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AHAHA, this popped up on my recc'd lists; didn't even realize it was you at first, but I was entranced by the youtube compilation. Another absolutely gorgeous set!

I was looking around for atmospheric music that could help me focus on my writing and... dang. Just dang. Your music is amazing; beautiful and haunting--the exact mood I was looking for. Thank you so much for putting this out here!

Thank you so much! Both for the answered question and this pack; it's exactly what I've been hoping to find.

Do your mods work well with the VisuStella library? Particularly the visual novel pack

Yeah, I realized after I got some sleep that was probably the case lol. I'll keep an eye out for updates, and thank you again!!

This is a great template; I'm really loving the examples for the formatting, and the neutral themes that come pre-installed. It's really helped in trying to figure all this stuff out. 

I hate to butt-end that with a negative, but the UI auto-stow doesn't seem to be working. I thought it might be something I did, but when I re-downloaded a clean copy it also wasn't working on that one. I tested in both firefox and chrome (both up to date) and using the online twinery version, and the desktop app. Not sure what the trouble is.

Hello there! My name is Rae, I'm an artist who can do both characters and backgrounds (most of my work is in character design and illustration.) I've been looking for a VN project to take part in, and would love to hear more about your ideas. 

Thank you,