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Thanks for playing and for the review! :)

Hi, the bundle is supposed to be for the DRM free version, not Steam. But I'll make an exception, send me an email at

Hi, thanks! I don't intend to update the demo, I'm focused on the full game. Maybe there'll be a small update to include recent fanarts though.

Sorry, I can only put one version available on GOG, and I'm not going to put an early build. If you want an key to access the download I can give you one.

Just reach me to

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Hmm my version naming for the demo must have been different from the full game. That demo must be old.

EDIT: Yep I checked, that demo is 5 years old.

The current version on (1.2.1) is the latest one, same on Steam. Do you have an old computer that can't run 64 bit?

EDIT 2: I have retrieved an older 1.0.6 version for Linux which should be more or less the same one as that demo and works with 32 bit Linux. I've uploaded it here.

I'm not aware of such version :p If you mean the latest version on Steam, there's not much difference aside from chapter select.

Hi, yes, but only some time after the full release. I want to make sure I don't have to update many builds at once.

The Prologue should be fully playable via Proton right now though!

Thank you!

Thanks for the advice! The trailer is from one year ago, now I would focus on wishlists indeed. Planning to make a new one soon.

As for successful KS, no real secret I think, just try and do everything possible to get the word out.

Thank you! I found the voice actors through a call for auditions back in 2019.

Thanks, not sure what you mean about ice cream though! ^^'

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Hi, Too short? This is a 3 hours prologue, the full game will be coming out next year. Could be helpful to know what you didn't like about the plot too.

Thanks for the comments

EDIT: Oh I think I get it, you're reviewing the trailer and not the game itself ^^'

Hello, I wasn't aware of such emulator but it appears this is for RPG Maker games, and mine isn't. (it's made with GameMaker)

Good to hear!

Thank you! ^^

Nice, and please do :)

Good idea, I did this and was able to get rid of all warnings EXCEPT for one which is suspicious, l__g4.

According to the code:

if(l__g3.__enumIndex__==5)var l__g4=l__g3.h_d; else continue;

I don't see the point of initialising that local variable and doing nothing with it.

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Hmm alright, no way to ignore the warnings then? I like to keep my syntax errors list empty.

It's strange that it considers functions as variables.

I guess I'll have to comment all these if that's the only solution...

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With the latest GameMaker I get a lot of "only referenced once" errors. Is that normal? The plugin itself seems to work though.

Also I'd like to point out that even though it's supposed to work with 2.3+, I couldn't get it to work with 2.3.1. (this time due to compiling errors) Hence I had to update to latest stable today.

Thanks for playing!

Hi, there's no full release yet :p I'm still working on the game.

I have posted my game Demetrios to be included though. But it seems the bot hasn't picked it up yet / they haven't refreshed.

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Thanks :)

No problem! ^^ I may still release it on mobile someday but this will need special adaptations. We'll see

Until the game is complete, that wouldn't help. Another issue is the monetization. Games with "premium" price barely sell on mobile and adding microtransactions would modify the core gameplay.

Hi, it's the same version everywhere :)

No problem ^^ Thanks!

Hi, no this should be a T rated game - the adult stuff is on a morale level, not graphical XD I want everyone to be able to play it. Thanks for asking though! Try the prologue and see if you like it! :) 

Awesome, thanks for the video!

Quite a bit of slowdown though, maybe because you were recording? I know the game is a bit demanding on the graphics card.

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Hi, sorry, making a game like this is complex so I can only focus on one version at a time. PC is priority right now but when the game is complete, I'll consider a mobile port! (my previous game Demetrios is available on mobile)


Thanks! Not only PC platforms but to all consoles, I always make my games available on as many machines as possible :)

Awesome, thanks for the video! :)
It'll be on Kickstarter next monday!

Glad to hear!

Reach me at :)

Hi, some people are redeeming Steam keys so there must be a way - admittedly I'm not sure how myself considering doesn't consider I own the game. Maybe ask them? Worst case I could send you a key manually.

Woah, that's weird O_o

Anyway, it's fixed. Thanks!

Today I've updated Demetrios on Steam and other DRM Free builds for 64 bits (Mac and Linux) The Mac version is now a .dmg for easier install.

No change required on Windows! (which explains the version difference)

That's weird, maybe the latest Mac OS updates broke something. You checked that you allowed "unknown sources files" in your OS settings? (can't remember how it's called exactly)

You should be able to get a Steam key with your purchase! Can't you?


I haven't updated the files since almost 2 years (but maybe no one tried the Mac version?) For some reason won't let me download my own game XD So I can't check.

But can you re-download it and check the content of the package? That file should be there. I've checked my latest package and the file was inside.

Of course if you're running the executable directly without extracting everything, it won't work. If I remember correctly, normally you simply have to double click on the downloaded file and it should install. (but admettedly, I rarely use a Mac and my memories from two years ago are fuzzy)

Worst case scenario, you can get a Steam key, for which the Mac version definitely works.