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Hi, thanks for getting in touch! The reason is that We'll always have Paris uses the same narrative game engine we wrote for Sarawak, so the executable that runs them is the same, and keeps the name!

Once we start supporting a platform, we can't stop supporting it, and we are committing to solving all problems with that platform. We can't do that unless we have hardware to test on. Compatibility modes like you mention are useful tools, but they are never the same as the real hardware, and there remains a risk of platform specific bugs slipping through.

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Unfortunately as we are still in development we only support recent versions. I have added a note about requirements on the itch page. We'll review these later in development to include as many distros as possible, but as we don't have a 32 bit machine to test with, it is unlikely we'll ever build for that.

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It should start normally through the launcher if you are using that?

It is built for and tested on Ubuntu 22.04, but it should work on any distro a glibc of 2.35 or newer (newer Ubuntus, Debian 12, Arch should all be fine)

Sorry, not right now, but likely one day. We are sticking with a smaller number of platforms at these early stages to make it really easy to push updates. That way we can iterate on the feedback as fast as possible!

I've not tried it recently, but the Windows version should work well under Wine though

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Iron Roads is a top down 2D train management game with a focus on optimisation. Inspired by games like Mini Metro, OpenTTD, Opus Magnum, Let's Build a Zoo, and the Two Point games, we want Iron Roads to be approachable to start, but deep enough you can spend many, many hours optimising your train network and completing the various contracts.

Our reason for making the demo available early is to get feedback as we develop. We've started a Discord, and discussing it with players there has helped us greatly by making it clear what we need to focus on. We're hoping to keep this going all the way to release with as wide and diverse a group of players as possible.

If you do try the demowe'd love to hear any feedback you have. Whether it is on the forums here, on our Discord, or whatever form of communication most convenient to you!

Could I ask what shared library is missing and what linux distribution you are using? It shouldn't be hard to pack in any further missing shared libraries with it.

Ok, thanks, we'll take a look!

Sorry to hear that. Could I ask what monitor you have, and what the resolution is?

The black bars are deliberate, but obviously the clicking shouldn't be like that.

Thank you Yggie!

We'll always have Paris, a short narrative experience about loving someone with dementia, is out today.

This is the story of Simon Smith, a retired chef who lives with Claire, his wife of fifty years. Claire is slowly losing her memory, and Simon must balance his love for her with his desire to maintain normality and autonomy over the confusion that is infiltrating both their lives.

We'll always have Paris is a wholesome narrative game that explores the lived experience of memory loss, and the beauty of a love that lasts two lifetimes.

Thank you so much!

Sarawak is a short narrative adventure experience that takes you from the dreaming spires of Oxford to the jungles of Borneo as you make interactive choices and solve puzzles in a story that blurs the boundaries between narrative games and conventional literature.

This is a maintenance release which fixes a few issues with Sarawak that came up with players since launch, and adds some further polish to the game.

  • Added more background music and sound effects
  • Added parallax to images
  • Reworked options
    • Added volume control to main menu screen
    • Added scroll speed option
    • Added all options from main screen to the in-game menu
    • Added exit to desktop option to in-game menu
  • Reworked hints to improve clarity
  • Removed unnecessary animations in Chapter 2 crossword
  • Minor image updates
  • Title music is always enabled when returning to main menu

We are now working on a mobile version of Sarawak for iOS and Android devices. With that update we are planning to expand Sarawak towards the end of the story, and we will bring that to Steam and Itch as a free update.


A few years of researching, writing, editing, programming, editing, illustrating, and then some more editing, and somehow here we are releasing our game Sarawak to the world!

Sarawak is a narrative adventure game that takes you from the dreaming spires of Oxford to the jungles of Borneo as you make interactive choices and solve puzzles in a story that blurs the boundaries between narrative games and conventional literature.

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