 hours straight finishing it for this jam. In fact, this is my first game jam.

Now however, with 6 hours left, I cannot submit it for the game jam. I don't know why. I submitted it to this site, but every time I click the "submit my project" button, it says that I haven't uploaded a game I can submit to the competition. What's wrong with my game? Why can't I submit it?