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I remember a burnout hit me after the 4th.

I have art for more but the time and effort put into is just not justified any longer. Maybe, if I can get more deals from prospects or ppl that can market the game properly it might make sense. I don't have much experience with monetizing, it is what kills my personal game dev. Peple play and support what they want more of. There's plenty of content out there! :)

Used it in Ex4ce, a Shoot'em up game also available here in itch.

Full RPG music for only 27$ it's a steal... maybe I should look into the genre myself.

tyvm for the rating, every bit helps!

yeah your stuff is amazing man, i've linked your main profile to the game that uses your music, feek free to have a run at it :)

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Hey Guys,

Really excited to share my shoot'em up game with you all! It is HTML5, Free to play, and the rev model is ... well support from the awesomest of players! :)

The game can be played here on at the link bellow:

Ex4ce Beginnings

If you get stuck I have some TIPS in the page for what upgrades are must haves but please feel free to play it your unique way.

Remember once you defeat a level's boss, next run the level will be much shorter and the boss is half health but gives the same random loot type so you can keep farm faster. Every 5 minutes 1000 stars are awarded for free, 1000 stars are awarded after the first run (you can just enter the game then pause and exit to quickly cash that in if you want).

What else is there to add... just enjoy have fun feel free to whatever!!! I'd love to be able to make more games inspired by action arcades back in the day with the modern tech touch and upgrades. Upgrades are a ton of fun... love them!

The game looks like this:

And it plays like this:

gl hf!

Thank you!

Updated new version to fit under larger than intended iFrames

There's still a known bug about not being able to shut the music off, just keep toggling it once in game ... but seriously who would turn off such incredibly engaging music! :)