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This is a great template; I'm really loving the examples for the formatting, and the neutral themes that come pre-installed. It's really helped in trying to figure all this stuff out. 

I hate to butt-end that with a negative, but the UI auto-stow doesn't seem to be working. I thought it might be something I did, but when I re-downloaded a clean copy it also wasn't working on that one. I tested in both firefox and chrome (both up to date) and using the online twinery version, and the desktop app. Not sure what the trouble is.

So glad you liked it! ✨ 

No worries, I'm happy to receive feedback. The reason the UI auto-stow doesn't work is because I've built the UI from the bottom with my own html elements, ID's and classnames, so the changes that the UIBar.stow() targets won't have any effect, unfortunately. I realised later on that this was may not have been such a great idea, so I might change it back to Twine's original html elements, to make it easier for everyone. 

Thank you for the feedback! ✨🤎

Yeah, I realized after I got some sleep that was probably the case lol. I'll keep an eye out for updates, and thank you again!!